Dr. Brown and Dr. Jeff Seif Discuss Israel in Scripture and Prophecy

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Dr. Brown and his special guest Dr. Jeff Seif look at the Israel’s role in the end times according to Scripture and address the recent trend of evangelical attacks on Christian Zionism.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God is the God of the past, the present, and the future. And He is in the earth working out all things according to His eternal purposes. And Israel is right in the middle of it all.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As I think of the Prophets of Israel, and how they were one with their message, it reminds me that to be a true follower of Jesus, it’s not a matter of outward actions alone. It’s a matter of who we are on the inside, being lived out 24-7 in a way that pleases the Lord.

  1. I am really surprised there are no comments on this show. Dr. Brown just did a show on what happens to the Church when it cuts off its Jewish roots. It should be obvious that the existence of modern Israel is part of this issue. How is it that nobody is willing to comment? I wonder if this is simply an anomaly or if believers are simply indifferent. Christian Zionism is controversial. Why? There are several reasons, but let me throw out one. In the U.S. many adhere to the separation of church and state. But Christian Zionism throws that out the window. It is the faith based upon the Bible cuts across that artificial distinction and forces the issue. Do we have the courage to actually believe the Bible and defend Israel even from others in the Church because that is what the Bible says?

  2. Thank you Mark. I saw your comment on the Amazon book review. I am copying a portion of your review which I think is relevant here. You wrote:

    Yes (and as Stephen Sizer would correctly
    point out),Paul did indeed say (in reference
    to the COVENANT and PROMISE made with
    Abraham),’and to his Seed’ SINGULAR,and
    there meaning Messiah,not Israel – Galatians
    3:15-18 ; but the writer of Hebrews clearly
    tells us (refering back to Jeremiah 31) that
    God has made a new COVENANT with the house of
    Israel and the house of Judah (Hebrews 8:8) –
    refering not to the Seed (not to one Person
    alone),not to the Messiah – but to Israel,the
    Jewish people,Paul’s ‘kinsmen according to the
    flesh’ (Messiah Jesus has not made a new
    covenant with Himself !)

  3. HI, It seem that we christians are forgetting than in Christ there is no Jew or Gentile. In fact, in the New Covenant,only those that accept it become part of the Israel of God, as such we gentiles have been grafted in the Olive Tree/Israel.of.God, where many of the original branches(Jews) remain. So we need to keep in mind, that this Israel of God, is the one addressed in the prophetic message of the time of the end. Unfortunately Israel as a nation never accepted the New Covenant in Christ, and the Old Covenant of sacrifices and oblations ending at the time of death of Christ(the death of the Messiah in the midst of the 70th week as per Dan. 9 stopped the meaning of the sacrifices and oblations). This means that Israel “as a nation” ended up with no covenant at all, lost its prefer nation status..yet at the personal level it is accepted by many Jews and gentiles. And certainly the leaders in the Israel of God OT and NT are for the most part Jews, so I really appreciate that they share their faith with us gentiles. That said, it seem that there is an error in futurism which places emphasis of the time of the end events solely in Israel, while the prophecy of Daniel 11:40-45, not only includes the pleasant land as the site of attack by the Antichrist, but also many other lands in the Middle East, for that matter the events are also worldwide. Truth be told, that tunnel vision of prophecy fixated in the land of Israel is in fact a smoke screen which blurs the vision of which is the Antichrist and its actions as well identified in Daniel 8 and Dan. 11 (this can be understood as such when using the day.year principle= 1 prophetic day = 1 literal year)
    This identifies the Antichrist(controlling, yet hidding behind other nations),as Papal Rome. Truth be told, nowhere in prophecy speaks of a rebuilt temple in Israel…the next tabernacle comes from heaven, the New Jerusalem to be settled here on earth certainly in the land of Israel, but after the Millennium…in the earth made new…do not forget Jesus said that His kindom is not of this world…it is of the New Earth….

  4. I was in Tehran from 1976-79 and left that January when the Shah fell from power. I was there with my Jewish wife to bring the Gospel to the Jewish people. I was in a language class with a Russian diplomat and had a chance to witness and gave him a copy of Hal Lindsey’s book, the Great Late Planet Earth. Yes I have no doubt that Persia is a major leader spoken of in Ezekiel prophecy in chap 37-39 that unites with Russia. The people as a whole are NOT anti Israel but the religious fanatics work up the crowds. I love the Iranian people and I pray for them to be spared all the pain and suffering. However Israel must take Iran very serious because we have the Haman mentality among the leaders. They have there own theology too that they think they are obeying it. Dr Brown I am 63 and I love all your books…we are sympatico…I am a Sicilian American…had a great father.

  5. Doug,after that book was published,David and Stephen has a debate on a British radio show ; the debate was conducted with respect on both sides ; the debate lasts around 20 mins I think.

    Here is David’s wikipedia bio :


    If you scroll down to the penultimate part of the Teachings section (titled ‘Defending Christian Zionism’,you can click on ‘Pawson/Sizer debate’ and listen to what was said.

    I consider a correct view of Israel (both the people and the place) to be a primary facet of the narrow Way – not some secondary matter. Indeed,as Michael himself says,Israel’s salvation actually paves the way for Messiah’s return (it doesn’t get more primary than that!).

    Do listen to the debate ; do get the DCZ book in ebook or paperback form.

    If you have not yet got it already,do get Michael’s own book ‘Our Hands Are Stained With Blood’ in ebook or paperback (this was one of the first books Michael wrote,and may be one of – if not THE – most important he will ever write).


  6. Brunie, On Aug1,2012 you said: ” Truth be told, nowhere in prophecy speaks of a rebuilt temple in Israel… ”

    Tell me what you think of Zec 14. Read the entire chapter.

    Another statement you could make is that nowhere in prophecy does it say there will be a second coming.
    Who does Zec 14 say is coming down?

    If there is a temple for the anti-christ to desecrate does it not have to be a holy temple? I see there must be a real priesthood with the real ark of the covenant and all the furnishings. Then the world will see the anti-messiah come to “power” to deceive many.

  7. It’s a shame to see Christians who defend their positions with a slanted view contrary to what the scriptures tell us. Anyone can clearly disseminate the differences in how and exactly what God was referring to and in the covenants he Himself established simply by reading them. Dr Sizers a Jew hater if you ask me” behind evry disagreement you find either a common ignorance or as I see in this case is a hidden agenda being smuggled in under scriptural arguments. Israel is on top they are prospering, that said the Lord knows those who truly belong to the Lord he knows them.

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