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Should we expect a Third Temple before Jesus returns? What is the meaning of the “seven-fold Spirit of God” in Revelation?” According to Ezekiel 16:49, what was the sin of Sodom?


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Everything in this world is pulling us away from being people of the Spirit, people of prayer, and people of faith. Let us fight the good fight. Let us determine to the core of our being that we will seek God first, put Him first, and be people of the Spirit and thereby, overcomers.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We’ve got two days between now and the next broadcast. How will you spend those days? Will they be redeemed for the glory of God? Or will they be wasted? The choice is yours. God is working with you to bring blessing if you work with Him.



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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

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  1. Dr. Brown,
    The problem I personally have with trying to see the abomination of desolation which Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:15 as pertaining to 70AD is that His speaking on that subject came as a reply to a question – therefore, it was very specific/limited in its scope of application: the abomination of desolation was to be a sign which would signal the END OF THE AGE [Mt 24:3], after which a time of great distress such as had bever been would take place, the days would be cut short and Jesus would appear.

    The only recourse is saying “prophetic imagery is difficult to understand” – and that it is; even John (1 John) said “it is a last hour, because of the prevalence of false prophets”… therefore, if even John said “it is a last hour”, who can argue?
    And Paul said, “for the time has been cut short” [1 Cor 7:29].


  2. Dr. Brown,

    Perhaps my last question to you was placed in the wrong category. Originally I asked how both you and Shmuley Boteach could both go to the Lord as men of prayer and be convicted of opposite beliefs about Jesus. On this show you said had you were “convicted” (presumably in prayer as well as Scripture) that Calvinism was false. Yet James White who is also a Christian and also a man of prayer is convicted that Calvinism is true. If two men who deeply love the Lord go to Him seeking truth, should they not come forth with the same answers? I am not trying to be difficult, I just don’t get this. It is one thing to argue from Scripture in the flesh if you will. It is another to argue from Scripture in the Spirit, where two Spirit filled men disagree as to what Scripture indicates. Can you clarify my confusion here? Thanks for your consideration of my question.

  3. S. Johnson,

    Thanks for reposting the question here, since I don’t see every post on this website. Once again, you’ve raised something that I would like to address on the air, and I’ll let you know when that will happen.

  4. Dr. Brown & S Johnson,
    Concerning Calvinism: I was just “blocked” from a certain minister’s Face Book page for asking this question:

    Dr. X,
    If “those who are truly saved can never be lost” (eternal security/OSAS), how do you account for the fact that the Galatians were cut off from Christ [Gl 5:4] (in accordance with the warnings to believers [John 15:2-7; Romans 11:22-24] warning believers against unbelief in the Gospel), for disobeying/disbelieving [John 3:36] the Gospel [2 Th 1:8]; and that Christ was no longer in them (John 15:2-7’s “dry up”; Gl 4:19; 2 Cor 13:5] since they “were no longer in the faith”/”failed the test of faith” [2 Cor 13:5] because they were “bewitched” [Gl 3:1] into believing “another Gospel” [Gl 1:6]?

    I challenge ANY and EVERY Calvinist or Arminian to answer this reality, and then to help balance it (the reality that believers CAN be cut off from Christ) with the other Scriptures, speaking of God’s ability.


  5. For some reason my computer has no sound.

    I wonder if the seven Spirits of God in Rev 3:1 speak of the seven churches which are joined to the Lord. (I Cor 1:10, 6:17)

  6. Dr Brown! Ive just bought “The Jewish Gospels” by Daniel Boyrin. Have read his work or do you know anything about him. Can we as Christians benefit from his writings about Jesus and Paul and the origins of the Christian Movement?

    Sincerely Magnus Nordlund B.A. in Theology

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