Black Christian Leaders Who Say They Cannot Vote for President Obama

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Dr. Brown interacts with a clarion call from Bishop E. W. Jackson and then interviews Bishop Patrick Wooden, both of whom are calling on their black Christian brothers and sisters not to vote for President Obama. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is so easy at this time of the year to get caught up in politics, elections, squabbles between parties; let us get caught up with Jesus. Let us get caught up with the Word of God. Let us get caught up with being disciples and making disciples and then let us vote accordingly.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let it be that when we go to vote this November, let it be that the vote that we cast will be cast in the sight of God! Honoring Him with our words and with our deeds.



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  1. I heard Bishop Jackson’s message prior to your broadcast and cannot agree with him more! Even though he was calling on the Black American community to step away from the Democrat party, I feel his message was for ALL Christians, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc. It was a message that spoke to where we stand with God and not with one party or another. I also agree with Dr. Brown with regard to the caller named Rick who claimed that our party affiliation did not force us to choose to have an abortion or enter into a homosexual realtionship, so that was between us and God. But the current administration is forcing taxpayers to fund abortion, birth control and have the homosexual lifestyle put forth as legitimate lifestyle choice. And this is being borne out when photographers, bakeries, etc., refuse to supply services to same-sex couples who want to marry — and are sued and fined or forced out of business because it becomes a “discrimination” issue which is forced by the federal government. We are losing our religious freedoms for the sake of the “freedoms’ (or license) of others.

  2. What a powerful broadcast, today! I will share the link to the podcast with all my friends as soon as it is up. It’s about time African American Christians spoke up. I think the African American community has been so underestimated by the democratic party. G.W. Bush put it eloquently when he called it “the bigotry of low expectations.” Sure he was referring to policies that affect education, but I think the same can be said of matters that affect the faith and morals in the African American community. The African American vote is taken for granted by the democratic party and I think they have finally crossed the line.

  3. As a white male I saw some of the best leadership in my 4 years in the U.S. Army among African Americans.

    Yet, I ought not to think that a man will be a good leader because of the color of his skin.

    President Obama seems to me to be of the sort that seems to think that abortion is health care when it is not.

    When he said that it was time for him to give his support for the gay agenda, it seemed to me that he was saying that for his career, popularity, or desire to be known as a world changer, that he then decided to make an announcement in support of it.

    He seemed to me to be saying that he wasn’t going to have a purpose driven life like Rick Warren talked about in his church, but rather that he would be about selfish driven work instead.

    I have no desire to cast a vote for him at this time.

  4. As a Canadian, I have loved listening to this show. It is a wake up call to every voter of every country to remember that righteousness must be the standard considered when voting in your leaders! Thank you!

  5. I loved what both Bishop’s said, especially Bishop Jackson. I had already shared the youtube video of the speech on Facebook because it needs to be heard! I do want to say something with all sincerity. I do not think Romney is the perfect candidate. However, if we know how grave it will be should Obama be reelected, and how on all major moral points he goes against the Bible and we CANNOT vote for him, then why not vote for Romney? Even if he isn’t our first pick, it comes down to the 2 candidates. One of THEM will win. As much as I would LOVE for Dr. Brown to be President, he, nor any write in will get enough votes. Why wouldn’t we do whatever we can to help get Obama out of office? I like what the Professor that was on the show a couple of weeks ago said. He talked about looking to the future and Romney could pave the way for Paul Ryan, who is a strong conservative, to be President.

  6. I appreciate the loving, open, and respectful dialogue and approach to this issue. It MUST be about, and ONLY about the candidate who will come closest to upholding biblical values (protection of life, religious freedoms, chiefest among them). This has to be irrespective of race. As The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King wisely said: “judged by the content of his character”. He didn’t imply that skin color has any part in the issue!!

  7. I heard the Bishop clip that you played on Wednesday, I wantto get straight to the point, first if your encouranging people not to vote Obama then who are you encouraging them to vote for? Who, Mitt Romney or rather Mitt Mormon. You would ask the BODY OF CHRIST to vote for a man who doest even believe in Him ( Christ Jesus). I think the Bishop is just running his mouth and not doing all his homework. We as Christians can’t expect the white house and Obama to clean up God’s house. Obama has only allowed to happen what the church has been allowing to go on well before he became president, don’t get mad with him. All the black babies being abort, where are they coming from…..the church, and its their mother taking them to go get the abortion. Where are all the homosexuals, on the pulpit, choirs, and worship teams. We can’t expect the white house or any political entity to do our job as Christians, and that’s to be the model of Christ. But we can’t because were so busy Watching them……THE WORLD

  8. Antonio, when I have urged my listeners to vote for Mr. Romney? And where I have asked the White House to do the job of the Church? I CONSTANTLY say that the greatest problem in America today is not so much the presence of darkness as it is the absence of light — and that is the fault of the Church. As for Pres. Obama, I am not mad at him, but he is a radically pro-abortion president and it is sin to vote for someone who stands for the shedding of the blood of the innocent.

  9. Color as a valid reason of consideration to vote for president of the United States of all things, is only something that a very weak minded person would consider. This nation is in the battle throws for her very life, don’t forget this nation was founded as one nation under God and our forefathers honored God as “God Almighty,” not “god, might he?” Obama is not a Christian. The Bible says by their fruits ye shall know them. What is a Christian? A Christian is a follower of Christ. When did you see Christ killing unborn babies? When did you see Christ condoning same sex marriages? When did you see Christ promoting lying, stealing, and cheating, in order to get what you want? Yet, Obama is seen doing these things and yet there are so called “Christians” following the Obama way and not the way of Christ. Giving any kind of credence to an argument to consider race as any sound reason to elect someone for anything let alone president of the United States is bafoonery. And one more thing, the Bible says teach a child when he is little the way he should go and when he is older he will not depart. Now, consider what Obama was raised up under as a small boy. He is not gonna depart from that. The Bible does not lie, but man does and Satan is the father of all lies and the author of confusion. This is not a gray matter. Man grays up issues by throwing in “feelings”. The Bible is perfectly clear on what is acceptable and what is not.

  10. As an “African-American” agnostic trying to find his spiritual/religous niche i’ve found in talkin with African-American Christians is that they don’t take to time to THINK about their stances on issues such as abortion and same sex marriage.They have simply gotten caught up in the historocity of Obama’s presidency and vote based on that.Any black Christian that says otherwise is simply being disengeuous.

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