What Is the “Day of Silence?” And Life-changing Insights from the Word

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Dr. Brown talks to parents about the gay activist “Day of Silence,” coming to a school near you on April 20th and then opens the Scriptures to discover some life-changing insights.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When our schools are infiltrated with gay activist propaganda, how can we stay on the sidelines and find an excuse not to get involved? We’re talking about our kids and tax-funded schools. Now is the time to take holy, Godly action in opposing the gay activism day of silence.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: How great is the love of God! Saving us from our sin, lostness, rebellion, and darkeness; then making us children of God, sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus. That’s how great the love of God is!



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Paul is addressing the issues of Law and conscience in Romans 2, and he swings his subject back around to the inward reality, as apostles always do. He declares that even if all seems to be intact externally with the saint, the real issue of judgment has to do with“the secrets of men,” for the Lord is ever and always concerned with reality, and not with the mere appearance of things. […]

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  1. It’s always a blessing and a pleasure to hear your insights on the Word of God Dr. Brown! I enjoyed the show today. And may God shine His light down on the last caller.

  2. When the void comes howling to that guys life, probably brought on by a Nintendo game not working or something worse, you have to wonder if there is some wing of Atheists United that will be there for him. We see how quick they are to the sick and poor throughout the world.

  3. We are supposed to encourage, enlighten, exhort, support, strenghten, and otherwise build up each other in truth, righteousness, goodness, etc, and to do so while avoiding unruly kinds of fire.

    This doesn’t mean that we have to remain silent.

    Isn’t having one day of silence set aside for one group’s cause, empowering their cause while taking away something from everyone else?

    It seems to say that on one particular day, no one is going to be speaking against such cause, or at least it is to say that those who choose to speak against it on that day, that such will be…somewhat frowned upon.

  4. As I was listening about the teacher from a grade school who let Dr. Brown know that the gay agenda is trying to gain access into the grade schools there, I began to wonder what would happen if a group of Christians wanted a Day of Silence to honor Christ and the sacrifice of himself for the sins of the whole world.

    I wonder if they would have their day also, and if by chance anyone should object to it in any way in the classroom, or would voice any opinion that is contrary in any way, if the conversation would be steered by the teacher back to the message of the cross, under the importance of civil rights.

    The interesting thing about this is, that though it might not fit very well our understanding of civil rights, it does have much to do with civil rights, for the cause of Christ was much about righteousness, truth, and liberty for all.

    If this day were to happen in schools by Christians who wanted their Day of Silence for the message of Christ, wouldn’t this be acceptable under the constituion of the United States while the gay agenda Day of Silence is not,
    for the constitution is about liberty, fairness, justice, equity, and freedom, while all sin leads to captivity, sorrow, trouble, and destruction of anything that is good, right, and true? (should it be allowed to have priority)

    The foundation of the constitution had to be God, for who else is all about justice, fairness, equity, and against unjust or excessive exercise of powers that were in place for the purpose of good?

    Who or what else was in the hearts of the men who wrote the constitution that would result in such a document found worthy enough to build a nation upon?

    There was no other cause that I know of. It had to be God and whatever or whoever is of him for his purposes which he has purposed in himself.

    What other group of any kind has as it’s core values, righteousness, fairness, justice, and limiting the exercise of powers when they do oppress even the least of one, except it have as a core value, the things of God?

    I don’t know of any. I don’t think any could possibly exist.

    So if we know that the constitution of the United States was founded on God by reason of the virtues contained within it, shouldn’t we conclude that a Christian’s Day of Silence should be allowed in a public school, while a gay agena’s one should not?

  5. I have been a teacher since 1992. I was under the impression that the school’s job was to educate students in the curriculum established by each district and approved by the state. This Day of Silence does not promote the curriculum of any district that I know of and also distracts students from learning the objectives that teachers need to be teaching our kids. We must do what is best for all of our students and this Day of Silence is not best for anyone.

  6. It’s good to be praying for the teachers. What’s needed today is parents backing pastors who support teachers, churches that stand together with teachers who refuse to go along with any wayward school district that would be taken in by the gay agenda.

    By standing together, I mean in prayer, believing parents and teachers in the PTA, pastors going with teachers if necessary to plead their situation if they should feel intimidated by a possibility of loosing their job, churches that would take in such a teacher if he does happen to loose his job by refusing to go along with a gay agenda, etc.

    We should be hearing of whole communities standing together because of the stand of parents, pastors supporting the parents, churches supporting pastors, etc.

  7. Hello all

    Call me an ignorant English girl, but a day of silence? Really? Just a whole minute of silence in a classroom full of children would be a big fat miracle …

    Have you Americans had a revival without telling me about it?

    (All right, it’s not a very funny situation for you in the US, but we have a saying — You have to laugh or else you’d cry!)

    No wonder my friend told to keep home educating and not to put the children in school!

  8. If you aren’t silent, could you be arrested for a hate crime?
    Interesting that it is illegal to have a ‘moment of silence’ in public schools for fear that someone might actually pray to GOD!
    BTW, Good Friday is now an official Cuban holiday; so that officially makes the U.S. more pagan than Cuba.
    In Him, Ron M.

  9. “Interesting that it is illegal to have a ‘moment of silence’ in public schools for fear that someone might actually pray to GOD!”
    Exactly, Ron!

    What really bothers me is that the term “homophobia” is being used to describe, reflexively, ANY perspective which characterizes gay sex as anything other than healthy, normal, desirable, or praiseworthy.

    By default, this means that the views expressed in Leviticus 18 and Romans 1 on homosexuality would be considered “homophobic.”

