Communities of Resistance and Voices of Resistance

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Dr. Brown challenges congregations and leaders to function as communities of resistance (in the words of Yale law professor Stephen Carter) and, for those of us who have a platform for our messages, as voices of resistance.


Hour 1:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I believe many of you are hearing the call, are being prompted in your spirit, realize you are not wimps or failures, and you called to be soldiers and over-comers in Jesus name. Now is the time!
Hour 2:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are called to work together with the Lord. We are not on our own. This is not our battle, and not our burden. With Him, we can overcome and see transformation. With Him, all things are possible!



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Revolution: The Call to Holy War: This book is not a call for the violent overthrow of the government, nor is it a call to take up arms, nor is it a call to political activism in and of itself. It is a call to something far more extreme, a call to live out the gospel…

It’s Time to Rock the Boat [MP3 series]: Our compromised message has produced a compromised generation of believers, and only a return to the New Testament gospel, preached in the power of the Spirit, can turn the tide. This course will open your eyes and set your hearts ablaze for Jesus!


  1. The Church is compromised because the Biblical definition of “repent” was thrown out to accommodate sinners who have no intention of “turning” from their sins. Of course that required that sin be re-defined as well. What followed is that marriage is now re-defined. Where does it stop? Let’s just throw out all of our dictionaries, re-write the Bible, tear down the foundations and start all over!

    I think I caught a piece of this word from Jeremiah when I first tuned in:

    “If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? If you fall down in a land of peace, How will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?”

    Who was it that was talking to Anderson on CNN?

  2. I again encourage everyone reading these blogs to pray about going on the offense instead of defensive ‘resistance’; and for leaders to plan strategies for stadium events, as prophesied by Paul Cain and Bob Jones (among others) decades ago. This has to go far beyond what the Promisekeeper and Call events have produced, or the old Carmen events, or Luis Palau; probably all of that put together, and more; because this goes far beyond a spectator sport. Really, the second-tier generals (not the BIGGEST of the last three decades, say) are probably more inclined toward sacrificial giving; the Vision has to have hearts that are caught up in Revival itself, rather than administration, products, etc.; all the business end that is important, but not what it’s really all about. And particularly: no idol-worship of either preachers or musicians. I know whereof I speak; even a few candidates who could contribute to putting all this together; and like my mentor told me two decades ago: NO CLOSED CIRCLES!
    In Him, Ron M.

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