Ten Commitments of a Jesus Revolutionary and an Update on Charlotte 714

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Dr. Brown is live on Labor Day! He’ll share ten practical steps that everyone can take to be a Jesus revolutionary and will give an update on a powerful citywide gathering that took place in Charlotte on Sunday. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments!


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Ask yourself, “Why not now?” Ask yourself, “Why not you?” What’s stopping you from going after God like never before, and making a difference while you have breath?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Talk is cheap. Action is costly. Are we going to put our words into action? Are we going to live out what we preach and believe? The time is now.


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  1. One huge problem with making serious COMMITED disciples of Messiah Jesus in America and Britain,is that a typical Evangelical has either been led to believe they were pre-selected in eternity past to join God ‘in heaven’ (the new Jerusalem on the new earth actually,mind you) – known as Calvinism ; or,they have been led to believe that once they have been ‘saved’ (which,because of deficient evangelism,may not even be the case with some),there is nothing they could ever do to ‘lose their salvation.’

    Either way,until those two related distortions are sorted out,and until competent trinitarian evangelism has its day,the typical Evangelical in America is likely to be lured back into the filth from which they were being purified (in the case of folk who are genuinely born from above). Indeed,a number of Michael’s book have been penned for the very purpose of calling Evangelicals out of filth.

    And even if,say,an evangelist came along who gave a decent ‘by life or by death’ message,those caught in the dragnet are (in all probability) soon going to find themselves in ‘pews’ or with books,where they are fed one of those two COMMITMENT-destroying soteriological distortions.

    We need look no further than the ‘Magisterial Reformers’ themselves,to see what distorted ideas about predestination strengthens hands to do. If serious commitments to Messish Jesus are going to take firm hold of a disciple’s life,the distortion that has thus far licensed their worldliness has to be dealt with.

    Michael’s area of particular expertise is his denounciation of Gentile-ized ‘Christianity’ (as he would rightly say,this is NOT a new religion,it is a new covenant – with Israel ; a covenant which Gentiles becomes partakers of in Messiah.) David Pawson’s area is his denounciation of the binitarian evangelism of our day,together with the one-dimensional form of salvation that so permeates Evangelical circles. Sooner or later therefore,I am hoping two books by David find their way onto Michael’s bookshelf,or onto his Kindle ; in order that the quality commitments he so longs to see in operation,would actually be lived out.



    (Michael,you’ve now got Leonard Verduin’s book ; if you really want serious disciples NOW,do equip yourself with the information in that book NOW – in order that your thinking on POTS-adherents can be sharpened.)

  2. Michael has read ‘Life In The Son by Robert Shank (indeed,he has recommended it along with Pawson’s ‘Once Saved,Always Saved ?’ in Chapter 3 Note 7 of his own book,’Go And Sin No More.’) ; I have recently done likewise. Whilst I think it may prove too intellectual for some Evangelical ears (I think Pawson’s is more digestible),here is a lovely free piece on a key part of Shank’s book.

    POTS-ahderents (though they do not realize it) EXALT men of violence and UNDERMINE (and mess around with) the warnings of Messiah Jesus. Take a look (and put this article in your faves and share it with others) :


  3. The problem in a nutshell,is that you cannot expect those who have been led to believe the prize is ‘in-the-bag,’ to RUN in such a way as to win the prize. (That is all too evident ; indeed,the consequences of that distorted notion is the very thing that drove Michael to write so much of what is in his books.)

    The simple common sense reason why Olympians have more COMMITMENT, self-discipline and denial,for the sake of a perishable crown (or medal),than Evangelicals have for the imperishable crown,is that Olympians do not have unseen enemies looking to deceive them on the prize front. (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). The contrast between the no-nonsense dedication of some sports people,compared to the lackluster state of some disciples of Jesus,is as applicable in our day as it was in Paul’s.

    Remember the words of Luther as told in Verduin’s book :

    ‘To Schwenkfeld…Luther acknowledged that “among us there is no betterment of life.” ‘ (Chapter 3)

    Unseen enemies want Evangelicals to WALK in such a way as to be thrown into the lake of fire ; sentimental-OSAS and Augustinian-POTS do the job all-too-well. Until both OSAS and POTS are dealt with,the commitment,discipline and denial of many Evangelicals (perhaps most), will simply not materialize ; 500 years of ‘no [or little] betterment’ evidence has been clocked up so far,how much more is required ?

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