Dr. Brown Takes You Behind the Scenes and Shares His Heart!

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This will be a special broadcast today on the Line of Fire as Dr. Brown shares his calling and passion, talks about his hatred of leaning on the arm of the flesh, and gives a fresh vision of where the program is going.


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Do not be discouraged about what you see in society. Do not be discouraged about what you even see often in the church. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus. Worship the Lord, put Him first, honor Him, and do what you know how to do. In His will, you will be blessed and encouraged. Jesus is Lord!

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Revolution: The Call to Holy War by Dr. Brown: This book is not a call for the violent overthrow of the government, nor is it a call to take up arms, nor is it a call to political activism in and of itself. It is a call to something far more extreme, a call to live out the gospel…

It’s Time to Rock the Boat [MP3 series]: Our compromised message has produced a compromised generation of believers, and only a return to the New Testament gospel, preached in the power of the Spirit, can turn the tide. This course will open your eyes and set your hearts ablaze for Jesus!


  1. Thank you Dr. Brown. Your ministry has helped me grow in faith. I thank God for you and your ministry. I have become a monthly torchbearer.

  2. Would it not be silly to expect a boat to stop sinking because you rearranged a few deckchairs ? Would it not be audacious to look to God for revival while doggedly maintaining and defending the very leadership and teaching that keeps lasting fruit at bay ?

    If plumb truth is sincerely the goal (IN ALL AREAS),then it is not just chaff evangelism and teaching that needs winnowing away – chaff leadership structures need dismantling as well,in love mind you.

    The root problem among ‘Evangelicals’ is that they are misled and misfed : they are pastor-centered instead of Messiah-centered ; Jesus is eclipsed instead of echoed – His recipe (promises,commands,eschatology and warnings) has been shelved in favor of candy (promises,promises,promises and promises). Men have been misenthroned ; those under their charge are seriously malnourished – hymn sandwiches on Sunday are not enough to equip disciples for life on the narrow Way.

    (Michael’s book ‘It’s Time To Rock The Boat’ has a very important chapter about wheat and chaff teaching,and the serious damage done to the palate of folk who are fed candy. Michael mentions his book ‘How Saved Are We’ in this radio show – of those I have read to date,I consider it to be one of his finest.)

    Just lobbing those two cents into the mix !

  3. Joe, thanks so much for the kind words and the support!

    Mark, yes, something radical must take place. True revival will be more revolutionary than we realize — or, in many cases, are ready for!

  4. Very well put, Mark. Permit me to add to it, subtracting nothing:
    Mistakes, mistakes; but Losing Is Not An Option; disaster on every side; always at the precipice; but somehow GOD makes a Way. This is the history of the Jewish people. Put yourself in the shoes of the Patriarchs; see how Jesus of Nazareth culminates Everything from Ultimate Defeat to Ultimate Victory.
    An eighty-years reign by father and son fraught with difficulty; a three-year ministry seemingly ended in utter humiliation; these are the Models of our Faith! No wonder the world constantly mocks and calls us fools. But to make statues to the martyrs instead of Going Deeper is folly indeed.
    I wouldn’t dare speak of New Wineskins if Yeshua Messiah hadn’t spoken of them first. The Holy Spirit seeks sanctified vessels; but there is a corporate Shekinah anointing as well as GOD individually residing in our hearts. We aren’t perfect, but we are covered by Messiah’s blood, and Holy in GOD’s eyes because of this Marriage Covenant; this gives us a Reason to want to Become Like our Bridegroom! In the same manner, we should endeavor to Strengthen the Corporate Body however we may, in humility, but not backing down from the fear of man.
    Saying this, the Levitical Model GOD prescribed has not REALLY been followed except in small sporadic spurts in the 4000+ year history of israel (proper and Spiritual together: ZION). If you believe latter Ezekiel, Messiah will reinstate the Father’s Command in the Millennium (not as animal sacrifices that save, but kosher protein sanctified to return to a Long Life).
    In Him, Ron M.

  5. Ezekiel’s Temple section (also with the character of Melchizedek) is one of Scripture’s rubik’s cubes that I’ve never solved ! Be nice to here Michael speak or write some article on it sometime.

    Ron,do you have a Kindle ?
    If not,do you have a Kindle App on your smartphone,tablet,or computer ?

    If not,here is the link to get one if you want to – you can then download FREE SAMPLES of books.


