An Urgent Call to Take a Stand

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Dr. Brown opens his heart today with deep passion and conviction, urging each of us to stand up for what is right and true regardless of cost and consequence, explaining the power of consecration to principle. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hours 1 and 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is time for us to stir our hearts and say, “No more being a wimp! No more playing games! No more compromising! No more capitulating! I by the grace of God am going to take a stand for what is right and in Jesus I will not be moved!”



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  1. Just to say that I believe one ACID TEST of a Bible teacher’s integrity,is whether he is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with Messiah Jesus with regard to the living God’s view on remarriage after divorce (Matthew 5:31-32 ; Matthew 19:8-9 ; Mark 10:10-12 ; Luke 16:18) ; David Pawson was once pinned to the wall by an American ‘pastor’ (basically,for passing that very ACID TEST !).

    Aligning with Messiah Jesus on remarriage is quite a way to lose friends and influence people ; even among those who call Jesus ‘Lord.’

    I throw those two cents in because the theme of this show is taking a stand ‘regardless of cost and consequence.’ Remarriage is one such rubber-hits-the-road example (there are others !).

    If He’s not Lord of marriage,is He Lord at all ?

  2. When I became a Christian I wondered why the issues talked about on the show today were never talked about in the church. It seems Pastors are trying to mirror the culture tattoo’s, rock music quoting a sitcom that should not even be watched by a Christian. While it has been mentioned in the pulpit about authentic Christianity. When it was time to TAKE A STAND because of cults and other religions reaching out to convert OUR TEENS or gang bangers bringing trouble in a park WALKING DISTANCE from the church and CHRISTIAN TEENS BEING SPIT ON at a public high school and a few other issues. The church DID NOT get involved (a well known church because of radio).Over the years I have met some real men who will take a stand and reach out even when it means stepping out of our happy clappy groups. I wish our church leaders would step up and say what was said on the radio then put it into action. Also I think leadership should start telling the young women to stop getting tattoo’s with Bible verses or the Ichtus Fish on their bodies and then wear low cut blouses to show them off. I see this in church all of the time. I understand we are not under law. But do we mirror the world? James 1:27, Romans 6. I mention this because it seems like youth ministries support this lifestyle and the parents are afraid to say no and take a stand.

  3. In chapter 1 of Michael’s ‘It’s Time to Rock the Boat,’ Michael asked the following question :

    ‘How many of today’s “marriages,” blessed by the Church and sanctioned by the clergy,are also adulterous in His eyes?’

    Do watch the talk Michael,do get the book ; this is one frontline I have yet to hear you clearly speak out on ; and yet,it is one which affects (directly or indirectly) a greater and greater percentage of those in the Body and the world.

  4. Yes christians need to take a stand.And yes,we can make a difference.It will take, chrstians making a stand for Christ and crying out to God.Only God can change the direction this country and world is heading.

    I never thought 20 or 30 years ago I would see the things that are going on in this country today.
    When I first was saved I focused on the moral issues that are destroying this country.It is so overwhelming.Today I focus on evangelism and the the ones in need.Mostly evangelising to the people in need.It does not seem as disheartening or has hopeless as trying to battle the moral deteriotion going on around us.

  5. Just realized yesterday that ‘Back to Jerusalem’ is in Kindle form as well as paperback.

    Try and find a ‘scholarly’ book that outweighs it ; should be required reading at Concord (indeed,should be in every disciples e-shelf or bookshelf from San Diego to Seattle,NYC to Miami). (Note : at the moment,there seems to be a disconnect to the paperback version on Amazon,where it has over 20 reviews.)

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