What It Means to Walk in the Fear of the Lord and Another Edition of You’ve Got Questions We’ve Got Answers

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Dr. Brown will open up the biblical meaning of “walking in the fear of the Lord” and then will answer your phone calls and emails.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us recapture a holy reverance and awe of a holy and righteous God. Our lives will never be the same, and we’ll find the fear of the Lord is a fact of life!


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Why not find out what God can do through a fully yielded vessel? Why not find out what God could do if you really went for it with holy abandon to the Lord? Why not you? Why not now?



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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

What’s the meaning of the Pidyon HaBen (redemption of the son/firstborn) in Judaism, and does it in any way point to Jesus? And how can we walk in the holy fear of God while still loving Him as Abba?

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  1. While many Evangelicals may feel they are not supposed to fear God (due to OSAS and unbalanced teaching),in the Bible we find Jesus telling disciples to (biblically) fear Him alone – all their lives ! (Matthew 10:28,Luke 12:4-5)

    As Michael would say,it is best to take Jesus at His word.

    Hope it is alright to put a TREMENDOUS free audio talk on this subject,by David Pawson. It can be heard online or downloaded in MP3 (listen to it while out jogging,or driving carefully ?!) ; I consider it among the most important he has ever given.


  2. How many of the parables of Jesus should cause us to fear? Or, how about the book of Revelation?

    Jesus and John weren’t just making all that up.

    I think about Eve in the garden of Eden. Suppose at the time of her contact with the Serpent, she would have been greatly in the fear of God?

    I’m thinking she would have run away from the devil quickly enough.

  3. Dr.Brown great show, I had a experience when I was fairly new in the Lord and in sin I was in rebellion to my shame I heard G_d speak to me his voice had great authority it was loud so loud I thought the whole house heard it it stop me in my tracks I go by the name Ken but when G-d spoke he called me by my full name Kenneth I answered without thinking and said yes Lord as soon as I spoke I seen a vision of destruction and I knew the Lord wasn’t happy with me needless to say it scared me bad and it brought to repentance..

  4. 1. It doesn’t take a “willful walking away”… really?
    The Galatians still thought they were serving God, but by their THOUGHTS, they “disobeyed the Truth/Gospel” [Gal 5:7; 2 Th 1:8], and had been severed from Christ, and no longer had the Grace of God empowering them.

    2. Fearing losing salvation: I’m not talking about “what if I do this horrible thing” – since sin is NOT merely “doing wrong”, but also “not doing right” – I’m talking about NOT completing God’s will (as Paul said, “having become slaves of righteousness”).

    3. Fearing losing salvation: I’ve never ONCE in my life thought of “losing” salvation as “misplacing” it – except maybe in a sort of “well, that’s funny – I wonder if anyone actually sees it that way… probably, if they are deceived enough… that is sad…” way – I understand Scripture when it warns believers CAN lose their salvation.
    However, as I said, I believe that I need to place emphasis on other Scriptures, as well – however, as far as the verses you mentioned, it says “no MAN can take them out of My Hand”, but it never says no man can EVER be cut off from Him if they fail to “obey the Truth”. And Paul NEVER mentions “sin” in the list of things that cannot separate us from Christ. Sin is not merely DOING something bad; it is NOT DOING something good.

  5. Faith = assurance + evidence; and we are here to Love, not Judge. There are very few, even if they hardly go to Church (we are the Church) once a year, who don’t think their loved ones are in Heaven; I’ve found it better not to argue the point most of the time. Is this dishonest? I don’t know; hard to say. So I follow Jesus, and point others to Him; praying for miracles, enjoying the blessings, enduring the pain. My GOD has a very, very, very big Heart; I give thanks, and let Him decide.
    In Him, Ron M.

  6. Ron, I like what you said above about patience and wisdom when discussing loved ones who have died. It is important to both share truth (when the opportunity is there), and also in love have tender compassion. I don’t think this is dishonesty, as long as we are prayerful and ready/willing to obey in all things. God’s heart is the very definition of very very big, isn’t it?

    The fear of the Lord keeps me from speaking in some circumstances- and prompts me to speak in others (that is, as I’ve perhaps reached some level of maturity). All the while, pleading for the Lord to fill me with His love.

    Peace to you!

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