  6. Dr Brown I write from Durban, South Africa. Thank you for all your research & teaching. You really are a blessing to many across the planet. Stand Firm in the faith & continue to be a blessing to others. From a Slave of Christ S H Kennedy

  7. You are one of the true heroes of the Kingdom alive today. My only wish for you is that there were two of you. Three would be better. Your ministry is so broad and effective in every aspect. I was moved by your July 2nd broadcast. I WILL look for the link to become a torchbearer. It is sometimes embarrassing to send only $25 when you want to do so much more; but if it helps, I’ll commit to a monthly amount, small as it is. Q. I KNOW radio is expensive. Just a question, not criticism, but how many people still listen to radio, (as opposed to the computer live-stream)? Among your own listeners, how many actually listen LIVE? Do you know? Just wondering. Satellite radio is the exception. It is certainly the future of radio. Would more emphasis on webcast/live-stream and less on costly old time AM/FM be an option? Just wondering. Glen Beck went totally web based and seems to be reaching a very wide audience. I listen several hours a week, even though I don’t have the time, but only on the computer. I can’t remember last time I listened to actual radio. Too many commercials. Hate them. TiVo (digital recorder) on TV has made it possible to speed through EVERY commercial on TV. Have to admit, I listen to the “re” broadcasts your program because the constant interruption of the commercials when I listen live is just too annoying. Not your fault. It’s the system. So, could you reach same number OR MORE if went primarily to internet broadcasting, OR went satellite radio? I don’t know costs of satellite radio. I DO know webcasts are negligible. NOT a criticism. I love you and respect your very unique roll. I’ll support you whatever you decide to do as long as you keep being Dr. Michael Brown.

  8. When Abram returned with his nephew Lot and the other captured residents of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the spoils of war, apparently they all met somewhere near the Dead Sea (lowest spot on earth) to celebrate. Genesis 14:17 calls it “the vale of Shaveh, the vale of kings.” EMQ means a “broad depression” or “valley” also related to a
    “plain”. “Shavah Qiryathayim” is the only related word to the singular “Shavah”, a vicinity Strong’s says is “east of Jordan’; so Petra would be one candidate of where they met.
    MLK tSDQ. “King of Righteousness” from ShLM apparently had a private meeting with Abram, in which he shared a covenant meal of Bread and Wine (sound familiar?); and it also says that besides being king, he was also priest of AL ELYWN (Gen. 14:18). So MLK tSDQ blessed (BRK) Abram, and for this (whatever was imparted, the mind boggles) Abram gave him a tithe of the spoils.
    Now Abram already ‘knew’ YHWH (Gen.13:18 being closest previous verse; go back from there) so the WORD that was imparted COMBINING the Two must have been of considerable importance! When Moses (it is believed) wrote Genesis, the interaction of ALHYM and YHWH in the early chapters is vital; in reading this, the knowledge of the Names still existed, but were separated, when Abram entered Canaan.
    When the King of Sodom wants to make a covenat with Abram by giving him a share of what was returned, Abram says that he has already raised his hand (sworn allegiance) to “YHWH-AL, AL-ELYWN”! (Gen. 14:22) the Possessor (Jealous One, Purchaser: QNH) of heaven and earth.
    So the Covenant, at the very least, reunited the Names of GOD, merging them into what Moses claims was Always One.
    The Name of the LORD is a Strong Tower; the righteous run to it, and are saved. The Truth Shall Set You Free; Happy Independence Day!
    In Him, Ron M.

  9. So much mystery about Melchizedec. I still wonder if it was Jesus himself. At the time of Melchizedec he had no geneology, no earthly mother. And concerning an earthly father, still none.

    If he was Melchizedec, as Melchizedec, his geneology was not counted.

  10. Michael,I lay in bed last night,thinking you might say that ! Yes indeed though,I got off-topic there.

    Anyway,here is something I have just penned on the doctrinal dam that may be holding back a time of refreshing(so to speak).

    I believe there are a number of things keeping times of refreshing at bay. Yes,God has moved in the past,but,to use what Keith Green said (in his piece on modern evangelism),I believe He did so IN SPITE of,not BECAUSE of,certain practices.

    Here they are.

