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What did Moses do with the broken pieces of the first tablets of the Ten Commandments? How should we understand the negative statements in the Talmud about Jesus? If we use the Ray Comfort model of using the 10 Commandments to preach the gospel, does that mean we need to keep the Sabbath today?


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us put our focus on the “what”, and not the “when” of Jesus’ return. The glory, the fact, and the beauty of His return. The fact that when He comes, we will be like Him and with Him forever!


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It was George Orwell who basically said at a time of universal deceit, speaking truth is a revolutionary act. Let us continue to be Jesus Revolutionaries!


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  1. I was really edified by this show today. Lots of great questions and wonderful answers.


  2. Ray, I’ve had success (on a Windows XP system) with un-installing, then re-installing the audio driver. Worth a try.

  3. Thanks Matt, but I don’t even know what that is or how to do such a thing. As far as I can tell, Moses broke the first tables of stone at the foot of the mountain (Ex 32:19) and later cut two other tables (Ex 34:4) of stone and held them while the Lord proclaimed his name (The Word of God).

  4. Dr. Brown,

    I know you are busy traveling, teaching and the like, but you never answered my question. I had asked how you, Shmuley, and James White could all seek the Lord with sincerity and walk away with the sense that the Lord had spoken truth to each of you and yet all have different conclusions.

    You said you would answer this on the air. Did I miss it, did you forget, did you sidestep the question?

  5. S. Johnson, I answered this on the air quite directly, at least one week ago now. Normally, Katie sends an email out letting folks know on which day the questions were answered, but because your question was not sent in via email but rather was posted here, we may have failed to notify you. I’ll see if someone on my staff can get the date of the show for you.

  6. Dr. Brown

    My apologies. I thought I had listened to all your shows since that date. Must have missed something.

  7. Regarding the pot-smoking crew, I think that a great many unbelievers would have more sense than to spend their time and money stupefying themselves. …And they would no doubt be able to see straight through a specious and self-justifying argument obtained by twisting Scripture.

    Stoners for Christ? Yeah, right.


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