Dr. Brown’s Debate with Gay Activist Wayne Besen (and A Call to Prayer)

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Dr. Brown will replay and comment on the 12 minute debate he had last week with gay activist Wayne Besen, who has called Dr. Brown a “pathological monster” trying to incite his “unstable thugs” to acts of violence against the LGBT community. There will also be special prayer for Mr. Besen and other activists, along with some important updates from the Democratic National Convention. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We don’t retreat when we are falsely accused. We don’t back down when people accuse us of things that are not true. We continue to persevere. We overcome false accusations by living out the truth; knowing that in the end, as Jesus said, the truth shall set you free.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The more that we’re opposed, the more that we’re maligned, the more that we’re misrepresented, the more that we’re misunderstood, the more that we should be committed to do what’s right and honor the Lord.





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  1. Doc, I have no Idea if you got the message I sent you on Facebook so ill, ask again here. Have you considered posting this broadcast on youtube?

  2. I wanna
    join the revolution Dr Brown, your courage in standing on the front line is inspiring” to say the least and your no nonsense approach on issues of repentance, the Holy Spirits movement needs to be taught, too many people are being lead astray thinking that false formulas fed by ill equipped pastors can bring about. Im a New Jersey resident and love speaking about Jesus and his plan of salvation. Thank the Lord that he has equipped you to lead so many, God be praised.

  3. Something was said in that debate that would be a shame to overlook ; Wayne picked up on the use of the word ‘Revolution’.

    Like it or not,’Revolution’ does carry connotations of violence ; and it is not a word to be found in Holy Scripture. I have felt this way about that word for some time now,and now I have heard someone say what I felt could be (rightly or wrongly) said.

    Michael is not into violence of any kind ; but the word ‘Revolution’ is no respecter of persons (so to speak).

    I just throw those two cents in because any word that gets in the way of what you’re trying to do needs to be dropped. Do NOT overlook that little nugget. Do consider adjusting. It is very important to choose words that are free of unhelpful connotations.

    Well chosen words can slip through the portcullis to a person’s heart (so to speak) ; rough words just don’t get in to do the intended work.

  4. I tell you what else caught my eye – that lovely bookshelf right behind Michael. Man,I am so eager for five books of David Pawson to get on that close-at-hand shelf (or in his Kindle) !

    This one first ; do at least download a FREE ebook sample TODAY Michael :


    That book was based on a four-hour talk which can be freely heard online or downloaded. (Michael,this is one to download and listen to whilst driving carefully.) :


    A similar talk (lasting 80 mins) was given at a Bible college graduation ceremony,in 2003 ; same goes for this one Michael : listen online ; or download ; drive carefully !


  5. (I cling – yes,by the very fingertips – to the theme of effectively reaching the world,as a claim to be on-topic in these posts !)

    Michael,you and David agree on some major ground : neither of you is deceived by Cessationism,Calvinism,PRE-Trib Rapture,A-Millennialism or Replacement Theology ; and you both love Israel. (How’s that for major ground ?!) Therefore,in order to get the best from a possible encounter with one of the finest Bible teachers God has ever given,it would make sense to focus on books and talks that would really rock your personal boat.

    That first book in ltself would give your stern a thorough shaking ; the other four would well and truly unmuzzle the wind and waves of apostolic,trinitarian TRUTH !

    Need another witness ? Read this review of his autobiography ; only takes 2 mins.


    Another ? Well,David has held more than one conference at IHOP ; if you scroll down on this website page,you will see that they say ‘ David is widely considered to be one of the world’s finest Bible expositors and prophetic preachers.’ (I assume you know Mike Bickle personally ; do call him and ask him why he – and many others – feel that way.)


    Another still ?! Well,Elisabeth Elliot no less,wrote the foreword to his book on leadership. (David was once on a plane where he saw Elisabeth helping converts (from among the people group who killed her husband) to eat their food. David was – in effect – watching a powerful illustration of what it means to be conformed to the image of God’s Son.)

    Another ??!! Well,I wonder if you have heard of a man called Alex Buchanan ? Over thirty years ago Alex gave a prohecy,which when weighed by others,was considered to be a call from God for David to move from residential to intinerant teaching. He has since edified many around the world.

    Here (from Chapter 15 of his autobiography) is some of what Alex prophesied :

    ‘My son,you have ministered to the extent of your gift in the place where I certainly put you…I set you free and I set the land before you…And I want you to go out and so serve me that one day you will be able to look me in the face and say : ‘Lord,we did it.’

