A Christian Leader Against Voting for Romney and More from Jerusalem

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Dr. Brown interviews controversial internet evangelist Bob Enyart who claims that no true Christian can vote for Romney and then shares more perspectives live from Israel. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I have not put my trust in the Democratic Party and I have not put my trust in the Republican Party, nor have I put it in a particular candidate. The ultimate trust is in Jesus and the Church must wake up if America is to be changed.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: During this volatile election season let us more than ever seek the face of God and rather than following the poles day and night let us search our own hearts and say, “Am I ablaze? Am I on fire? How does God look at me?”



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  1. I would sure like to hear more things like you wrote, Jonathan. I think your approach is good and well laid out. Unfortunately we don’t hear much of that in today’s christian circles.

    I’m not sure if I agree with your application of Christ coming to divide but I’m not sure I disagree either:)

  2. Wauthena,
    Did you attempt to contact pastor Bob Enyart to validate your claims before you lash out at him? I read above where pastor Enyart has responded to you in a gracious way. I know Bob personally and can attest that he holds a Jesus like love and concern for those caught up in homosexuality. I’d suggest you call Bob and talk through your concerns. Knowing Bob I suspect he would even offer you time on his BEL radio show for this discussion. If you find your words above to be inaccurate and a slandering of a Christian brother, an apology here would go far to make amends.

  3. Excellent interview with Pastor Bob Enyart Dr.Brown! I have followed Bob Enyart’s past teachings via LeSEA televion broadcasts and more recently at Kgov.com on the internet thru his podcast – priceless knowledge. I first began my observations with the intended purpose of dissecting and criticizing Pastor Enyart’s theological teachings, only to grudgingly acknowledge I was overwhelmingly wrong- to my chagrin.Few men have influenced my life in the manner Bob Enyart has and I thank God for this wise servant I have never had the privilege to meet.

  4. My question is tangential to the topic of this thread. Has anyone researched the views of Tom Hoefling or Virgil Goode as third-party candidate alternatives to Obama/Romney? If this is too off-topic, perhaps Dr. Brown would consider a show dedicated to exploring third-party candidates?

    Blessings to alL!

  5. The notion that presidential candidates govern by their parties platform is a fairy tale and someone would have to ignore history to believe it.

    Bob Dole promised not to follow the platform and Bush, McCain and Romney do not agree with the Republican platform. Why would anyone believe that somehow Romney would feel obligated to follow the platform.

    Soon after GW Bush was elected, he gave us a huge liberal socialist program… the medicare drug program. This was not only not in the platform, it goes against all conservative principles expressed in the party platform.
    The Republican party platform is a mostly document that is useless… except to mislead conservative Christians into the falsely believe they share our values. In that way, it it very effective.

    We must face the fact that the Republican Party has left us and we now are the RINOs.

  6. Larry, I agree with a lot of the positions of Hoefling and Goode. I believe they hold a lot of Biblical positions. However, it is my personal belief that anyone who is truly pro-life cannot afford to vote for anyone other than Romney because any other vote will not help to get the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history out of the White House for a second term. The next term will almost certainly see one Supreme Court appointment and likely will have multiple appointments to the Supreme Court. We can see the pro-abortion, ultra left-wing Supreme Court justices Obama picked in his first term. These Supreme Court justices have LIFETIME appointments. We cannot afford the effect that Obama would have on our courts in a second term. Please think about that. Here are a couple links I would urge you to read:



  7. One other thing to note about Hoefling and Goode is that both of them are not official candidates in many states. Because of that, it will be virtually impossible for either one of them to get elected.

    So let’s examine who would vote for them. If they have a lot of Biblical viewpoints, would people who would otherwise vote for Obama vote for them? The answer is an almost certain “no”. So the reality is that anyone who votes for Hoefling or Goode will not get either one elected. The only thing accomplished in voting for either of these two men is siphoning off a vote that would otherwise have helped to make sure that Obama was not re-elected. After reading the first link in my last post, can we agree that is a good reason NOT to vote for either of these two men?

  8. – Irie, it is humbling to read your words.
    – Kevin Evans, agreed, it’s unthinkable to support a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    – Larry Wolfe (different wolf of course :), thank you Larry for your encouragement!

    It’s great that Dr. Brown has such active listeners and that his shows generate such lively threads! This is cool!

  9. I want to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”….but in rendering unto God what is God’s (my soul), I just can’t bring myself to endorse Romney. I am definitely not going to vote for Obama — did that once, I did! I’ve been twisting in the wind with guilt ever since. In my defense, I really believed he was going to do something about “green jobs”. He had other priorities, obviously! I think that’s what happens when we concentrate on a single issue — and believe the campaign rhetoric! We get a lot of things we didn’t bargain for — and a fistful of empty promises.

