How Can Children of the Light Be Enthralled with the Works of Darkness?

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Dr. Brown looks at our high calling of God according to the Scriptures — children of the light! — and then asks about the things that entertain us and capture our hearts (and more)!


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us explore the high calling of the Lord Jesus, and as He is, let us be in this world.

  1. I do not think Evangelicals who watch immoral shows and films realize how many ‘sermons’ they listen to every week (and how pernicious they are) ; I do not think they realize they are (effectively) being discipled (especially teenage believers) : when they watch immoral shows or films,they can get drawn into immoral dress,disrespect for parents,violence,filthy language,materialism,hedonism,adultery,antogonism and telling lies (the plot dictating the particular ‘sermon’ topic).

    I venture to say that in many Evangelical homes in America and Britain,if they were to log how they spend their time (or rather,if they are genuinely born from above – His time),an honest account would reveal that much of the time the Bible is closed and the TV is on,instead of an open Bible and a limited,wise use of (an otherwise switched off) TV.

    Although many such folk call Jesus ‘Lord’ and would say He and His Word is foremost in their lives ; the log may tell a rather different story.

    With that in mind,the sooner Michael’s book ‘Go And Sin No More’ gets into ebook form,the better.

    I have two chapters to go in that book ; it is the weightiest call to practical,daily holiness I have found. Yes indeed,’Revolution!: The Call To Holy War’ has serious content – but man,’Go And Sin No More’ is a very inconvenient reality check ; the enormity of filth is exposed very effectively. A horrendous book indeed to lukewarm believers,but a tremendous book for those hoping to walk on gold in the new Jerusalem with the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb (the place where nothing unclean thing and no one who practices abomination and lying will ever enter ; see Revelation 2:20-23 ; 3:4-5 ; 21:7-8,27 – note that Jesus addresses His actual bonservants at Thyatira,NOT unregenerate people in ‘pews’).

    Is your Bible closed and your TV on much of the time ? Could you give a better summary of a sitcom or film plot,than a decent overview account of Holy Scripture ?

    Do get that book into ebook Michael – ASAP.

    (Just lobbing those two cents into the mix!)

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