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How does a confused believer sort out what the Bible says about Calvinism, Arminianism, and the gifts of the Spirit for today? And will prayers for the salvation of Jewish people be efficacious now, or only at the end of the age? How do we explain the apparent discrepancies between Acts 7:15-16 and the OT accounts? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Wherever you find yourself, if you will earnestly seek God, if you will cry out, if you will knock, if you will refuse to quit, you will see a divine breakthrough on your behalf.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s often said based on Hebrews 7 that “Jesus can save to the uttermost.” Others have said, “Yes from the gutter-most.” However far away from God someone is right now, pray, cry out to God, they can be saved and transformed!



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  1. One quick addition to the question about the meaning of the word “trumpet” in Revelation 8. I mentioned on the air that one lexicon described the instrument as metallic — i.e., “trumpet” vs. ram’s horn — but the Greek word for trumpet, salpinx, can actually be used for either the ram’s horn (i.e, shofar) or the trumpet.

  2. Hi Dr Brown
    I enjoy your show, I was a little confused why the caller the other day gave you such a hard time about end times events. I’m not sure she really studies all 4 orthodox end times’ views. It should not be something we divide over or argue about. I’m sure you may have teaching information on this; rose publishing has an easy to understand video series on the four millennial views maybe she should check it out.

    God bless

  3. The ungarnished truth is that most people on this first earth confirm the words of ‘Jessep 3:16’ : they ‘can’t handle the truth.’

    Those in the world cannot handle the truth about their filth ; many think they are ‘decent folk’ ; those in the Body (as well as those who think they are in,but who are actually not) cannot handle the truth about ‘Calvinism,’ ‘Arminianism,’ ‘Cessatioism’ and (brace youselves) the falsity of ‘pastorhood.’

    It is truly truly awful to think that even those who are genuinely in Messiah Jesus exhibit the same prideful,self-interested aversion to truth ; truly truly awful.

    Now,go hear ‘Jessep 3:16.’ (When the script writers penned those words,they did not realise they were penning the very thing that makes the Western contingent of the Body so ineffective and anaemic.)


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