Responding to Attacks on the Gospel and Answers to Your E-Questions

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Dr. Brown interacts with an audio clip of a college student mocking the gospel and then takes your questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We must not apologize for the words of Jesus, we must not apologize for the standards of God, we must not apologize for the fact that there is a final judgment that will come. What we must do is seek to live our lives out a certain way that is consistent with the message that we preach.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are lots of doctrines, lots of beliefs, lots of ideas. They must be tested by the unchangeable Word of God. And if we are unclear about what scripture says, cry out to God to give us insight and dig in even deeper.



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  1. I would respawn like this : I am sorry you have had bad example of Christians but there are other great examples of them in the bible. Christian’s arnt perfect either, they sin, they hurt, they starve for righteousness. But they know the truth, some do, some dont…some read the word and some dont, they just preach because it was drilled into there heads as a kid. I have had my doubts and have been frustrated by other Christians but I can only speak of myself. I will help you, I will help the bum ..there are bad people in muslim community, bad people in the same sex relation
    s, budist, Jews…but its the how we-as Christians- show our love to others because we love Christ

  2. She (the lady that was angry giving a speech, I want to hear, she said “if God exists”, the doubter, I want to hear their voice, I want to hear the complaint of the unbeliever.

    Discernment. The Daimonion (demons) and Diabolos (devil) is the accuser. The devil accuses us of our real sins to God.

    Was she speaking as a victim or on behalf of the victims or as an accuser?

    She was cussing using cuss words in her passion and zeal – I do not judge her for this the same way I do not Judge Martin Luther for his cussing in German.

    I want freedom of communication of hearts. Please allow those that are doubters and unbeleivers speak out their zeal.

    Two. There is no such thing as Christians. Every church is completely different. The church she wants is called Victory Outreach International by Sonny Arguinzoni, a ministry to the homeless, prostitutes, gang members and drug attics etc. But there is definetely pain in her past experiences and perceptions. She probably is correct overal in her assessment, but the demons accuse too based on right assessment. The Blood of Yeshua Moshiach is the defence we have and the Parakletos (Spirit) who defends us agaisnt the accusers. Yet all the world wide leaders of the Ekklesia of Iesus Kristos (church of Jesus the Messiah) are saying the same things that this woman was saying but with a heart to convict to disciple, she is venting and possibly was a mouth piece for the Daimonion accusers. This requires discerment to know for certain, a gift of the Ruach Hakodesh.

  3. Great show. This reminds me of a conversation that I had with a coworker. He made pretty much the same accusations. What my experience was that I explained the context of Jesus message. I was able to show him what the Bible said about the issues. I shared with my coworker the ministries that we have at my church. I invited him to visit and since he brought these things up he may want to volunteer his time doing something about it by getting involved. I did not do it in a prideful way. He did not respond or show concern about helping all of the poor and needy that Christians should be and are not helping.

  4. How I would of responded is first to thank her for acknowledging how base and vile we all are. That is why we are all in need of a savior.

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