    Sentimental (vs scriptural evangelism) – ‘Is John 3:16 The Gospel’ by David Pawson addresses this ; one inch,Binitarian initiation (vs the yardstick of Luke 14:25-35,and truly Trinitarian initiation) – David addresses these problems in ‘The Normal Christian Birth’ and ‘Jesus Baptises in One Holy Spirit (As he says himself in the prologue of TNCB,”The typical ‘sinner’s prayer” is seriously inadequate,” ; with regard to a Trinitarian initiation,Cessationists know that to receive and be baptised in the Holy Spirit is synonymous,but think they are both automatic and unconscious ; Pentecostals have adopted the automatic and unconscious idea of receiving Him,and thus view baptism in the Holy Spirit as a distinct,subsequent event. Either way,initiation is reduced to an introduction to the Father and the Son,but – I believe – in many cases,not the Holy Spirit.) ; one-tense salvation,in three varieties – sacramental (‘Christening’),sentimental OSAS (see Michael’s book ‘It’s Time To Rock The Boat – the chapter on ‘Counterfeit Grace’ being key) ,and Augustinian POTS (see ‘The Road To Hell’ by David Pawson) ; Replacement Theology (I believe Michael is on to something very important when he contends that Israel’s salvation actually paves the way for Messiah’s return. See his book ‘Our Hands Are Stained With Blood.’) ; ‘Sola Pastora’ (i.e. one ‘pastor’ or ‘senior pastor’ per congregation) – a typical Evangelical congregation is pastor-centered,not Messiah-centered (they would sincerely and strenuously deny that,but their practices tell a different story),scriptural leadership is male,homegrown,plural and non-clerical – not gender-neutral,sourced,solo and clerical (see ‘Biblical Eldership’ by Alexander Strauch).

    Here is a key quote by Michael : ‘More of the same thing,will just produce more of the same thing.’

    If a group of believers were to come together,and be willing to shelve these TRADITIONS in favor of uncompromising TRUTH,it might lead to a time of refreshing. If disciples choose to doggedly hold on to these things however,would it not be audacious to expect something amazing to happen ?
    I guess that one would be about four or five cents !

  11. Just to throw a few more cents in !

    Better not get into each factor at length on this thread – for this thread is indeed related to Michael’s longing for a time of refreshing ; a HOLY refreshing that produces lasting,salty,Jesus-MAGNIFYING fruit. (And anyway,I hand the job over to the authors mentioned above !)

    I believe those factors collectively form a (lightweight polymer !) dam of TRADITION (so to speak – and something that if weighed on the scales,would be found wanting) – a dam that unintentionally serves to prevent God from being God ; a counterproductive dam that hinders the revival Michael and many others long for. Presiding ‘pastors’,for instance,inadvertently occupy the position that only Messiah Jesus truly has – a position He has over every single congregation : Chief Shepherd. To put it simply,every single congregation is headed by one High Priest above – an enthroned Man who sits at the right hand of His Father ; not by one pastor down here in a ‘parsonage’ – a (sincere,dedicated but) misenthroned man who stands in a ‘pulpit’ on Sundays.

    (For more on those factors,see the books I refered to ; with the exception of TNCB,I think all may be available in ebook as well as paperback ; so if you can,do download free samples onto your Kindle,smartphone,tablet or computer.)

    Mainstream Evangelicalism has its roots in Cessationism – something which seems Trinitarian in theory,but Binitarian in practice ; the so-called ‘Magisterial Reformers’ inadvertently throwing out authentic experiential spiritual phenomena with the superstitious Catholic bathwater. Indeed,to such an extent that ‘experience’ now seems to be a dirty word to some Evangelicals. Have you ever heard an Evangelical say something like this : ‘I put my faith in the Word of God,not in experiences’ ? Modern evangelism and initiation seems to have left out 35 INCHES and one Member of the Godhead : they have gone from Messiah’s YARDSTICK for being His disciple (Luke 14:25-35),and a fully Trinitarian initiation – to a one minute,ONE INCH “sinner’s prayer” for being His ‘Christian’ and the assumption that receiving the Holy Spirit has now changed to an automatic,unconscious event ; to a reception neither Simon nor anyone else would now be able to observe (see Acts 8:4-25).

