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On today’s show Dr. Brown will answer some of your toughest questions!


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I urge you to explore the fullness of God, the riches of the Word, the power and life of the Sprit, and to find out what God could mean for you as you seek Him heart and soul.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Darkness is all around us. It is a time of great chaos. The ideal time for the people of God to stand up with clarity and a message from heaven. Let’s do it.



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  1. Dr Brown,
    One time you said that there was a study (I think from the APA) that showed that pedophilia was actually a positive thing.

  2. Dr. Brown,
    Sorry, I messed up and didn’t post my whole question…

    …where could I find that paper? I want to show it to someone.

  3. re: Townhall article on Romney:
    for some reason Israel was judged by its OT kings in the books of Kings and Chronicles; even though GOD was displeased with their insistance to have a leader like that to begin with.
    Without this Commander-in-chief, how many would bother to vote at all? There certainly is a precedent (herd instinct, whatever) to look to a Leader to lead; is this why GOD sent His Messiah specifically?
    Those who can exploit this tendency often are egomaniacs, even within the Church. This is dangerous to even attempt to expose for many reasons; yet the Church seems hindered by these continual setbacks. I have talked with my seer friend at length about possible alternatives; so far, GOD has not shown us any, except perhaps the Holy Spirit telling everyone spontaneously where to meet on any given occasion. In the history of revival, this may not be as far-fetched as it may first appear.
    In Him, Ron M.

  4. Dr. Brown,

    Did Bob write to you, as you suggested to him? I really couldn’t figure out what he was on about…

    As for the gradual acceptance of pederasty, I came to the conclusion that it was likely to happen eventually, although I came at it from the other direction — from the child’s side.

    Here in Britain, the society has largely replaced laws derived from Scripture with human “rights”, accorded by politicians and lawyers to various interest groups. This has not really decreased the sum of human misery (and in many cases has added to it), but it provides much employment and keeps lawyers and judges in the manner to which they are accustomed.

    Children’s “rights” are now beginning to trump those of adults — and children are also increasingly targeted at ever more tender ages in school by the ideological heirs of Reich & Marcuse.

    And so I think the rehabilitation of pederasty inevitable: from the grim intersection between the sexual revolution and these spurious “rights” will spring the “right” for minors to have sex with whomsoever they please. I’ve long thought that Huxley’s dystopia was a far more likely future in the decadent West than Orwell’s, and the former’s idea of “sexual play” for small children looks more prophetic with each passing year.

    I imagine there’ll be a landmark test case in which a sexually precocious minor will win the sympathy of a fool in a peruke, and thus will the precedent be set. (It will probably be something like a twelve-year-old boy who has “fallen in love” with his female schoolteacher — the socially permissible form of pederasty, thanks to feminism’s near-complete exculpation of women.) After that, it’ll be a simple plea of “what’s sauce for the goose…” (OK for a straight woman -> OK for a gay man), and NAMBLA will have their dream.

    As a post-Christian Europe returns to its pagan roots, it shouldn’t be surprising if long-dead pagan practices enjoy a resurgence.

  5. Except that any FAIR court must take into the account the devastation of rape, and that a child legally is not old enough to know the full implications of their actions.
    I was also thinking somewhat of Great Britain when I mentioned ‘strict’ schooling, which includes bullying by peers, and sometimes near-adoration of instructors. This ‘tradition’ could be carried to its logical conclusion of pederasty, or it could be dismantled for True Chrisitan Values. I have not given up on ‘Europe’.
    In Him, Ron M.

  6. “Except that any FAIR court must take into the account the devastation of rape”

    We’re not talking about rape per se — we’re talking about pederasty (which of course is sometimes called ‘statutory rape’; a confusing term, since rape is forced sexual intercourse). …No, think of a consensual relationship between an older minor and a youngish adult: it will be something along those lines that will be the test case. Grabbing a kid off the street and molesting them will always be a serious offence — at least one would imagine it will…

    “and that a child legally is not old enough to know the full implications of their actions.”

    …But that’s my point — in time, this bogus “human rights” circus will endow children with the “right” to have sex if they so wish, with whomever they wish, and the age of majority will simply be reserved for things like driving motor vehicles and quaffing booze. (And taking drugs, when that too is finally legalised — as it will be, when the likes of George Soros have their way.)

    Underage sex between minors is common enough here now that nothing much is done about it at all. The next step is for sex between an older minor and a younger adult to become common enough for the law of statutory rape to be deemed archaic and no longer to be enforced (particularly if enough minors claim their “right” to sex).

    Things will deteriorate further and in time this behaviour will become so widespread that critical mass will have been reached. And the deviants who produce ever more explicit “sex education” for ever younger children are ensuring that sexual curiosity is kindled at an ever more tender age.

    The average age of exposure to pornography now in America is 12 years old. …And even young girls are getting hooked on that poison, in frightening numbers. What’s it gonna look like ten years down the line? Or even five?

    Even a quarter of a century ago, precocious fornication was a badge of honour in the vile state schools here in Britain. …I know, as I went through one of those godawful dumps. Our judiciary has been taken over by progressive poseurs with little concern for anything but the approbation of their peers and their own self-regard. And the celebrity set who are our children’s new gods have the sexual scruples of sewer rats. If I had kids, I’d take them out of Britain tout de suite.

    “I was also thinking somewhat of Great Britain when I mentioned ‘strict’ schooling, which includes bullying by peers, and sometimes near-adoration of instructors.”

    Not sure where you got that idea: it might have been true in public (i.e. private) schools in the past, but state schooling here is generally chaos — the “instructors” don’t get a whole lotta adoration, I’m afraid, and in some places are afraid of the pupils themselves.

    “I have not given up on ‘Europe’.”

    I’m starting to think that God may have, though. Or at least given them over. It’s all looking a bit Romans 1…

  7. Actually, I had a phone conversation with my seer friend yesterday about the same thing here in the States; that the U.S. is going to hell in a handbasket, and there’s nothing we can do about it; to which I disagree; not that I don’t understand that you both could be right, and will eventually, because Revelation guarantees it; but my comment was that I can’t live that way; that I must do everything I can no matter how hopeless the situation appears. My friend has gone through a lot the past few years, and has a right to a negative attitude; but I will take your warnings as a sign of what Could happen rather than what Will happen for now; because when I lose the Fight in my mind, I have no reason to want to stick around.
    As for the change in the public schools, I watched it from my children’s eyes going through the chaos, and hated it; as bad as my ‘old school’ ways were, there at least was a bit of stability.
    In Him, Ron M.

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