    Both candidates are pro-choice, and Mitt has flipped like a pancake so many times, he is just showing us that we can expect more of the same if it makes it in.

    Israel is a very important issue, and one that is close to my heart — but if we’ve learned anything from the OT, isn’t it that God will make happen whatever He will make happen with Israel? He is not circumscribed by our actions.

    I really wish I could comfortably vote for Romney because I really think Obama is taking us on a very dangerous course. But unfortunately, I just don’t feel that “trust” of him…I’m listening to that nagging sense and staying home this year. If he wins, though, I’ll be hoping to be wrong.

    That’s my dilemma.

  10. Jonathan –

    Thank you for the links. I’m not quite ready to go all in on the “lesser of two evils” strategy. I feel constrained to vote for the candidate/party that most accurately reflects my Christian beliefs – even if that means voting for someone that cannot win.

    I suppose I believe that even if many Christians vote for a candidate that cannot win, God will STILL move on our behalf as a nation – even if our official candidate did not win. The Bible is filled with stories of men who did the impossible because they were relentless in their refusal to compromise to the godless world around them.

    Blessings to all and thank you for the discussion,


  11. Ruth, I strongly believe that we have to do what we can to get the most pro-abortion President out of the White House. But I am glad that you have at least decided not to vote for Obama.

    The reality is that on Inauguration Day, we WILL have either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama as our President. It will not be Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode or any other person. Most third-party candidates are not even on the ballot in most states. The reality is that the next President will be one of two people.

    So either in voting for a third-party candidate or in voting for no-one, we will not help the unborn children being murdered daily in our nation.

    I did not vote for Romney in the primary. He was my second-least favorite candidate out of the Republicans running. But he is the only one left other than Obama that can be the next president.

    I believe Romney is not necessarily pro-life and not necessarily pro-abortion. I believe he is pro opportunism. I believe he will follow the most politically expedient route on his positions. I believe that is the record and that is the quotes from him that we see. Yet that is still better for the pro-life cause than a radically pro-abortion President who makes it one of his top priorities to promote abortion.

    If Romney is elected, he will only have been elected by receiving a lot of votes from those who are pro-life. He has made specific promises to those pro-lifers. He has stated that he wants to see Roe V Wade overturned. He has picked a pro-life VP (as he promised to do beforehand). He has promised to put the Mexico City policy back in place that Obama rescinded that bans taxpayer money from going to other countries to fund abortion. He has promised to overturn Obamacare which allows for the funding of abortion. He has committed to advocate for and support a Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to protect unborn children who are capable of feeling pain from abortion. You can see his promises at this link:

    So if Romney is an opportunist, he will not go against his specific promises or he will not be re-elected. That is why Romney will follow through on his pro-life promises. Don’t you agree?

  12. Larry,

    I believe it is precisely BECAUSE of the spiritual state of our nation that we find ourselves in the situation we are in this election.

    We will NOT have a Godly leader in the White House because the spiritual state of our nation is NOT turned toward God. I believe that is why Romney got the nomination instead of some of the better candidates running for the Republican party. As I said above, Romney was my second-least favorite candidate of those running for the Republicans.

    I don’t believe Romney is a Godly leader. I don’t believe he is committed to Godly values. But I do believe he can be pressured into doing the right thing by those who vote him into office because he wants to be re-elected. He knows that the Democrats will get most of the radically pro-abortion people voting for them. The only way that he can be re-elected is to get the pro-life people to vote for him again in the next election.

    Romney has made specific promises as I have shown in my last comment. I believe those who are concerned with trying to save every unborn life that we can from being butchered will 1. Vote for Romney and 2. Hold him accountable and put pressure on him CONSTANTLY to follow though on his promises to limit abortion.

    What good do you believe voting for a third party will do? Do you agree with me that God WILL NOT do the impossible when the spiritual state of our nation is the way that it is? Can you show me examples of when God did work impossible miracles on a national level when hearts had not first been changed?

  13. Jonathan, I’ve yet to see a President make good on his campaign promises! Mitt will be persuaded by the pro-choicers just as much (if not more so) as by the pro-lifers! The way our American elections have gone, once a candidate is “in” they do what they had the political savvy to avoid admitting to when still running. If Obama had just stated what his priorities were, many of us would not have been shocked by him and we certainly would not have voted for him. I’m beginning to see that this is just the way of politicians….say what will get you elected and then pursue what’s REALLY on your mind….and why humanity can never be happy with anything less than our rightful Messianic king. Am I wrong to just not want that horrible feeling of, “…and to think I voted for him!”?

