The Assault on the Family, Censorship in London, and More

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Dr. Brown talks with author Deanna Jones about stay-at-home moms, shares some outrageous news from a Rhode Island high school, and talks about religious censorship in London, led by the mayor.


Hour 1:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The assault against God’s people in our culture is intense. It’s radical and extreme. It can’t be met with a passive response; it must be met with the radical response of fresh and deep commitment to the Lord, without compromise, regardless of cost or consequence.
Hour 2:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are in a life and death struggle. There is an all out Hellish attack against us as the people of God. It’s not time for playing, it is time for war, spiritual war, the Jesus kind of war, and in Him we overcome!



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  1. Thanks for covering the London news. Please note that the mayor is in the midst of an election campaign, and this gets him noticed.

    Also, this follows on from the atheist bus campaigns and various Christian counter-campaigns, all over the UK. In general, the Christian faith is hot news over here, but Jesus is sort of forgotten, except as someone to co opt for a cause, eg “Jesus would have done this, Jesus would have said that…”

    Buses have become the new Mars Hill over here!

  2. Anthea, stay strong in Christ, and pray that the witness for Him would only increase! Be comforted too; we in the US are always so glad to hear about faithful believers and disciples in the UK (or anywhere in western Europe).

    May God grant power to the message of His Son.

  3. Christians are often accused of being intolerant by the world.But more often than not it is the world that is intolorant of christians.

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