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Dr. Brown continues to highlight contemporary gospel distortions as well as shares kingdom insights on the elections. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It really is time for the “Third Party” to arise in America. The Followers of Jesus, full of the Spirit, devoted to the Lord, living holy lives, caring for the hurting and the needy. Let’s show America what it means to be a follower of the Master!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Can you imagine what would happen if the church of America rediscovered the Jesus of the scriptures and started to live as if the Bible was really true? Our nation would be shaken.



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  1. Michael opened the show with a twin statement : America (beginning with the church) has lost the presence of God ; secondly,the church has departed from the gospel.

    Michael himself said (in Chapter 12 of ‘The End Of The American Gospel Enterprise’), ‘Let me be painfully honest. If there is an area where we have insulted and belittled the power of God it is in the area of baptism in the Holy Spirit.’

    Thing is,modern evangelism (even alas,that of Pentecostals) is trinitarian in creed,but binitarian in practice. Pentecostals have drawn wrong conclusions from Body-history together with Azuza ; baptism in the Holy Spirit has become an EXTRA for ‘power to witness/serve.’

    The book that addresses the BINITARIAN nature of both Cessationist and even Pentecostal evangelism is here :

    When it comes to departing from the gospel,even Pentecostals have been using an off-the-peg ‘Jesus loves you,recieve Jesus’ dragnet (John 3:16 and John 1:11-13 being key components) ; problem is,the apostles are not the tailors !

    Pentecostals have got to move further back ; they’ve got to go beyond Azuza,all the way back to Acts.

    When it comes to the sentimental nature of modern evangelism,this is the book to get :

    As I’ve mentioned before,rearranging the deckchairs will not change the twin problem ; gotta fix the hole in the boat Michael !

  2. If by the word ‘cult’ one means a set of people who follow a movement’s founder and leader as if (in effect) the leader was an infallible guide,then it has to be said that ‘Calvinism’ (and perhaps alas,even ‘Arminianism’ and ‘Wesleyanism’) is indeed a CULT.

    The difference of course between Mormonism,Jehovah’s Witnesses and so forth (on the one hand),and Calvinism and Arminianism on the other (CA),is that whereas the former are cults EXTERNAL to the Body,CA are cults WITHIN the Body ; cults that are built,fueled and perpetuated by a tragic failure to learn the lesson of 1 Corinthians 3:4.

    Doctrine-wise,the headship of Messiah Jesus has been – in effect – usurped by Calvin,Wesley etc.,in that the followers of those men have reversed the proper procedure : instead of OBJECTIVELY JUDGING the words of a fallible man by those of Messiah Jesus (and the Holy Scripture Faculty – HSF ; Moses,Joshua,right through to Jude and John),the words of Messiah Jesus (and the HSF) have been SUBJECTIVELY MOLDED to fit the words of a fallible man.

  3. Mark, what you call a cult within the Body is better termed a sect. See Stark/Bainbridge:
    “The Future of Religion: Secularization, Revival and Cult Formation [Paperback]”

  4. mbabbit

    Just to give that first bit of post 2 a further chiseling :

    If by the word ‘cult’ one means a set of people who follow a movement’s founder and leader as if (in effect) the leader was an infallible guide,then it has to be said that ‘Calvinism’ (and perhaps alas,even ‘Arminianism’ and ‘Wesleyanism’) is indeed a CULT (or at least,cult-like). Of course,evangelicals spell the word rather differently : DENOMINATION (alas,perhaps most evangelicals today are DENOM-possessed ; i.e. WINESKinCARCERATED).

    The key point being the qualifier “If by the word ‘cult’ one means a set of …” (key word being IF).

    But I take your point about the choice of ‘sect’. The reason I make the point is that those within the Body talk about ‘cults’ (not ‘sects’) as if they do not behave in the very same way (in terms of following a fallible person with distorted views) ; they use the word ‘cult’ about others,while not seeing it in their own behavior.

  5. The cult-like behavior of Calvinists is best seen in how they ignore Matthew 12:33-37 (in which Messiah Jesus presents WORDS as an ACID TEST of evil),and have no problem sitting at the feet of Calvin who said this in 1546 (he DID it in 1553,and twice DEFENEDED it in 1554) :

    February 13,1546
    ‘If he [Michael Servetus] comes [to Geneva] I [John Calvin] shall never let him go out alive,if my authority has weight’. (From a letter to his friend Farel.)

    Some deny Calvin was involved,which begs the questions as to why he twice defended what he had done !!! Not to mention the letter to Farel.

    Some say it was just the times he lived in ; again,this begs the questions as to why those who alledgedly follow Jesus choose to behave as the world behaves.

    Some have tried to say Wesley did bad things too ; I am yet to discover what Wesley did that compares to having someone put to death.

    Some have said that if ‘Calvinism’ is true,then it is true no matter what Calvin did : first,such folk forget that Jesus has tied fruit and evil together (again,see Matthew 12:33-37) ; second,it was the distorted UNTRUTH (so to speak) of his understanding of predestination that actually strengthened his hands to have someone put to death. It is ‘love your enemy’ that is TRUE ; Calvinism by contrast,is a horrendous,intellectual distortion which allowed (licensed !) Calvin to have faggots placed at the feet of an enemy and have him burned to death (as opposed to heaping burning coals on his head ; i.e. coals of agape-kindness).

    Given Messiah Jesus is TRUTH and AGAPE(and commanded His disciples to be the same),to think a Calvinist can sit at the feet of someone like Calvin and even defend him,is to my mind,a classic symptom of CULT-LIKE behavior. Is it not ?

  6. In defense of John Calvin, who is dead, he definitely would agree that he dishonored God by doing what he did, now that he is in the state of the future reality of eternity, this is where the grace of God is needed, to cover our sins even if they are brought to light centuries after one’s death.

  7. They key is REPENTANCE Eliyahu ; as Dan Corner has said in the article I linked to,he has heard of no record of repentance by Calvin before death,for what he declared,did and defended.

    If Calvin had repented,would he not have made sure his students present and future were well aware of it ? But what we actually find is that future ‘Calvinists’ also had people put to death. Michael Servetus is just one case of many.

    I recently managed to get Michael to read Leonard Verduin’s classic book on the wrongly exalted ‘Reformation’ ; note this quote about their PERSISTENT practice :

    They [the leaders of the ‘Magisterial Reformation’ – the men behind POTS ; and not just Calvin] constantly urged the magistrate to draw the blood of the opposition’ (Chapter 1).

    I do not know if Calvin was regenerate or not ; but,what has been written has been written : Revelation 21:7-8.

    Do follow Michael’s lead Eliyahu ; do get Leonard’s book :

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