    If you vote for Romney, Jonathan, and he is no more anti-abortion IN DEED (not in word!) than a Democrat, won’t you feel sick about it?

    I guess I just don’t believe in politicians anymore…I really wish I had faith in them.

  14. Ruth, do you agree with me that most pro-abortion voters vote for Democrats? Do you agree that most pro-abortion voters do not vote for Republicans? Why would a Republican candidate be more influenced by people who would not vote to re-elect him? I don’t understand. Obama supported a “woman’s right to choose” in his campaign 4 yrs ago. He was very much up-front about that. That is why he was endorsed by all of the pro-abortion groups and opposed by the pro-life groups. He has fulfilled what he said. Why would we believe that Romney would risk loosing the support of pro-lifers and go back on his specific promises that he made?

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is much more likely to further the pro-abortion agenda than Romney? Don’t you agree?

  15. Yes, Jonathan, I do agree that Obama is the more dangerous candidate on several levels.

    But for me, it’s not about choosing between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney because I will definitely not vote Obama again! (By way of background I used to be an active Green, simply because I hate the destruction of our planet, and so, apparently does the Lord (see Revelation 11:18), but I can’t focus on just the issue of planetary health, obviously, because the Green platform also contains some socially immoral (by Biblical standards) planks. And that is what changed my party afiliation, btw: really reading the OT and NT and getting saved by the Lord Jesus Christ [Messiah Yeshua] and then feeling the need to vote as close to my new moral perspective as possible. Nonetheless, I consider myself an Independent today.) What I’m truly torn over is a choice between Romney or not voting AT ALL. But that puts me between the horns of yet another dilemma: the possibility of not being able to vote AGAINST anyone. I don’t want President Obama’s policies to continue, that’s for certain! I’m just terrified of having that gut-wrenching sense of regret again…

    IF I vote Romney, Jonathan, and he doesn’t live up to his promises, I’ll come back to this thread and remind you: “See, I told you so!” If he somehow wins and does live up to them, I’ll gratefully acknowledge your influence!


  16. Ruth,

    I love your post! It tells me a lot about you and what has led you to this point. I am so happy to hear your testimony.

    I am not trying to get you to go against your conscience. If you genuinely feel you cannot vote for Romney because of his past, I respect that. I may feel that is not the correct decision and try to convince you of my perspective. But I don’t believe it is necessarily a sin NOT to vote for Romney. I do believe it would be a sin, clearly knowing Obama’s last 4 yrs as President, to vote for him in this election. It seems we agree on that and I am glad you are not voting for him.

    I don’t condemn you for your past vote, BTW. We all make mistakes and as long as you repent and move forward, don’t torture yourself with guilt. Remember that it is Satan that plagues us with guilt after we have repented. It is not God.

    The reason I have for hope that Romney will fulfill his pro-life promises is because I believe the pro-life voters can successfully put pressure on Romney to do so.

    When Romney was in elections for Governor of Massachusetts, he had to get pro-abortion votes in order to be elected. Look at the political makeup of Massachusetts. It is a Democrat state with Democrat legislators. He felt that he had to get pro-abortion Democrats to vote for him in order to win. Now if he was truly pro-life, that wouldn’t have mattered. He would have followed his conscience anyway. But as I already said, I believe Romney is an opportunist. He took a pro-abortion position to get elected in a pro-abortion state.

    Contrast that with what he will have to do to be elected a Republican President. He will HAVE to get pro-life voters to vote for him. He will HAVE to get them to vote for him again in another 4 yrs to get re-elected. He HAS to try to fulfill his promises if he wants to be re-elected because pro-abortion voters aren’t going to vote for him. He HAS to get the pro-life voters to vote for him in order for him to win. That is why, even though I view him as an opportunist instead of solidly pro-life, I believe he will work to fulfill those pro-life promises that he made.

    I hope you agree and vote for him. I agree to take the blame if I’m wrong. But let’s just say I am wrong (which because of what I said above, I don’t believe for a minute that I am) we both agree that Obama will be worse on the issue of abortion than Romney would be.

    Continue to think and pray about your decision. I am sure the Lord will give you wisdom. It sounds like you are already giving it a lot of thought and I do respect that.

  17. Note: In the sentence above where I said: “When Romney was in elections for Governor of Massachusetts, he had to get pro-abortion votes in order to be elected.” I meant to say that Romney FELT LIKE he had to get pro-abortion votes in order to be elected. I don’t necessarily believe that. But I think Romney did.

  18. Thanks, Jonathan, I very much appreciate your insights and compassion….I really do hope you are correct in assessing a future Romney re-election strategy, were he to be our next President…I will definitely be seeking the Lord’s leading on this important decision…..

