Reflections on the State of the Nation and the Power of Revival

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Dr. Brown will offer further reflections on the Colorado massacre, the Penn State scandal, and the state of America and will share a vision of how revival impacted America in the past and how it could happen again in our day.


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s always so easy to look at the sin of the Nation, the decadence, and violence that surrounds us, but I urge you and I urge me to go to God, look in the mirror, and say, “Start a fresh work in me!”

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: America’s been messed up many times in the past and in many different ways. America has been in crisis before. Our answer then, is the same answer now: we need to turn to God!



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  1. This Nation’s religious foundation has been purposely dismantled, as a result the stranded of morality has crumbled. The Lord said each generation would wax worse and worse..we have seen that with are own eye’s.. it’s time for this Nation to turn back to G_D! the Lord also said your either for me or against me, children of G_D or Children or the devil… I’m afraid the latter is true for this Nation anymore.

    Peace, Love and Joy

  2. First we saw a move to get God out of everything.

    Then we saw a move of craft, witchcraft that moved to corrupt, the effects of which even affected the Supreme Court enough so that they determined that a thing is contrary to the constitution, yet the forcing of it upon the public by corecsion using tax law is OK. (Obamacare)

    The homosexual agenda is another move whereby it seems that so many, (though they really are a minority) want to be something other than what God created man to be.

    And now we hear of a Joker in a movie theater.

    Whatever it is that is other than what God’s purpose for us is, it can’t be good.

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