David Brickner Talks About His Dialog with John Piper and Dr. Brown Talks About the Original Language of the New Testament

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Dr. Brown interviews David Brickner, the leader of Jews for Jesus, as they discuss his recent interaction with John Piper about Israel’s right to the Land today; then Dr. Brown answers your questions about the original language of the New Testament and takes your Jewish-related questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments!



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Meet David Brickner!
David Brickner leads the best known Jewish evangelism agency in the world, Jews for Jesus. With branches in fourteen countries including Israel, Jews for Jesus is known for its forthright evangelistic approach in major Jewish population centers around the world. A Jewish believer in Jesus himself, David has been in ministry for over thirty years and has appeared many times on secular television and radio programs to make the case for Jews believing in Jesus including the internationally-syndicated program Larry King Live. Continue Reading…

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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Pawson

    If you scroll down to the penultimate bit of the ‘Teachings’ section of the Wikipedia biography (where it begins “In ‘Defending Christian Zionism’,you will notice a link to to a short radio debate between David Pawson and Stephen Sizer on on whether the Jewish people have a scriptural right to the land of Israel.

    The debate lasts just under 20 minutes.

    Stephen points out that the promise to Abraham was to his SEED (singular) – that is,to Messiah Jesus. That is true,but is it the WHOLE truth ; is it both sides of the Bible coin.

    The interview came about because David wrote a (TREMENDOUS) book called ‘Defending Christian Zionism’ in direct response to a book Stephen had written. (A similar thing has happened recently,where Michael wrote ‘The real kosher Jesus’ in response to another book.)

    Do listen to the 20 min radio debate.

    DCZ is available in ebook form (as well as paperback),so if you can,do download a free sample to your Kindle ; or (if you have the Kindle App),onto your smartphone,tablet or computer.


  2. I think I was skipped…I heard the phone static and then it went away…I’d really like to talk in depth about this sometime, Dr. Brown.

    Shalom, peace and blessings.

  3. Dr. Brown,
    IF God believed in “fences around fences” of the Rabbis, I doubt He would’ve commanded Moses to make an image of a serpent for the people to look at and be healed – which they later turned into an idol : matter of fact, He wouldn’t have made ANYTHING, because men turn EVERYTHING into idols!
    As it says, “to the pure all things are pure” – it “never entered His Mind” to utilize ANYTHING for idolatry. To Him, all things were pure.

  4. My question has to do with divorce
    i divorced in 1998 tried to get back together with my wife to no aval.
    I had an affair with a married woman who told me that she was divorce only to find out that she was not I fell head over for this woman she divorce her husband and now wants to marry me. what is the bible say about this and how I should handle the problem that is before me.

    To let you know I have cut off the sexual acts with this lady but we still are seeing and enter acting as friends her boys visit but she stays at her place.
    I have much more to say but don’t want to take up to much of yur time. may god bless you and I look foward to hearing something soon.

    I listen to you on 560 am in philadelphea

  5. “peace will only come when they receive Jesus” – sounds terrible – God restored them while they were in unbelief

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