  19. Thank you Dr. Brown and your guest for such a great show! The solutions for our country do not rest in man, but in GOD and it is up to us believers to utilize the spiritual gifts HE has bestowed upon us, especially PRAYER.

    Just like in our lives, it is sometimes hard to truly rest in HIM to work out things for the greater good. This would be on a micro level. When it comes to the election, this is a macro level event that we need to STILL rest in HIM! HE is a GOD over both small and large things and we need to exercise this active faith in this time. Let’s not minimize HIS Power! We will pray for GOD to allow the candidate that He wants to become President, as HE uses all for his greater work and plans.

    Why not write in JESUS as President and continue to watch, wait and work until he returns? Our business is to be kingdom business, not being caught up in the distractions of this world. Are not our homes, jobs, money, and other material things distractions, while necessary? Yes, but we attain these things from GOD, not by our own work.

    These are some interesting and important times we are living in brothers and sisters and the Body needs to be awakened.

    Keep up the great work Dr. Brown

    “But seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness and all things shall be added unto you” -Matthew 6:33 and Luke 14:33

    Peace and Blessings!

  20. Brian, I don’t know if you are still reading the posts in this discussion or if you were still looking for the answers to the questions you asked me in posts # 18 and 31. But if you are still interested in knowing why I believe requiring voter ID is not racism, the following link to an article might be helpful. (I’m actually talking more about the graphic above the article than the article itself.) It also seems the following note is required.

    Note: I don’t EXPECT you to go to the link. I am providing you the option. You are free to either go to it or not go to it as you wish.


  21. I agree completely with the pastor Eynart’s arguments against voting for Romney. I believe Romney would be spiritually disastrous for America. Romney’s socialized healthcare in Massachusetts the template for Obamacare, which funds abortions. Romney has claimed to be more liberal than Ted Kennedy on gay-marriage rights. The list is Gov. Romney’s liberal political views are quite extensive. He may claim to have “evolved” in his political opinions, but that is nothing more than political expediency.

    I do pray that the Lord’s Providence protects us, as we survive the storm.

  22. For the first time I have really struggled with my vote. I cannot bring myself to vote for either canidate. I voted 3rd party. I have done indepth study on Mormonism. It is AS dangerous as Muslim. They are both anti-christ. Even if Romney is prolife… I will tell you why… because Mormons believe that our souls are ‘floating around in space’ waiting to be born. All babies are ‘future housing’ for our souls. To kill a baby is to destroy future ‘housing’ for a future ‘God.’ For all Mormons are working toward ‘Godhood.’ Mormons ‘appear’ to have ‘good morals’ and ‘christianlike values’ …. but they are rooted in nothing but the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Romney is as dangerous as Obama.

  23. Hi guys! This is from http://americanrtl.org/election-results-2012

    Republican Party: We Don’t Need the Social Issues

    DENVER, Nov. 6, 2012 — Republican “moderates” like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney lose elections, while candidates that have appealed to the party’s pro-life core, like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, win by energizing the base.

    So, disdaining their pro-family base, the Republican Party has bragged that it is moving away from what they call the “social” issues, the sanctity of life and of marriage. Of course however, the very foundation of human civilization is the non-negotiable God-given right to life and the sanctity of marriage.

    Anti-biblical values Republican leaders are surrendering in election after election to big-spending socialist Democrats because they actually prefer that outcome over nominating candidates who will invigorate the base by fighting for the life of the unborn child and for the sanctity of marriage. And predictably, such RINO Republicans will argue the exact opposite, that if it wants to win, the Republican Party needs to become increasingly liberal, that is, pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion, anti-marriage, etc. However, if the country is offered a candidate like Mitt Romney, who is a government health care reformist, pro-abortion, socialist, well then, why not just stick with the openly liberal party, because it’s hard to out-Democrat a Democrat.

    Please Give Now! Those who know that the battle is not R vs D, but good versus evil, and right vs wrong, and that the innocent child’s life must not be relegated to a second-tier negotiable issue, please donate to ARTL. For of course, even Ronald Reagan let down the pro-lifers who trusted in his leadership. And George W. Bush, while he would claim to oppose abortion, increased funding to Planned Parenthood by hundreds of millions of dollars more than even Bill Clinton was able to give them, and Bush ended up killing, by his own policies and approval, more than three million children during his term in office. So this is no longer your grandma’s pro-life movement. To get the support of the personhood movement, any alleged conservative candidate is going to have to be willing to sacrifice his own career in defense of the unborn child, or he’s as worthless as a soldier unwilling to face the battle.

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