Are Christians Supposed to “Take Over” Society? And Reflections on the Passing of the NC Marriage Amendment

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How much influence are believers supposed to have in society? Does the Great Commission include societal transformation? Dr. Brown also has some important reflections after the overwhelming passing of the marriage amendment in NC yesterday.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If Jesus indeed is Lord of all, all authority over Heaven and Earth is given to Him, and He sends us out into the midst of a sinning, dying world, how much change can we bring? What is the potential? What can God do through you and me? I tell you it’s more than we realize, ask, think, or even imagine!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Fear not friends! Light will always outshine darkness, truth will always triumph over lies, and Jesus said, “You’ll know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” When you’re on the side of truth, you have nothing to fear.


A Stealth Agenda (Condensed Adaptation of A Queer Thing Happened to America)
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A Queer Thing Happened to America by Dr. Brown: A Queer Thing Happened to America chronicles the amazing transformation of America over the last forty years, literally, from Stonewall Inn to the White House, and addresses the question head-on: Is there really a gay agenda, or is it a fiction of the religious right? Written in a lively and compelling style, but backed with massive research and extensive interaction with the GLBT community, this forthright and yet compassionate book looks at the extraordinary impact gay activism has had on American society.


  1. My answer to the question, Are Christians supposed to Take over Society? Yes! on many levels example, when you walk in a dark room and switch on the light doesn’t the light over take the darkness. we are the light to a dark and lost world we can not and should not withdraw from it.. but expose it change it and declare the Kingdom of G-d.
    Peace, love and joy

  2. There are many differences in declaring No King but Jesus and declaring a king or pope to administer jusrisdiction over an earthly realm in the name of a state religion. When we look to the soon-coming prophecies of Revelation, a One World (apostate) ‘church’ will become the Whore of Babylon; the ‘Remnant’ will become the True Bride of Christ (apostolic). So the strategies of ‘taking over’ Spiritually are quite often different in GOD’s eyes (as Jesus of Nazareth constantly spoke of) than the best man-made strategies.

    On one level, it is a great thing that Church and state are once again separating into their proper roles; on another, I am also greatly encouraged that the opportunity for the RIGHT & CENTER to take the Nov. election away from a President who has made the far left his base in now openly endorsing gay marriage as ‘normal’ (opening the door to all sorts of abomination) is emerging.
    In Him, Ron M.

  3. Dr Brown,

    About a year ago, I posted here that I thought you were overly obsessed with the gay lifestyle issue. I am writing to say, You were right, and I was SO wrong.

    While I totally, support the declaration made by the people of North Carolina in passing the Marriage Amendment, I strongly caution you that the fight is nowhere near over. Ohio passed such an amendment in 2004. Now the Limp-Wristed Left is once again pushing to repeal our amendment and plan to have a proposal on the ballot in November 2013.

    To quote from the article “Ballot language submitted by the Freedom to Marry Coalition has been approved. That language would change the definition of marriage from being only between a man and a woman, to a union of two consenting adults, regardless of gender.”

    Do NOT take the battle lightly. They are coming for you, for your children and your children’s children. (On second thought, maybe not your children’s children. If they have their way, there won’t be any children’s children.)

  4. Didn’t are Lord send Paul to Rome to preach the gospel to the government there? didn’t are lord tell us to go into the city’s and preach the Gospel and heal the sick and declare the kingdom of G_d is at hand? my point is the separation of church and state has been grossly misinterpreted and has been used as a tool for a anti Christ political agenda to take over are government. the U.S.A was founded on in G-d we trust and if we continue to set back and do nothing about it it’s not only a disservice to the people of the U.S.A being lead as sheep to the slaughter but a disgrace to though’s who follow Christ and have been giving all authority through the finished work of the cross to over come the kingdom of darkness’s time to take the Gospel out of the church pew’s and into the street’s with all love and compassion and allow the truth to change heart’s and mind’s only then will it bare fruit at the voting booth’s ..Peace,love and joy

  5. Taking Christianity to the streets is a reoccurring theme in these blogs that seems to get little follow-up. I could give many examples of organized attempts that have failed, and spontaneous Holy Fire combustion that to Wineskin-fillers seems to rise and fall with an incalculable tide with exaltation, yet can’t be franchised nor duplicated.

    Of course, GOD must initiate; so waiting and watching become tasks that sometimes become the School rather than the anticipated Product, even to the point that the Manifestation of GOD’s mercy and grace is despised by some as unusual or even demonic.

    So, were Brownsville and Toronto GOD-given, or not? How about the Fla. Outpouring? How about the early Tea Party gatherings, or the early Occupy Wall Street protests? How much is GOD in all this, and how much of it is humanistic or even sinister? We all have our opinions.

