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If Jesus had Mary’s (Miriam’s) genetic component as part of His humanity, why didn’t He partake of her sinfulness? Did Jesus go to hell, and did He Himself need to be “born again”? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It was Jesus Himself who said, “In the world you will have tribulation, trouble, pressure, difficulty, but the solution is simple. Be of good cheer, He’s overcome the world and in Him, we too overcome.”

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The biggest issue in this important election is not who we appoint as our president. Rather, it is what we will do as believers to get right with God, pursue the Great Commission, be disciples, and make disciples; that will impact America’s future.



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  1. I believe Jesus went to the grave just after his death on the cross. I also believe that he witnessed to the spirits of men who at one time were in bondage to sin, and that he did so by the Spirit of God, being of that same spirit, long before he came to this earth in the flesh by divine conception.

    Suppose we were to think of heaven as a womb shaped place and Jesus being pressed out of it because the time had come for this act of God, for the purpose of redemption, even though God knowing that his Son coming into this world would mean that he would be killed.

    This is like a spiritual birth isn’t it? I suppose we could refer to it as a being born of the spirit of God.

    I wonder how many people get born of the spirit of God simply because they began to consider such a thing. The truth just might be that powerful.

    Does it make sense that a pregnant mother might say, “Today we had an ultrasound and we found out that it’s a boy!” And everyone cheers, but then she says, “We don’t have a son yet!, but we are expecting.” ?

    I don’t think that’s so strange.

    We could also say that she does indeed have a son though he hasn’t been born yet.

    As I look at the first question, I consider that God’s DNA had priority.

  2. Dr. Brown,

    Let me post this question again. Dr. Brown,

    My question relates to Ezekiel and the future temple sacrifices and such. I have read the commentary by Ralph Alexander (same volume as your commentary on Jeremiah) and understand his argument that such sacrifices represent a memorial for Israel, much as the Lord’s supper represents a memorial of Jesus (neither memorial in themselves having atoning power), but what about the circumcision and keeping Sabbaths. Ezekiel 44:24 seems to indicate a return to a strict Sabbath keeping system and Ezekiel 44:9 indicates that circumcision comes back. Alexander seems to say that there will exist in the millennium period two systems of commemoration, and that gentile and Jew would both be free to participate in either. But according to Ezekiel 44:9 only those circumcised in BOTH FLESH and heart may approach the new temple. Does this not fly in the face of Paul’s teaching about circumcision? Further, it seems problematic to say that there will be a new covenant that is unlike and replaces the old covenant and yet still practice what has passed away in a memorial sense without any reference to the New covenent.
    Where is any indication of the existence of this new covenent within Ezekiel’s prophetic framework?

  3. Catholics know the answer to this question from the Catechism. First of all, according to the Immaculate Conception, Mary received the grace to be born without Original Sin; that is, the sinful nature passed on to humanity due to Adam and Eve. Not that she could not sin, but that she did not inherit a sinful nature. Thus, during the conception of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, neither she nor the Spirit had Original Sin to pass on to Jesus, and as He was conceived of both her flesh and of the Spirit, He, too, was born without a sinful nature. Fully Man and Fully God, he neither needed a second birth nor forgiveness for any sinful nature, inherent or actual.

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