Israel’s 64th Anniversary and the New Unity Government; Messianic “Secrets” Revealed”

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We will look at from Israel from 1948 until today, talk about the implications of the new unity government, and then open up some of the Messianic “secrets” discussed in the Real Kosher Jesus.


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We can speculate about many things, but the existance of the Jewish people to this day, scattered and then regathered, and the existance of Jerusalem in Jewish hands yet the most controversial cities in the world, tells us the Word of God is true, God is working on the earth, and His Son will return to a Jewish Jerusalem one day!

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God’s wisdom is revealed to those who humble themselves in His sight, and to those who recognize their limitations, weakness, and their need for Him. When we humble ourselves as little children, He reveals glorious, life-changing truth to us!



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  1. I believe the key to understanding Biblical prophecy is the nation of Israel. in light of what has been taking place in the middle east the rise of the muslin brother hood in egypt, sierra and the fact the O’bama’s administration asking Israel to return the border’s back to pre-1967 giving back Jerusalem..brings to mind what the bible said about all nation will turn against Israel…in the time of the end.. Jerusalem, being the apple of G-d’s eye..wo. to Iran and all others who turn on Israel. Word to the wise Israel we never again be in no other hand but G-d’s chosen people the Jews, although they will feel the might of the anti Christ, deceived only for a short time..your messiah will redeem you.

  2. What I have been trying to ‘prove’ on a previous thread is that we are attempting to work under at least four completely different sets of ‘rules’ at the same time:
    Biblical, Koran, Constitution of the U.S.; and Universalism, which claims to lump all of them into an ‘inferior’ group, with ‘evolved knowledge’ as the winner by declaring itself the default program. ‘Global etitism’ (conspiracy theorist or not) hasn’t changed in 44 years; but my strategy has: Justice, Mercy, and Righteousness can be Authority without abuses by whoever is in power; this is Idealistic, but doable- because the Bible says so.
    The NATO protests in Chicago today led me to google the 1968 Dem Natl Convention (I was 15 at the time); a new generation is now protesting; but we can help using Biblical principles without being bullies. Syria and Iran are other issues entirely.
    In Him, Ron M.

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