    If you HUMBLY and TEACHABLY read the five books,you’ll be ready for one of the most important and challenging radio debates of your life. David would sharpen your doctrinal axe – big time. Yes,you’ve had an array of authentic servants of Messiah Jesus on your show,no question ; but from what I’ve seen,you have not had a Jeremiah and Ezra like David on ; not yet.

    Time to finally meet your match !

  6. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comments. If you haven’t read my Revolution book, I would strongly encourage you to read it for further background on the theme.

    As for David, I do plan to have him on the air at some point. Fear not. You might just want to avoid inserting a push to have him on the air on so many threads, as per our guidelines.

    God bless!

  7. Mark,

    One other comment. What if I never used the word “Jesus revolution” but instead used biblical terms like spiritual warfare, or the sword of the Spirit, or called all of us soldiers, a term Paul sometimes used? (I could go on with the list, of course, but you get the point.)

  8. Michael,yes I have no doubt your longing for a sincere revolution in terms of sweeping change,but zero violence – I have read 9 of your books,inclusing the two revolution ones.

    Just keying this response in quick,.I shall be going offline soon ; just came back to check if you said anyting back to me.

    Delighted to hear u will bring David on. I do not mean to be bothersome in keeping on,on different threads,but I do so because David is 82,not 32 – so time if of the essence ; there is no telling when God will promite him to glory ; it would be a horrendous thing to fail to bond with him,because I see u as both exceptional Ezras and Jerimiahs (I would not be on this site at all otherwise).

    But yes,will leave off now,and hope God will bond u two together in His timing.

    i am all for the soldier theme which is scriptural ; i just think it is best to use words that are not very strongly connected to violence when there are other words one could poss choose

    whn u wrote HSAW your theme was ‘we need a rude awakening’ then u moved to ‘we need a revolution’.

    anyway Michael,yes,I shall now cool off on the requests for David.

    if possible a t some point (seeing as how i got your attention) could u please produce a fre article based on chapter 5 of Revolution in the Church ; i think it is one of the most important chapters u have ever written

    right,i am posting this now – grammar errors n all !

  9. I must admit,I do think ‘Is Michael right,and am I wrong on this – am I splitting hairs ?’,but the point is that as stated in the first of my posts on this thread,I have for some time felt ‘Revolution’ was not a great word ; and then in that debate I heard someone latching on to that very word.

    Written and spoken words are potent things ; they either help us to convey what we mean,or they can hinder the process. Indeed,I believe certain words in English Bibles actually facilitate and perpetuate ERROR – ‘pastor’ ‘baptism’ and ‘church’ are three examples.

    Whenever possible,it is best to use words where one does not have to add a side note saying you do not mean what it usually means ! (E.g. ‘Revolution’ and its association with violence) Is it not ?

    Michael,as you travel around town,in the mall or wherever,how about conducting a bit of a survey ? Obviously with no prompting,ask people of all ages,(and both believers and unbelievers),this question :

    What words or pictures do you associate with the word ‘Revolution’ ?

    For me personally,it would be ‘violence’ ‘rebellion’ and ‘seeking to overthrow a government.’

    (Also check online dictionary definitions.)

    Perhaps I am the exception and not the rule ? But after asking a few dozen people,it may become apparent that ‘Revolution’ is a word which carries baggage that is quite the reverse of what you long for in America. And in which case,why choose such a word,when others could take its place ?

    I hope this is not deemed off-topic,but if it is,then do remove it. But my purpose here is to respectfully question anything that is counterproductive to seeing the Jesus-MAGNIFYING and HOLY time of refreshing that you live ‘n’ breathe.

    As the writer of Hebrews says in another context,’Let us lay aside every encumbrance’ (Hebrews 12:1) ; yes,even words that cannot slip through someone’s portcullis. (We know people have ‘pet doctrines’ ; I also think it is possible to get too attached to a word ; you know full well how ‘Calvinists’ like the word ‘sovereignty’. )

    Anyway,yes there sure is war language in Holy Scripture ; yes,you may be right to use ‘Revolution’ and I may be wrong ; I may be an exception ; but,do consider a survey as you go about town.

  10. Mark,

    I was saved during what was widely called the “Jesus Revolution” — even on the front page of Time Magazine, June, 1971.

    To me, the word connotes radical, dramatic, sweeping change — and it sums up for me much of the ministry of Jesus and the spirit of the NT. Plus, I’m simply following what I believe is the burden of the Lord in using this term, but always with clear definition.

  11. That’s fair enough Michael ; I’m not looking to ruffle your feathers ; in the last eight years I’ve found two teachers that impress me for their stance – you and you-know-who.

    I do believe indeed in radical,dramtic,sweeping change ; first mind you,WITHIN the Body ; evangelism,leadership and teaching need root ‘n’ branch treatment.

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