An Update on the NYC Churches Being Evicted from Public Buildings; Thoughts on the Elections; and the Price of Sexual Immorality

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Dr. Brown talks with NYC leaders about an upcoming march, shares his thoughts on the elections with Rick Santorum dropping out and looks at recent events that underscore the high price of sexual immorality.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I am going to repeat the words of Dr. Martin Luther King: “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Things are going to be heating up intensely in the coming months politically. Let us not get into a partisan political spirit or in the flesh. Let us step back, find the mind of God, and act accordingly.



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A Queer Thing Happened to America by Dr. Brown: A Queer Thing Happened to America chronicles the amazing transformation of America over the last forty years, literally, from Stonewall Inn to the White House, and addresses the question head-on: Is there really a gay agenda, or is it a fiction of the religious right? Written in a lively and compelling style, but backed with massive research and extensive interaction with the GLBT community, this forthright and yet compassionate book looks at the extraordinary impact gay activism has had on American society.



  1. I wonder what the city’s basis is for forbidding schools to rent out their space to churches to meet?

    Are they against the income generated that can be used for good that might not otherwise be a benefit to the city or the taxpayers?

    I don’t think so.

    Is it because of unruly behavior or property damage to schools caused by a few “bad” churches?

    I just wonder what the foundation, motive, and purpose the city would have to make such a ruling.

    I wonder about city parks. Can’t churches meet in a city park to hold a service as long as they are not disturbing others?

    I suppose there could be a matter about the sound level in the area because of singing hymns, but what kind of person would make a complaint to the city over a group of people praising God in a public place?

    Would it be one that wanted to have a picnic in quiet?

    But a public park isn’t a library is it?

    Isn’t a park supposed to be filled with laughter, the sound of children playing, or even people giving honor and praise to God?

    Jer 22:3-5 comes to my mind.

    What good is a park in desolation, or even a school for that matter, on a Saturday or Sunday?

    Do they believe a rule that would say that anything paid for by tax dollars or owned by the city can not under any circumstances be used for worshipping the creator of the park or whatever?

    What would that be saying about God? Is city government better than him? Where was city government in the beginning?

    I think God had it in mind to be used for his glory, honor, and righteosness. Isn’t that why he made man in his image and likeness?

    As people worship the Lord Jesus don’t they become more godly? As they worship God don’t people tend to resemble Christ a bit more?

  2. Hi Dr. Brown, related to the end of the show about sexual immorality, I was wondering if you thought that masturbation was a sin. Also, if you don’t mind sharing, are you personally going to vote for one of the two primary candidates, or will you not vote at all.

    Thank you Dr. Brown,


  3. Hi Dr. Brown, I just wanted to share this quote participation in government which I found insightful from an early Church Christian:

    “God might have bestowed upon his people both riches and kingdoms, as he had given previously to the Jews, whose successors and posterity we are. However, he would have Christians live under the power and government of others, lest they should become corrupted by the happiness and prosperity, slide into luxury, and eventually despise the commandments of God. For this is what our ancestors did.” -Lactantius

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