Why Rachel Held Evans and Rob Bell Are Wrong about Homosexuality, the Church, and Society

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Dr. Brown interacts with two recent articles from the popular Christian blogger Rachel Held Evans as well as a recent statement from Christian author Rob Bell on homosexuality, the Church, and society. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments!


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are called to reach out and to resist. We are called to be both prophetic and evangelistic and if we fail to do that we fail to be the church of Jesus to this generation and the next.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We must ask ourselves, “What influences us? What shapes our thinking? What builds our convictions? Is it the Word of truth, or is it our cultural surroundings?”



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  1. Hi Dr Brown

    I appreciate that you were focusing in this show on the stance of the younger generation on the issue of homosexuality, but would you PLEASE take steps to discuss and/or debate the same issue with some older, highly respected Christian leaders, particularly Tony Campolo and Philip Yancey, both keynote speakers at the GCN conference in recent years. I don’t know exactly how they would differ from you, but their words have a significant influence far beyond America and I trust they would be ready and willing to interact with you.

    Thanks in anticipation… Michael.

  2. Dr Brown,

    Where can I find that clip you played on your show of Rob Bell? If it’s available somewhere, I’d like to post it on my Facebook page.

  3. “St.Petersburg Lawmaker Wants Citizen Status for Unborn Children”


    “St. Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, who authored a local law banning gay propaganda among children, has proposed granting citizen status to unborn children, the Russian News Service radio station said on Wednesday.
    “I propose beginning from the very foundations and considering any human being a human being at any stage of his or her life, particularly at the prenatal stage,” the radio station’s Web site quoted him as saying.
    Abortions should therefore be officially declared the “murder of a human being,” he said.
    He said he would prepare by September a draft proposal to Russia’s parliament to amend the country’s constitution to consider an unborn child a citizen from the moment of conception or when his or her heart begins beating.
    In line with Russian laws, abortions are normally allowed before 12 weeks of pregnancy, except for cases when the woman’s health is in danger or when her pregnancy is a result of rape.
    A law penalizing “the propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors” proposed by Milonov came into force in St.Petersburg in March. The law imposes fines of up to $16,000 on individuals and up to $160,000 on legal entities for the promotion of homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender practices among minors.
    Homosexuality was illegal in the Soviet Union and was only decriminalized by late President Boris Yeltsin in 1993, but anti-gay sentiment is still widespread in Russia.”

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