    Given the prevalence of Evangelical Binitarianism (again,not in theory,but in practice),perhaps ‘Elohim-Centered’ would be an even more helpful term than Messiah-Centered – pointing as it does to God’s Three-Yet-One PLURALITY (God the Father,God the Son,God the Holy Spirit). Second Covenant Scripture presents disciples with a Trinitarian view of God : God the Father ; the sent,risen,returned,exalted and appointed Judge of the living and the dead – Jesus,who is BOTH Lord and Messiah – at God the Father’s right hand ; and the Holy Spirit here – indwelling those who have genuinely RECEIVED Him (in a manner consistent with Acts 2:4/8:18/10:44-47/19:6).

    What would Britain and America be like,if a network of Messiah-centered flocks were in place ? Flocks that proactively agapeyed each other,their neighbors and even enemies ; leading and feeding their members scripturally ; sending out Trinitarian evangelists (scaffolders) as directed by the Holy Spirit (to make disciples and start Messiah-centered flocks elsewhere -with signs following). Until those in national leadership let go of the deckchairs and contend in love,it seems we can only imagine.

    David has produced a six-part video presentation based on TNCB – each part lasting around 40 mins ; the sixth part is a lovely summary of three-tense (and indeed,Trinitarian) salvation – but the entire series is quite an educational banquet :


  12. I’ve noticed a few times that there have been pastors that wanted full control over everything all the time, too much of only what they want, all the time, no room for anything else, their way all the time about everything.

    And I think we all may have seen things that someone did that can in no way add up to righteousness, that if we were to look at it carefully, we might see that in what they were doing and / or saying, that in effect, they were setting themself up as if they were God.

    And where is the liberty of the Spirit under leadership like that?

    And that doesn’t just happen to pastors. It can happen to anybody.

  13. So growing up Southern Baptist in Fla., and again now here in the ‘old Bible-belt’ Smoky Mtns,; you will hardly ever hear GOD the Father or Holy Spirit in most of the little church buildings; but the name “Jesus” constantly. Is this enough?
    Second question: if most Jews who follow Moses are the Father’s bride Israel, and most Christians who follow Paul are the Son’s bride the Church; what would we call the Spirit’s bride (rhetorical; but not really kidding). “The Remnant” doesn’t really fill the bill except perhaps as the antagonist to the apostate whore (with the out-of-bounds and goalposts not-yet-set); so that is why I chose ZION as the merger of the fulfillment of latter Ezekiel 37 prophecy- reuniting the Trinity in my mind apart from Catholicism; a distinctly Messianic movement.
    Third question: what will it take for anyone and everyone to get serious about proposed Cities of Refuge(es) and Storehouses; the ‘big one’ in Ca.; a nuke exploding on some large U.S. city; the Mississippi splitting down its fault line? Oh yeah it’s all a joke- until it happens and no one’s prepared. But maybe this is part of what Jesus has been trying to tell us- there’s no real way to be prepared.
    In Him, Ron M.

  14. The only way back to reality is the cross. So many times I’ve felt like a character in a Twilight Zone episode who drove into a town only to discover a bit at a time that the whole town was simply a prop, a child’s toy. He dropped a match only to discover that the grass was made of paper.

  15. Ray, I could accuse you of Matrix Gnosticism, except I know (from your testimony) that your heart is right toward GOD.
    You’ll also get a hearty ‘amen’ from the choir on Sunday about the reality of the Cross, but would get slammed the rest of the week by many of the same people for trying to live it; such is the marketplace mentality. Or, Oswald Chambers & Kenneth Hagin do not mix well. It’s been like that for just under 2000 years; Grace & Mercy OR the Law; yet GOD requires BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.
    I once nearly tossed a little plaster of paris cross with flowers and little birdies all over it; then decided to keep it (but not on display). Still not sure about that one.
    In Him, Ron M.

  16. Just been reading ‘Pagan Christianity ? : Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices’.

    In the past I have looked forward to reading a book only to be disappointed ; this one met(perhaps even exceeded) my expectations.

    Different men seem to have different areas of expertise : with Micahel,it is his denounciation of ‘Replacement Theology’ and declaration that Israel’s salvation actually paves the way for Messiah’s return ; with David Pawson it is his greatly needed expertise on the sentimental,non-apostolic,Binitarian nature of modern evangelism ; in the case of Frank Viola and George Barna,we have two guys who (in effect,and do to speak) have lifted the Evangelical rug and retreived inconvenient historical data that has been swept underneath.

    All four are fallible,along with you and I ; all four would benefit from the knowledge of each other. But if (as Solomon said) a cord of three strands is not easily broken,to see these men combining their skillsets would be rather wonderful.

