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Dr. Brown devotes two entire hours to a wide range of e-questions, including: the question of election and Rom 8:29-30; the meaning of saving faith; what Jesus meant in Matt 10:23 — and much more!


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If we will seek the Lord diligently, He will be found by us. If we call to Him, He will answer. He is near to the broken hearted.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God is faithful. If you seek Him, you will find Him but you must seek Him, with all your heart.



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  1. “Those He justified He glorified” = all believers. All believers already glorified to a degree – as it says, “from glory to glory”. It is not an unconditional promise of a “future” glorification.

  2. Dear Dr. Brown, Fishing. Now you are talking. You must have a great son in law. I hope you get “hooked.” God bless you Dr. Brown I hope you had a great time with your family. I grew up in the city and just started fishing a couple of years ago and love it. With that I became aware of the beautiful lakes and rivers and found a place of solitude and a great hobby. Sometimes I even catch a fish. Have a great time with your family Dr. Brown. God bless you all. I will pray for your trip to India.

  3. Romans 8:29,30 remind me of Hebrews 7:9,10, counting it seems to me, the faitfulness of Abraham, at least.

  4. There’s something about the blessing of Melchizedek that went deep into Abraham,
    at least as far as Levi. (Heb 7:10)

    Matt 10:23 reminds me of Heb 11:10.

  5. The problem is not election and predestination (EAP),they’re scriptural ; the problem is the distorted Augustinian understanding of EAP – an understanding that Augustine and his eventual students (Luther and Calvin) furthered by the use of coercion (THAT use of coercion alone should tell you to give their teaching a wide berth. Do you really think Paul or Peter would usher you to the feet of such men ?).

    Just as Michael’s area of special expertise is Israel ; David Pawson’s is trinitarian evangelism ; Frank Viola’s is the counterproductive effect of clerical pastorhood,and the need for authentic one-anotherness between brothers and sisters in Messiah ; Roger Forsters is election and predestination.

    Therefore,on this particular issue of EAP,do get yourself a copy of Roger’s book on this (Michael,get a copy youself too,if you haven’t got one) :


  6. Here is a very brief discussion of predestination by Roger and his wife,Faith (under four minutes!).


    Do get Roger’s book ; consider this quote :

    ‘A Christian is not chosen [in eternity past,and/or PRIOR to conversion] to become part of Christ’s body,but in becoming part of that body [AFTER his free will conversion] he partakes of Christ’s election….It is not that selected individuals have been [pre]destined to join the church,but rather that the church as a whole,as a unit,has received a future destiny.’ (Chapter 15 ‘Chosen and Elect’.)

  7. I believe every Christian was hand picked by God who knew everything about us long before we became anything on this earth. So the question comes to mind, Why hasn’t he chosen everyone?

    Maybe they weren’t willing.

    The blessing of Abraham is very big.

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