Are You Ready to Join the Jesus Revolution?

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On Election Day, Dr. Brown discusses how we should respond to an Obama or Romney victory and then lays out the real need for a radical, counterculture, Jesus movement, a real Jesus revolution. But the revolution must begin in the Church! Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Later tonight we should have in all probability, the final results of the election; some will be happy, some will be upset. Focus on the fact that Jesus is Lord and He remains unchanged.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: 24 hours from now we’ll have a new President, but 24 hours from now the Kingdom of God will be advancing just as it always has. Align yourself with the King.



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  1. It would be awful to send American soldiers into battle with nothing more than popguns (would it not ?) ; should disciples of Jesus be sent into the ultimate battle without power from on high ? (The apostles had to wait in Jerusalem ; have things changed ?!)

    Here is the inconvenient reality check for both Cessationist and even Pentecostal soldiers ; the bad news is that both groups need to eat humble pie if Messiah’s army is going to be properly equipped ; the good news is that David’s baked a humdinger :

  2. Hello Dr Brown
    I listened to the live radio coverage of the US Elections until 2 am GMT — then I gave up and bailed out! All day long our radio has been chatting about it. We care almost as much as you do about the results, and are curious about the US govt system.

    I am appalled at the really rude names some so-called Christians have been throwing at your head of state. I went to world net daily and read people calling Mr Obama: the Anti-Christ, a socialist, a muslim, etc. Whoever wins an election, we should be following Eph 4 :32

    Every week in our church we stand up and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for the Messianic believers there, and also for our government and our Royal Family. With respect, asking for salvation and wise leadership.

    I have noticed that you always use respectful discourse, Dr Brown, and although you see much to criticise the President for, you always call him Mr Obama.

    I look forward to downloading the mp3 of this programme.

  3. Anthea,at the rick of sounding like teacher’s pet (!),just to comment as follows :

    Different guys bring different skillsets to the table. Michael has three particular areas of expertise : Israel ; Gentile-ized ‘Christianity’ ; and practical,rubber-hits-the-road holiness.

    If one compares Michael’s mind to a sponge,then if one wants to squeeze out the maximum amount of information,the place to go is to his books ; for it is there that he concisely and forthrightly lays things out in the most intense and digestible one-on-one fashion. He also peppers his writings with humdinger quotes from various folk in Body history.

    You can of course squeeze CUPFULS of information from the daily radio shows (information-nuggets are dispensed here ‘n’ there within conversations he holds) ; his free talks on offer BUCKETFULS ; but,if you really want BARRELS of insight from his mind,get his books – furthermore,two books in particular : ‘Our Hands Are Stained With Blood’ and ‘Go And Sin No More’. He has written over twenty books,but those are – hands down – two of the most important and edifying purchases a Western disciple could make.

    Sounds as if you’re on my side of the pond ; in which case go to the British site for the books.

  4. Hello David

    Thanks for the tips. I have only listened to one of Dr B’s talks. That was last week, and it has already had an impact on my prayer priorities. So I will take up your suggestions.

    When he does a radio show with no phone calls, he has a chance to give a mini-sermon. I recall one called “Accept the True Messiah”, from which I made notes for the margin of my Bible.

  5. It’s Mark mind you,not David.

    Yes,I have thought in the past it might be nice if MLB slotted in a dedicated few minutes in each show,to a more intense,nutrient-packed prepared talk (mini-sermon) on whatever the show is about.(5,10,15 minutes ???).

    I am reluctant to boil it down to one book (because what he says in the ‘Our Hands’ book is so very important) ; but,if I had to reduce it to one book that should be required reading,it is ‘Go And Sin No More.’

    It is due out in paeprback sometime soon I think ; in the meantime,if you have a Kindle,you can get it for just over £5 :

    Do get as many people in your locality to read it.

  6. I have not called President Obama names. But I have called him a socialist. How is that wrong? His ideas and agenda are just that, Socialistic. It is not a secret. I don’t even call him a Muslim. But, I do say that he is a Muslim sympathizer. Again, that is not a secret either, it’s plain to see.

  7. Hello Grace

    You asked:” I have called him a socialist. How is that wrong? ” That’s an excellent question. A true socialist is quite a bit more to the left than Mr Obama. A closer examination of European politics, which contains all sorts of parties(including some crazy ones!), would reveal this.

    Our own British right-wing Conservative Party, for example, supports healthcare for all, “Free at the point of use,” with a little private involvement in contracting out services. Yet this is labelled as “socialist” by some US journalists. David Cameron, our Eton-educated Maggie Thatcher-loving Prime Minister — a socialist? The traditional Labour party is way more left wing, and yet even that party has members who do not think it’s socialist enough.

    In continental Europe, there are even more extreme parties on either side of the political spectrum, and because of their voting systems the small Communist parties or ultra-right-wing parties have real clout in some countries. For example, there are fascist parties in France and Greece.

    Really, having a little bit of help with your child’s asthma medicine if you lose your job — it’s a long way from Swedish-style socialism, let alone communism.

    On the other hand, Grace, it was also very inaccurate when Mr Romney was labelled as “hating the poor” by some supporters of Mr Obama. Perhaps he just sees things differently.

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