The Importance of the Fear of the Lord (and More)

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Dr. Brown interviews author and radio host Chuck Crismier on his new book The Secret of the Lord and then shares insights on meaning of the fear of the Lord and gives kingdom reflections on today’s pressing moral and cultural issues.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is no surprise when the world is worldly and when darkness is dark. It’s a terrible surprise when God’s people are worldly and when the light is dark. Let the awakening begin with us, may we recover our spiritual backbone, may we be people of courage in Jesus.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We only have one life, the clock is ticking. Enough with our excuses, enough with our grand promises for tomorrow, let’s do the will of God today!



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What’s the meaning of the Pidyon HaBen (redemption of the son/firstborn) in Judaism, and does it in any way point to Jesus? And how can we walk in the holy fear of God while still loving Him as Abba?

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  1. Dr. Brown, Here is a link to a statistician’s (William M. Briggs, a theist) blog entry where he
    looks at the Regnerus study out of Texas in the journal Social Science Research: “The Regnerus Controversy: Children In Traditional Families Do Better Than Those Raised In Non-Traditional Settings”

    I imagine it confirms other studies yuu are aware of.

  2. We have a definition (so to speak) of the fear of God,from Messiah Jesus no less (Matthew 10:28 and Luke 12:4-5) : Jesus does not define it as ‘losing a few rewards in heaven’ – no,He defines it as CONTINTUALLY fearing His Father who is able to throw them (i.e. His first evangelists,and all disciples,not outsiders) into Gehenna (see also 1 Peter 1:17 – a fear Peter says is to be with them for the ENTIRE pilgrimage). Obviously,those misfed POTS are unable to take his warning to heart,for to POTS-adherents,all those warrnings are not for His genuinely saved disciples.

    I have not read Robert Shank’s book yet (‘Life In The Son’),but do have it here ready – here is a quote :

    “Completely absurd is the assumption that men are to be sincerely persuaded that apostasy is impossible and, at the same time, sincerely alarmed by the warnings [including – I submit – the warning found in Matthew 10:28 and Luke 12:4-5]…” (Chapter 12)

    Marriage was mentioned in the show ; for a discussion of the inconvenient words of Jesus on remarriage (i.e. inconvenient to those who call Him ‘Lord’),see David’s book ; watch a free 30min video on the subject ; and listen to a lengthy audio discussion on which the book was built :

    The book (do download a free ebook sample if you can) :

    Concise 30 min video on marriage :

    The audio talk : (listen online or download on MP3) :

    POTS undermines the warnings of Jesus,thus REMOVING the fear of the Lord. Michael – yes,on the surface POTS does not appear to license sin,but go below the surface and you find another story. In ‘Go And Sin No More’ you mention pastors who were in tears over adultery they had been commiting – I wonder what percentage of those men were strengthened to get into bed with another women because of POTS ; the fear of the full consequences were not firmly planted between their ears. I also have a ‘pastor’ my town who is steeped in ‘Calvinism’ ; the way he drives his car is a sermon in itself – revealing a lack of daily,practical fear. (I am speaking of 2006,I assume he still preaches the same driving-sermon ; I hope I’m wrong.)

    (Michael,I am halfway through ‘Go And Sin No More’,if the second half is anything like the first,it appears to be your WEIGHTIEST call to PRATCICAL holiness ; if ‘Revolution !: The Call To Holy War’ could be said to weigh,say ten pounds,the first half alone of ‘Go And Sin No More’ seems closer to twenty ! Assuming the second half is anywhere near the first,do get it into ebook form ASAP. Please delay no longer.)

    POTS and a scriptural Jesus-defined FEAR of His Father are mutually exclusive – period !

  3. I’ve sometimes thought about the relationship between wisdom and love. They seemed to me to be two sides of the same coin.

    Does God begin his work in wisdom and finish it in love or are they always both together in him?

    Does the brightness of one outshine the other?

    I suppose it does unless it grows dim.

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