More Thoughts on the Biblical/Jewish Calendar, Repentance and Forgiveness, and Islam

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Dr. Brown continues to explore Jewish traditions and biblical truths concerning this sacred time of the year and then offers some perspectives on what “authentic” Islam looks like. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We can confess our sins endlessly, we can beat our breast in contrition, we can fast and pray for mercy, we can try our hardest to repent, but God’s mercy has been poured out at the cross where Messiah shed His blood for us. If you want mercy, that’s the place to look.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: While we debate the real nature of Islam, while we debate who is a true Muslim, let us demonstrate to the world what it means to be a true follower of Jesus and the supremacy of our savior and of the Word of God.



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  1. Wow, wow, wow, Sarah!! You made my year, again, today!! See you at the Wedding!! And, Dr. Brown, your answer on how to spend Yom Kippur was beautiful. So, here I sit weeping with joy, while at the same time weeping for the salvation of the whole house of Israel…crying and smiling at the same time – good thing there’s no one here with me, right now!! Wow!

  2. this is a topic I am becoming more and more familiar with concerning Islam and Judaisms
    tradition of sin,atonement,and what there scriptures prescribe and or allude to as a solution to their problem of sin. Keep the fire burning Dr Brown it’s only by love will others be won and eventually reconciled unto God.

  3. @Dr. Brown,

    what would you say to someone who thought the Holy Spirit may have shown them when the Lord is going to return? especially in 2029.

  4. Awesome testimony from sister Sarah…..! Loved learning about her experience 🙂

    Such a pleasure to listen…..have missed several broadcasts, and when I come back to listening, I’m just so amazed at the QUALITY of the content.

    🙂 just grateful 🙂

  5. The stage then is being set for the season when it will be the step in logic to recognize him who they have pierced in the present tense reality of Israel. “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord, Ha Shem: our redeemer, Messiah!”

  6. Also, I request prayer from among all brethren here. My wife and daughter were planning to return home here to Colorado at the beginning of the month when the local government seized my daughter, 9, and had my wife committed to a mental ward in a hospital (they only held her four days, as the frame of meaning did not apply where her character won over this presumption). Now that government wants her to divorce me to release my daughter back to my wife because I discipline my children on occasion, though I have no criminal record or psychological diagnosis. Warfare prayer is now requested for this situation on Nesodden, Norway. Even brethren there are saying good is evil and evil good.

  7. Jabez,

    How terrrible for you! I will pray that all is resolved in your life and that the Lord strengthen you during these trials. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!

  8. @ Dr. Brown

    I’d like to know the name of God. I have heard him called Yahweh, Yehweh, Yahuwah, Jehovah, Yehovah, Yohevah (my ancestors called him that), Yahvey, YHWH, IEUE etc. I’ve heard that Yahweh is the Canaanite god of war, husband of Ashtoreth the Queen of Heaven. Should i just call him Yeshua? Does anyone even remember his name or has it been lost to time? How can you call on the name of the Lord if you don’t know what it is? When i said the name Yahweh i had a muslim tell me that’s the name of the Canaanite god of war whose the husband of Ashtoreth, so how do we know? Who can tell us? There’s only one name given amoung men whereby we must be saved, Yeshua ha’Mashiach per new testament scriptures. Was his name forgotten? Changed in Babylon? I feel like there’s a satanic attack to make us forget the name of God, or to hide it from us. Most christian churches do not know the Most High’s name, we use titles in place of his name. How much damage is being done denying us his name?

  9. @Jabez,

    I went to that link on youtube you posted. Lot of nasty stuff they call Yeshua, like an illegitimate bastard and some brag about killing him. Horrible things they say, and they seem to do it gleefully. They don’t exactly make it easy for us to bless them. Hard to show people compassion and mercy when they show nothing but hate. I have to keep reminding myself constantly that Yeshua is more than capable of defending himself. Still doesn’t make it any easier, the things they say are bad enough to bring tears to a grown man’s eyes. They don’t think or understand how many jews in history has billions loving him who would die for him, spanning across 2000 years? Only one i know, only one.

  10. Joshua, I reviewed the site and still notice it is a rabbinical advocacy, which is going to have some very anti-Yeshua elements among its advocates. What is important is that the notion of a Messiah person is acknowledged as relevant to the presenting needs of the time. We all know where this is going, and too that the Father has His Plan summary by the Return. The point was that a Temple was tied to their advocacy for this time being the time of restoration of Messiah. The fact of rejection of the true Messiah is well documented over the centuries.

  11. Update, yet with unclarity. Filing a legal complaint on harassment and trauma with the Norsk agency involved as reported did result in an agreement of return of our daughter and freedom to travel home, here, however, they also scheduled more manditory calendar meetings. Norwegian assumptions of children from families is notorious in reputation, and disregard for parental rights altogether. Pray too for something to be done on the legislative level in that claimed humanistic governed land. What we can learn is that where parental rights are not legislatively balanced with government agents assumptions rampant evil can happen in the name of good.

  12. Update 2. When my daughter and wife were removed from their residence in Norway, my 9 year old daughter was placed in a temporary “shelter”. The ‘case worker’ involved later told my wife that Norway was a secular society, and supposed that my Christian wife and daughter believed in a “Judgment Day”, and stated that my daughter referred to this concept while captured (actually not so). The worker referred to this concept and strongly asserted that its association with my family then evidenced mental instability–though my family did not raise this concept, she did! She referred to it by more than one term in bringing it before my wife, who was traumatized by the State assumption of our daughter. In a conversation with that ‘worker’ I had mentioned our Christian faith alone. It is obvious much was going on inside that worker with her assignments of associations of godly reference.

    As answered prayer, the Attorney contacted was able to have a complaint of harassment and trauma upheld, and my wife and daughter returned to Colorado last week, some two months after an imposition of a humanistic ‘plan’ advanced to replace our marriage covenant with supposed social engineering. So many, perhaps hundreds here, were called on for intercession by me. The stipulation was granted only for return. Had they remained in Norway, in the district of temporary residence, both would have been seized by an insistent agenda–framed by the assignment of the ‘worker’s sole association of these believers with “dooms day” (her reference).

    Has the assumption of children in the name of false associations made for my family’s own mindset now arisen to raise an ugly head of injustice: again, where good is believed evil and vice-versa? Hasn’t false religion (in this case of the state/county social worker always asked for the separation of children from what God appointed for their upbringing and belonging? Even going to the extreme of sacrificing children in the way of its assumptions? My daughter told of three weeks of separation from her Mother, for her ‘protection’ being without her or Mother’s consent. My wife told of being dragged away for a mental assessment without related cause or direct evidence for such a process, this being conducted by mere gossip hearsay as an actionable report for such procedure, merely by assumption.

    It is a sad season for a Nation when human assumption becomes the measure of independent and petty tyranny. Neither my daughter nor my wife ever mentioned a judgment day as associated with any claim of faith in Jesus Christ. Peter too was equally deceived on how then the best of human effort should proceed as to his own motivations and understanding of truth and justice in motion before his conversion (Mt. 16:21-23). Let it never be our own assumptions, or misunderstanding of the true nature of God, reconciliation, sacrifice, mercy, and consequence which carry us forward until that Day.

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