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Why didn’t God reveal the Trinity to Israel from the start? Is it biblical or is it heretical to teach that physical healing is in the atonement (and what are to we make of Matthew’s quotation from Isaiah 53 in Matthew 8)? What should we make of ancient pagan parallels to Christianity?


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When you tamper with the foundations that God has established for the human race, for society, and for the world, everything becomes unsettled. Equal rights for some means everybody else loses theirs.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As you pursue the Lord, as you take His word in your heart, as you commune with Him, walk with Him, and do what you know how to do; you can be assured with the burdens that grow in you and with the desires that grow in you. If you delight yourself in Him, they are from above, and He will give you the desires of your heart.


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  1. Great show! I want that passion that comes from above. The kind that burns deep within your heart. I believe the Apostle John had it too.

  2. Dr. Brown,

    Two questions:

    1. When the Jew who during the persecution of the church died rather than deny his faith and God, and then stands before God–what happens? Does God say, well it was commendable that you died rather than deny me, but you did not believe in Jesus, so you won’t be getting into heaven?

    2. There are multiple APPARENT contradictions in the Bible. Since God is omniscient He must have known that these would be problematic. Since the Bible is also God breathed, why did He not in His foreknowledge inspire the writers to make those things clear and avoid the whole charge of contradiction? Would it not have brought greater glory to Himself and His Word to have avoided even apparent contradictions?

  3. Every time I begin thinking about the Trinity I start to get confused and feel as if I’m about to get a headache. Maybe that’s why God didn’t do that with Israel. Maybe that’s why we don’t see that word in the scripture.

  4. S. Johnson,
    I’m no Dr. Brown, but I’ve found many of the superficially contradictory statements in Scripture, and I believe they are left there to test peoples’ hearts – to see what their reactions will be; to “give them an excuse”, if their heart is evil, to not believe.
    The Pharisees who did not believe (some did) were always looking for a word for Jesus to speak so they could try to disprove Him, and they found an opportunity in John,

    “you see! you are testifying of yourself! your testimony isn’t true!”

    …but, you have to ask yourself what kind of heart that is that would do that? Why the evil heart of unbelief? The love of their sin – that is, stealing the praise (of man) that belongs only to God: speaking seemingly wisely, in order to be praised as wise (but the very Law they speak condemns them – therefore, they are hypocrites, not even discerning their own filthiness: there is a generation that thinks they are pure, but their uncleanness is still in them – how haughty are their eyes”).

    He also spoke a contradiction to the Samaritan woman – but she wasn’t out to find a contradiction in Jesus’s Words (with the wrong heart); she knew she was sinful, and didn’t “bite the bait”: Jesus was asking for water, being thirsty – but was promising to give her water that would leave her thirst quenched forever! Okay, if she had the wrong heart, she could’ve jumped at the opportunity to say,
    “Are you insane? You just finished telling me YOU were thirsty – physician, heal thyself! Why are You thirsty? Why don’t YOU drink that water You’re offering me, and quench Your own thirst!? Listen, You’re a liar or a lunatic – I don’t want You to talk to me, ok? Get away from me!”

    Why didn’t she do that? Think about the HEART that is doing that… then, think about her heart.

  5. When I think of the account in John of the woman of Samaria, I wish I were a gifted painter because I would like to paint a picture of Jesus sitting “thus” on the well (John 4:6) and simply call it “Jacob’s Well”. It would be a lot about Jesus and just a little bit of the well showing.

    I believe physical healing is a part of the atonement and we need to be in covenant with the new Testament in his blood.

    I believe God began a work of atonement with the Old Testament which was about him who was to come.
    (See John 4:34)

    Jesus was in Samaria two days ministering. (John 4:43)

    Now I think that when Jacob dug his well, he was planting a seed. I wonder if that well is still giving water today. I know that Jesus is.

  6. My hope is that more people would and could experience the depth, width ,height, length of the Son of G-D’s Love and grace forgiveness and hope that only he can give before its to late and the door sad to live a life without him.But the truth be told most will only know his judgement and destruction..because of there hardness of there hearts.

  7. Ah, Jacob’s Well in Nablus, 2000; thanks for the memory.
    Ezekiel said that even if Noah, Job, and Daniel were here, they could only save themselves by their own righteousness; which is a key to the answer, Jew or Gentile, who must stand before the Eternal Judge not covered by the blood of Jesus.
    When David and Paul say, “there is none righteous” they had a vision of the LORD like Isaiah; seeing our filth in comparison; but GOD’s Ways are not ours, which is why Jesus told us not to judge. Our job is to Love and point to Jesus as the Awesome Gift He Is.
    In Him, Ron M.

  8. Dan1el,

    Thanks for your response. The problem is that contradictions help adjudicate between world views. If a worldview is not internally and externally consistent, it should be considered to be false. When we are commanded to “test everything” (1 Thes. 5:21), are we not to apply are minds to the data at hand? A rational God gives us rational minds by which we can separate false views from true views. Now while some do have hearts that will resist the Lord, they resist in spite of rational arguments. Honest people must face apparent contradictions head on and explain them. My point was not that the Bible is full of irreconcilable differences, but that it seems curious that God in His omniscience and forknowledge did not inspire the writers of the Bible in such a way (that is with enough detail about any given topic) as to avoid the charge in the first place.

  9. Thank you very much Dr Brown for answering my question *25 minutes and 26 seconds in this weeks show*.
    The only issue I had was you addressed me as “she” but I’m a male.


  10. It seems that men want a perfect rule, law, or paradigm. I wonder if it’s so they can put others under something or inside of it.

    This life is a test. I don’t know why God did a lot of things as he did. I suppose it’s a part of our test.

    God is bigger than any rule, law, or paradigm. In all those things there are times he will refuse to fit. He will find a way out. He’s too big, too awesome, too multifaceted, too wonderful, so we call him the Creator, our Maker.

    I believe God loves freedom. Maybe that’s one reason why he doesn’t always fit our parameters
    and why there were two trees in the garden of Eden.

    I believe God loves to rescue when the time is right. He loves to save that which should be saved.

    Men will call upon him. Men will worship him. Men will describe him. Men will name him even as they see dimly his figure, his attributes, and his glory.

  11. S. Johnson,
    Yes, it is a possibility that God inspired them to write, as it were, “a mystery” – hence, the mysteries are not solved by reading the mere writing, but by obeying the Word of God. Those who obey the Word of God have more of it revealed to them; those who disobey the Word have “even what they think they have taken away”: those who turn away immediately (are caused to stumble) will never come to know the Truth behind the mystery that made them stumble; the one who does the will of God will come to know “in due season”.

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