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What are ghosts? Are they demons? Are they the spirits of departed humans? What do we say to those who claim that homosexuality is “natural” because it is found in the animal kingdom?


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is a very real spiritual realm. There are demons, angels, and spiritual revelation. Let us base everything on the Word of God and centered on the exaltation of Jesus and practical living, and we will avoid deception!


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As I read the emails of those struggling, I want to encourage you that God’s mercies are new every morning, He longs for your fellowship, and He longs to have you back. Wherever you are, turn to Him heart, soul, mind, and strength. He will meet you where you are. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you!



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  1. Animals are not the measuring stick – under the Law of Moses, some animals were (because of their possible behavior) to be destroyed through the Word of God – i.e.: the Word of God is the measuring stick, not animals behavior.

    Through the same Word, even lands and trees were subject to perdition.

  2. I have a quick question, I found an articol online that is under the name DR. Michael Brown. My question is was it written by you? Hear is an excerp from the artical the website it is found on is listed befofore it.

    Rabbinic Objections

    By Dr. Michael Brown

    If you are an observant Jew, then the rabbinic traditions are very important to you. After all, without the traditions, there would be no such thing as traditional Judaism!

    For you, these traditions are your direct connection to Sinai, and you believe that you stand at the end of an unbroken chain of tradition going back to Moses, who, you claim, received both an Oral and a Written Torah from HaShem. For you, these traditions are essential, telling you how to keep the commandments, how to understand the Scriptures, and how to live your life before the Lord. Without these traditions you would feel lost.

    As explained by Dr. Immanuel Jakobovitz, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom:

    “When our Sages asserted that ‘the Holy One, Blessed be He, did not make His covenant with Israel except by virtue of the Oral Law’ (Gittin 60b), they not only propounded a cardinal Jewish belief, they also expressed a truth as evident today as it was in Talmudic times. The true character of Judaism cannot be appreciated except by an intimate acquaintance with the Oral Law. The Written Law, that is, the Five Books of Moses, and even the rest of the Hebrew Bible, we share with other faiths. What makes us and our faith distinct and unique is the oral

  3. Props to the studio team, I literally laughed out loud when The Exorcist theme started playing as I was listening while biking to work… good thing I go to work at 3 AM so no one was around to hear me and thinking I was some crazy guy laughing to himself!

  4. Dr. Brown,

    Wouldn’t the prohibition in Torah regarding the contact of familiar, spirits be precisely because they can be contacted? Some may argue God did not want people to attempt to contact dead spirits, but in other prohibitions, actions weren’t banned simply because they could be attempted but because they could be committed. If God were to say, “Don’t contact your brother.” Would it not mean that I could, in fact, contact my brother?

  5. The traditional A of G answer is not going to hold up much longer. Living in Sedona, Az for fifteen years, I know that there is at least some truth to ‘channeling’: but of course consider the source. The counterfeit twists the Truth, but lies don’t have to be stark black-and-white. This is just a convenient pastoral position.
    Is there a Heavenly Host sent from the Throne of GOD? I wonder what a poll of Christian leaders in the U.S. would show as to what we really believe. If you don’t believe in angels, then of course the entire demonic realm can be dismissed. But if you believe that demons are fallen angels, then they at least have access to deception that might fool even the elect, if that were possible. Demons are known to be clever; therefore, they could use minor facts to sway someone from worshipping the One True GOD. This is not revisionist; it is entirely Biblical. It makes discernment harder; but GOD promises to lead us if we let Him.
    In Him, Ron M.

  6. Dan1el, Dr. Brown talks about Saul and the spirit of Samuel in the first hour of the program at the eight minute mark (8:00). It’s very interesting because Samuel predicts Saul’s death.

    When did our culture start really accepting behaviors that give in rather than being in control? I read something that talked about our culture being different until after the Victorian era. There was a massive shift in people’s attitudes in the past that is still prevalent today. People started being more I guess you can say flexible and now are not aware that they don’t care much about self-control anymore. With the big influences of the media and hollywood, almost everyone now seem to accept uncontrollable behaviors such as women love being looked at and men like looking and it’s acceptable. Something fishy is happening in our culture and it reached the church and family and even I feel like I was sucked into all of this. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not thinking clearly, but we really need God’s help to change us from the inside.

