The Separation of Church and State; and The Pressure on Young People Today

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Dr. Brown examines right and wrong (really wrong!) concepts of the separation of Church and State and then looks firsthand on the spiritual and moral pressures on young people in America today.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us understand rightly, that the separation of the church and state properly applied means that the state will not prohibit the free exercise of religion, impose religion, and will stay out of the church’s business.


Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Our kids, this young generation, are under radical attack and assault from a hundred different corners. Are we vigilant spiritually? Are we as parents and leaders pouring into them as we need to, setting examples as we need to, and helping them encounter God just as radically?



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  1. br. Mike, thank God for you being a voice in the wilderness on issues of faith.

    If you want the info on the FBI’s research on Jefferson’s letter you can find it here,

    Also of interest would be, and

    The hearers of the word typically look for its interpretation by how the preachers of it translate it into their own lives.

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