Focus on Israel and the Religious Jewish Community

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Dr. Brown will give an update on what is happening in Israel and the Middle East and talk about some interesting developments in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Israel. There will be time for your Jewish questions too!

Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Israel is far from perfect as a people and as a nation, but God is absolutely perfect. It is a matter of God keeping His promises to Israel and as surely as He is God, He will do it!


Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is much we can speculate about the Middle East and in the Muslim world, but this we know: God sent His son to save Jew and Arab alike. It is time for their redemption!



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  1. I wondered for a long time why jews are so influencial, money, business, arts and science even though they dont follow Jesus yet I wondered why they seem so blessed I think its because they have been given Wisdom from God or else Wisdom is in there DNA deut 4.6 says They are a wise and understanding people. I think that explains excelling in arts and science and business and as all throughout proverbs, wisdom is the key to wealth. there was a study by a professor of school kids in new york of students with iqs over 140 of 28 students 24 were jewish

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