    What I am praying for, this time, is for the secular to be influenced by the New Revival, instead of, say, the Jesus Movement coming out of the Sixties counter-culture: the civil rights and anti-war marches, Woodstock music, etc. Only it may be much different than even I can imagine.

    So now that sides have clearly been defined concerning gay rights and abortion in this coming election, the Church needs to turn its focus back to the Resurrection Message. Dr. Brown is a good (now) elder candidate to help define (as much as GOD allows us) what is True in a spontaneous grassroot ‘springing forth’; and what is dangerous. The Bible is no longer America’s standard; but there is no standard. This gives an opportunity to show the world THE STANDARD, Jesus of Nazareth, but in a Light hardly seen in 2000 years: not tied to promotion of leaders and denominations, but connected now and always to ZION.
    In Him, Ron M.

  6. Ron david metcalf,How can you say it failed when the word never comes back void, some seed some water but G-d’s in charge of the harvest. are job is to continue to spread the good new’s of the life death and Resurrection of are Lord Jesus Christ to a lost and dark world and let the Holy spirit change the heart’s and mind’s the truth be told they wont come into the the kingdom unless there called by the Lord first.

  7. THE WORD never returns void; our words often fall flat, or DOA. So discerning the difference is critical.

    How about the faith prosperity message? We would all be billionaires by now if that were true; if what I call smorgasbord Jesus, choose your items (verses) forget the rest is what the Bible is all about? The Logos v. Rhema discussion has been going on for decades; and really much longer than Kenneth Hagin. How about a lot of the big-time healing ministries? Say the word and you’re healed; if not, you have sin or not enough faith and it’s all your fault; the minister defending GOD can’t be wrong. For me, that’s taking the money with no covenant responsibility whatsoever; no sympathy for the sick and poor.

    If it were that easy, every TV ministry would be 100% correct; just sow your seed, get your miracle next week. For me, it’s been nearly impossible just in the physical realm to get the breakthrough, and then there’s the powers, principalities, rulers to contend with. So if you really know something the rest of us don’t, Ken, please clue us in; I certainly need all the help I can get.
    In Him, Ron M.

  8. I suppose I better follow-up on this before I really get in trouble. We live by faith; have for many years; but it’s not nearly the same as what you hear from most U.S. pulpits. I once heard an intercessor say, “I HATE living by faith!” and I thought, “but what’s the alternative?” So if you can relate, we may be close to the same understanding of carrying our cross while claiming the victory.

    Our entire life is a milli-eyeblink compared to eternity, if GOD has given wisdom in what He is talking about; yet the days of trial can seem excruciatingly long. So I can plead for quick fixes and short-term answers and get a lot of silence; or come close to giving up and BOOM get some unexpected revelation. Trying to learn GOD’s ways is the hardest thing I’ve ever done; at the same time, the world’s ways, the constant striving after money, beauty, and fame, seems nearly like an unlearned foreign language now. I’m so astonished I should just keep my mouth shut; yet the burden of the fight we’re going through right now keeps me coming back to these blogs looking for communion and Spiritual comfort with like-minded believers. If Tribe really began acting like extended Family, that would be a beginning answer to prayer.

    In Him, Ron M.

  9. Ron David Metcalf, Yes are words often fall flat. but if there spoken in concordance with the word of G-d there sharper then a two edged sword they will prick a heart and cause either a repentance or a rejection. we might never see the fruit of are labor but will never return void. as far as the prosperity Gospel goes there’s some Truth in every lie ,that’s why we are to be lead by the spirit and never allow a man to speak into your life or follow doctrine that doesn’t line up with the word. its very impotent to keep are eye’s on Christ will in most cases let you down in someway, and can cause you to stumble. as far as trial’s and persecution in a believer’s life oh there’s going to be some no doubt, count it all joy because you know then you belong to Christ Ron know this, we do have victory in Christ through the finished work of the cross with all power given to us through the Holy spirit to live in but not of the world, over come the enemy by the word of are testimony and sharing the Gospel with boldness and Love to a dying world….peace, Love , and joy to you.

  10. Love, joy, & peace to you also, Ken.
    There was this young whippersnapper itinerant prophet named Jesus of Nazareth who messed up the religious structure, offended the leaders of His day, and shook their centuries-old belief that they had everything figured out as to how to deal with GOD. So as we follow Him, we need to be careful not to accept everything on face value as to what modern Church leaders tell us; our eternal salvation may depend upon it as the Final Act before His return draws close. Questions such as “How should the Tithe be properly distributed” are still as valid now as they were 2000 years ago. As we “forsake not the fellowship” we must also be clear in our minds as to what GOD is asking of us.
    In Him, Ron M.

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