Exposing Error in the World and the Church; and a Missionary Update from the Philippines

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Dr. Brown interacts with some recent, controversial TV footage, shares some further thoughts on how today’s watered down “gospel” message is affecting the Church and the world, and then talks with a FIRE missionary from the Philippines.


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is a massive harvest all around you within your neighborhood and around your world. Give yourself to God every day. Say, “God make me fully usable. Use me to the full.”

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Rather than finding out how far we can go with sin and experimenting with it, why not find out how far God can go with us and what He can do with a yielded life?


DVD Debate with Rabbi Shmuley


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  1. I will spend quality time with God every day in prayer and the Word.
  2. I will walk in purity of heart and integrity of life, in thought, in speech, and in deed.
  3. I will not be ashamed of Jesus but will confess him boldly as Lord and Savior.
  4. I will commit myself to the Great Commission, looking for opportunities to win the lost, restore the backslidden, and make disciples.
  5. I will seek to be a peacemaker and ambassador of reconciliation, forgiving those who have offended me and seeking the forgiveness of those whom I have offended.
  6. I will walk in love towards those who despise and reject me, overcoming evil with good and hostility with kindness.
  7. I will pursue fellowship with brothers and sisters of like mind and will not separate myself from the Body.
  8. I will be involved with a ministry of mercy, through serving or through giving, helping to relieve human suffering in a tangible way.
  9. I will stand for righteousness and justice, enlisting myself in a moral cause for the honor of the Lord and the good of society.

10. I will seek the fullness of the Spirit, availing myself of everything God has made available for His people today.

  1. hi! may i request that your missionary here in the Philippines contact me. I’m a messianic christian and I’ve been longing to meet someone who can help me grow and become equipped for ministry in the messianic perspective. I live in Pampanga and here’s my contact number – 0905 432 9829.

    I shall look forward to hearing back from you. Shalom!


  2. Dr. Brown,

    As a seasoned debater you should know better! When your guests have to ask you for 30 seconds of non-interrupted air time, there is a problem. While I appreciate the time limits of radio, there are time limits in all debates. If you felt Rev. Lowery was not answering the question you asked, AFTER he finished his answer you could have pointed that out to him. For all anyone knows the beginning of his answers may have been a Segway to the questions you posed. I felt bad for the reverend. It seemed more like I was listening to a segment of O’Reilly than your show.

  3. Lewis,

    I’m truly sorry to disappoint you, and I did apologize to Rev. Lowery for the interruptions after the show, as well as to my listeners on the air today. (By the way, you seem to have posted on the wrong thread here; this is for Wednesday’s show, not Tuesday’s.) Unfortunately, Rev. Lowery had been posting aggressively on my Facebook page for months and arguing his points without responding my comments, always using my question as his platform to preach his sermons, and I was not going to allow him to do that on the air, hence my cutting him off when the same thing began to happen. Nonetheless, to repeat, I regret the contentious nature of some of the interview, for which I apologized on the air as well. Thanks for your comments!

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