    I hope this comment is not deemed off-topic – I add it here for two reasons : the book I have been reading is TREMENDOUS ; the book deals with very serious factors that hinder the revival Michael longs for.

    Do download a free sample to your Kindle,tablet,computer or smartphone. Do get the book. If you were only to get a handful of books in the next few years,I suggest considering putting this one near the top of the list.


  17. Mark- very good book you’ve recommended there- but I’ll add this caveat (in the Spirit)- approach this with much prayer, fasting, open heart, and eyes open to the Grace of God. Our Lord will prepare His bride- and we must both be willing, and patient, above all in love. I have yet to find many (if any) believers within my community who will seriously consider these things, though at the same time confessing a desire to see God work more deeply and for the church to bear more fruit.

    I am encouraged-God is at work, let’s seek Him, watch, and then move when He says MOVE!

  18. Matt,I am merely an unregenerate Gentile – just so you know.

    Yes indeed on the cautuion front,I am not recommending any other book Frank and George have written at this point – I have another one of Frank’s I hope to read in the next month or two.

    What I like about Frank (from the little I’ve so far ascertained) is that Frank’s seems to have a strong focus on the need for local congregations to experience an authentic,interdependent one-anotherness (so to speak). A genuine brother and sisterness.

    Personally,I believe that social cliques and barriers are contrary to the Kingdom of God – within any given flock,there should be no age,social,ethnic issues – that is the way of the world,not the Kingdom,not the True Vine. The regenerate teenager should be able to converse with and help a nanogenarian brother or sister ; the former beauty queen with a former beggar – and so on.

    So,that is what interests me about Frank.

    Michael wrote a book on revival called ‘From Holy Laughter to Holy Fire’ – as usual Michael pens wheaty sentence after wheaty sentence,also exhibiting poise in his stance on Calvinistic and Arminian intruments of revival in times past (e.g Whitefield and Wesley).

    But I personally believe Calvinism is OSAS in formal dress – license in a tuxedo.

    Chapter 17 of the Baptist Confession is a license to sin.Yes,POTS-adherents acknowledge that one must endure to the end in order to finish up with God,but,they also tell themselves (in Chapter 17) that even if they or anyone else has a period in the filth,God will at some point irrestibly pull them out.

    I believe Calvinism is a tremdnous obstacle to holiness,undermining as it does,the warnings of Messiah Jesus to His disciples,bondservants and branches.

    I believe Calvinism is an obstacle to revival – although yes,God has used Calvinists ! Anyway,I’ll stop there.

  19. To nutshell the problem,I think there are three MASSIVE hindrances to lasting fruit in America and Britain : Pastor-centred (instead of Messiah-centered) flocks ; Binitarian (instead of Trinitarian) evangelism ; one-tense (instead of three-tense) soteriology (salvation-ology would be a better word).

  20. Since I don’t have audio I’m not sure what the topic is but suppose it to be something about the gospel.

    I was reading Proverbs 2:16-19 thinking about O.S.A.S. and also about a recurring dream a friend of mine had about an old church that was built in what seemed to him to be an odd place because it was on the edge of a cliff. He said the foundation was all rotten.

    I asked him if he thought it could be repaired and he said it seemed like to him that it was so bad it seemed like it should be left and another one should be built.

    I suppose we could simply say that Proverbs 2:16-19 was before Pentecost, but ….should we?

  21. Ray,Michael wants a genuine revival in America ; I guess that’s the theme here in a nutshell.

    Although God has indeed used OSAS-advocates in the past,I am not sure why. Perhaps it is because Calvinists and Catholics believe all in 1 Corinthians 15:1-8,and maybe God therefore considers that they have enough of the truth that He is willing to work through them ????? I do not know.

    But just because God is willing to work through those who hold to Callvinism or Catholicism,it does not mean that it is OK to exalt men and undermine Messiah’s call to authentic holiness.

    I personally believe ‘Once Saved Always Saved’ and ‘Perseverence Of The Saints’ are about the most pernicious ideas ever to be fed into the Body. I’ll stop right there because I know Michael has an OSAS radio show due this week.

    But I mention it because I belleve one-tense salvation hinders the serious improvement that Michael is longing for in America.

    I’ll close the comment with another key quote from Michael : ‘The problem in America is not the presence of darkness ; the problem is the absence of light.’

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