An Interview with Pastor Hal Seed and Then Asks the Question “Were You Ever Lost?”

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Dr. Brown interviews pastor and author Dr. Hal Seed on important biblical questions and then asked if, as people claiming to be saved, we understand what it is to be “lost.” Dr. Seed’s website is: Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God’s holy Word, God’s wonderful Word, God’s Word of truth and life is calling to us, beckoning us, inviting us to drink, to eat, to take in life changing truth!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus is still looking for disciples. Our great calling is to be disciples and go and make disciples. Let’s leave everything and follow Him.



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  1. I must make a correction to Pastor Seed’s comments: Hindus do not believe in Nirvana; that is a Buddhist term for the state of the extinguishment of desire and self. I cringed when I heard this profound mistake – a mistake no one familiar with Asian based religions would ever make. Buddhists do believe in heaven(s)where gods live except they hold humans to be higher than the gods since the gods,with all of their powers, do not have to be in the trenches like human beings are. The gods do not develop because they do not have the challenges of human life.

    Hindus believe in higher realms of being and in reincarnation and becoming enlightened so as to enter realms only fit for those who have cleansed themselves of bad karma.

    I am a Christian after being a practicing Hindu and Buddhist at different points in my life and it does no one any service to have these facts so wrong. We must do better than this as anyone listening who has a tiny bit of knowledge about Buddhism or Hinduism would not give credibility to other points of Pastor Seed. My MA is in Comparative Religion, Religion and Culture, from the University of WA.

  2. mbabbabit, perhaps I wasn’t listening carefully, but I heard him say that Buddhists believed in Nirvana. Please listen again to that part of the interview to see if I auto-corrected his error in my own head (which I would assume was just a slip of the tongue from him) or if you misheard. Either way, thanks for your accurate comments here!

  3. One more try to get this posted: At minute 28:27-35, Pastor Seed made his remarks and is technically correct in the sense that Nirvana is an old ascetic concept (Sramanas) that bore several branches, one of which was Buddhism. But in modern Hinduism you are not very likely to hear of Nirvana – more likely to hear of Moksha – liberation. But if you are a Buddhist, Nirvana as the end point, the extinguishment of desire and self, is a central theme, debated and discussed often. Buddhists do believe in heaven(s) and gods; they jsut think them inferior to the human realm where the hard but rewarding game is played betsween heaven and earth. But these heavens are not the same as the Christian idea of God’s heaven and an earthly Resurrection.

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