An Attack on Patients’ Rights; Gay Activists Allegedly Expose Secret Rightwing Cabal; and The Truth About the NC Marriage Amendment

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Dr. Brown interviews Dr. David Pruden from NARTH (the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) about a California attempt to outlaw counseling of homosexuals who want to change; he shares the latest attack on him (and others) from gay activists; and then he interviews pro-family activist Tami Fiztgerald and discusses myths and facts of the NC Marriage Amendment.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Don’t let anyone tell you that change isn’t possible. Even to the very deepest core of your being, the things that have been deep seeded all your lives through Jesus, the Gospel, and truth, change is possible!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is time to stand up for what is right here in North Carolina. It is time to stand up for Biblical principles and that which is best for family and kids. Do not be intimidated by scare tactics or misinterpreted information. Paul said we can do nothing against the truth, only for the truth!



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Meet Tami Fitzgerald!

Tami Fitzgerald has been a Lobbyist in the General Assembly for six years on pro-family and business issues. She is an attorney licensed in Arizona, Oklahoma, and North Carolina for over 22 years! She is the former Executive Director of NC4Marriage in 2008-2009 as well a former board member of the pro-life policy group in North Carolina and Classical Christian School.



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  1. God bless all of you taking a stand and fighting the good fight of faith! “When the enemy comes in like a flood God raises up a standard.” No weapon formed against you will prosper!” “We can do all things who Christ who strengthens us”-not our strength but HIS! “If you abide in ME you will bear much fruit.” “Do not grow weary in well doing for in due time you will reap!” Standing on these promises for you and the body of Christ! Abundant blessings in Christ!

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