  7. Dr. Brown said: “Good point, but no. It would be because people thought they were doing it, but it was actually demons.”

    And you wonder why no one takes you seriously anymore.

  8. Boris is going to explain exactly how all physical laws evolved on another thread!
    I suppose someone should be dusting off that throne seat in Rome? Go for it, Boris!
    (sorry- carried away with excitement)

    OR ELSE- admit that you can’t disprove the Bible. Here’s your chance to shine.

    In Him, Ron M.

  9. The possessed know not their master; yet somehow the demoniac cried out from the very depths of his heart, and Jesus heard, and crossed a raging sea to save him.

    We can never assume judgment on anyone; for GOD is not willing that any should perish. What about Esau, then? GOD already knew his heart.

    There will probably be some kind of angelic visitation in the next few years that will split the Church, making Toronto/Brownsville look like kindergarten. We need to be prepared. An intelligent conversation about anglic and demonic presences, beyond inner workings of the individual, are in order. This is entirely Biblical, and vastly overlooked. Infernal and external conveyances should be discussed. I know that @ 95% of Church leadership doesn’t want to discuss this (kind of like what Tithing really means). But maybe this is some of the ‘meat’ Hebrews refers to; not despising the essentials.

    In Him, Ron M.

  10. Dr. Brown,

    Where in Scripture do we see people attempting to contact dead spirits but in fact they contact demons? That sounds plausible, but where are you finding this? Or where is this implied perhaps?

  11. But let’s not forget Matt. 27:50-53.
    Some animals have an aversion to a spot where something died long after the stench is gone.
    I had a report from a friend who was backslidden, but extremely truthful in Sedona (he had actually been healed by Oral Roberts when a child) of his dog barking its head off at an empty bed in an old house that was later razed. Pastors don’t want to talk about such because it brings up too many unanswered questions. My question is, why are we afraid of the dead, but not demons? If souls in heaven are ‘like the angels’ (Jesus’ words) then aren’t souls in hell ‘like demons’?
    I have an aversion to going anywhere near Richmond, Va. But then, I don’t like being near high-power electric lines, either.
    In Him, Ron M.

  12. Dr. Brown,

    First, let me say I am in agreement with you as to what ghosts are: I also believe them to be demonic manifestations.

    However, I’ve a couple of questions.

    When the subject of ghosts arises, most discussion focuses on the Witch of Endor, but this is not the most informative episode in Scripture when trying to determine the true nature of ghosts/spirits, since it is a very special case — an exceptional one in which God Himself could well have sent Samuel’s spirit back to hand Saul his death sentence (if God can make Moses show up at The Transfiguration, then He could certainly have done the same with Samuel). Unfortunately, special cases don’t tell us much about the general case.

    Much more interesting to me is Luke 24:37-39, since it speaks of the disciples’ and Jesus’ attitude to the business of spirits/ghosts in general. They seem to believe these things to be real, and don’t refer to them as demons. What do you make of it? (My own take is that the πνεῦμα they refer to is probably the same as the πνεῦμα in e.g., Luke 11:24.)

    You also say in passing that demons are “under Satan’s orders”: I know many (probably most) believers hold to this view, but I wonder whether our opponents really are such a disciplined unit. …Or whether they’re just a loose confederacy of rebels. Jesus does say that Satan has a kingdom (e.g. Matthew 12:26), and he is referred to on several occasions as a prince, but I wonder what form this kingdom takes — whether Satan just happens to be the biggest beast in the jungle of the Dark Side (and of course God’s most notable adversary — perhaps he is merely a convenient metonym for all the entities which are ranged against God).

    In the conversations Jesus has with demons, none of them mention having Satan as their master. Of course this is an argument from silence, but certainly, when one thinks of God’s side of things, His servants always speak of Him, give Him honour and glory, and turn to Him for their strength when they face their enemies.

    Just a couple of thoughts, anyway…

    God bless,


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