Reflections on the Role of Fathers

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Dr. Brown shares thoughts on the effect of good fathers, bad fathers, and absentee fathers.


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Never underestimate the power of the role of the father; the destructive influence of a negative or absentee father; or the life-giving and life-changing influence of a positive, Godly father.


Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus pointed all humanity to His heavenly Father and told us to pray to The Father. In Him, we will find everything we could possibly need!



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  1. So a caller called in, and said his step-father virtually disowned him, and separated him from his half-brothers and sisters. i.e. the step-father ostracised him. i.e. “you are not my son, you are a step-son; you are the black sheep of the family” etc. I can see how these words, (and deeds as well) of the father can have a profoundly negative impact on that child’s psyche, especially if it happened during those formative years. Basically the caller said those words became a self-fulfilling prophecy. i.e. ‘they said i was the black sheep, so i became the black sheep’ of the family. the caller then became rebellious and made bad choices which have lasting consequences for himself and for countless other people around him.

    i do know something about pyschology. basically, what people around us think of us, affects how we think of ourselves. in other words, if people around us think that we are “charitable”, then we start thinking of ourselves as ‘charitable’ and we become ‘charitable’ as a result. this principle has been empirically verified in various studies.

    in short folks, what i’m saying is: be careful of what you say (and think) of others (ESPECIALLY CHILDREN), because it WILL affect them.

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