    Yes, it bothers me that my grandchildren will be programmed by DOS and other pro-gay activities in school to filter ANY criticism of homosexuality as “homophobic.”

    That term has the potential to be used in an Orwellian fashion, and the idea that it will be seeded into our public schools bodes very grimly for the type of future being created in America.

    I do consider the silencing of all opposition to homosexuality to be the most egregious threat to Christianity today. To find the words of God labeled as “hate speech” and therefore, illegal, might seem a bit far-fetched on the surface, but when you consider how insidiously this concept of “homophobia” has entered and is entering the schools and modern culture, such is very much a future possibility.

    Homophobia as an actual psychiatric condition is very, very rare. But after silencing the psychiatrists in 1973, gay activists have succeeded in framing anything which goes against the gay agenda by that term.

    The Christian community really does need to wake up about this issue.

    I feel that it’s just a matter of time before speaking the truth

  10. I’m told that this is an “overly suspicious view” by those Christians I’ve met online who want to participate in DOS. But the more I read from certain gay-approved sources, the more alarmed I become…and I just don’t understand how certain implications can be ignored or treated as if they are benign……..

  11. You Christians sound exactly like the Christian segregationists of the fifties and sixties. When gays have finally achieved equality Christian bigots will publicly deny that they were ever really against equal rights for homosexuals just like you Christians deny you were ever against equal rights for African Americans. The rest of us know very well that many Christians long for the days when only white males had the rights our prejudiced founders believed only white males should ever have.

    Now I shouldn’t have to remind anyone that April 20th is national marijuana appreciation day. No one is even going to notice this day of silence or any response that the Christian national alliance of bigots is going to have anyway. We’ve got better things to do man….

  12. Oh yeah right sure, Boris,
    we all long for the day when you would die in a Nazi or Stalag death camp for your beliefs?

    Constitutional ‘tolerance’ is completely different than Biblical Law- the reason you get to flaunt your ridiculousness. But your day will also come; then recall what got you there. Sneer and spit while you can, good buddy.

    In Him, Ron M.

  13. If atheism were true, why would it be wrong to be against equal rights for homosexuals, African Americans, or anyone? Is it really wrong to harm another person if atheism were true? Without God, right and wrong becomes subjective. So if atheism were true, what one person thinks is wrong could be right for another person. Now who is thinking correctly. If atheism were true, both persons are correct in their thinking and there is no God to be judge. In the end, if atheism were true, the person who has the most power will decide what’s wrong and what’s right. But it doesn’t mean that right and wrong really exist, if atheism were true. I believe that God does exist and some things are really wrong because God said it’s wrong. We can believe what we choose to believe, but God said that it’s wrong to harm another person and that is why it’s wrong objectively. I thank God that His power is alive in this world and is evident in our own hearts. We know that some things are objectively wrong.

  14. As for racism, slavery. etc., look at Ez.20:25:
    “I gave them statutes not good, and judgments whereby they should not live;”

    GOD never changes; yet there is a “fulfilling” of the Law that goes beyond the letter of it.

    Did minorities conquer the ‘white race’ to achieve civil rights? Have women now gained dominence over men because they have the right to vote?

    Native Americans have not regained their proper respect in the U.S.; but this does not mean that I must worship their animal spiritism. There is a Holiness reserved that remains pure: even if it is the size of Israel compared to the rest of the planet.

    “‘Come now, and let us reason together,’ says the LORD.” Isa. 1:18 Does this mean that reason has replaced GOD?

    You are barking up the wrong tree, Boris. Seek the Tree of Life; it brings Love, Joy, and Peace, even in extremely difficult circumstances.

    In HIm, Ron M.

  15. The etymology of the word “bigot” is “bei gott”. We are called “bigots” by those who don’t realize it was coined originally to describe someone who swore “By God!”


    We still cling to His words, by God, though epithets such as “hatemonger”, “bully”, and “hypocrite” are being flung at us with visceral hatred — even by gays who profess Christianity.

    Of course they do try to ride the coattails of the Civil Rights Movement. As they are claiming now that one is “born gay,” citing Scripture against this is being called tantamount to refusing to sit next to a black person in Alabama, circa 1952!

    DOS is the brainchild and hope of GLSEN, an aggressive political organization, in an attempt to get at the minds of young children. (Though they claim that children are naturally not “homophobic” – but receive it from their parents.)

    I fully believe in rejecting DOS for GLSEN’s “straight education” and drive to “create school climates” which ultimately undermine JudeoChristian values on marriage and sex.

  16. Like-mindedness is important to a good working relationship. This does not mean that you are rejecting someone because they are different; only that when it comes to a business partnership that will make you or break you, you better be on the same page.

    So how much more important is a marriage relationship? Marriage is supposed to be life-long; that’s why you make public vows; and it is a legal contract in that children are most often involved at a later date. It’s not a convenient tax dodge or community-rights issue first and foremost; so gay rights cheapens the meaning of marriage by default. Abortion also has nothing to do with raising children; it’s totally about killing babies before they are born on an industry scale. So ethics takes a back seat to economics on both these fronts. Who dares bring up the dominant/passive relationship even if both partners are of the same sex? When it comes to children, we can’t just say ‘anything goes’ and then make rules to enforce compliance: otherwise, one ‘parent’ could end up being an animal, or five or six mothers or fathers at once. This isn’t a hot issue because of intolerance; it has definite social implications.
    In Him, Ron M.

  17. “This isn’t a hot issue because of intolerance; it has definite social implications.”

    Exactly, Ron. And the whole “tolerance” issue — how skewed is that? “Tolerance” has become the new rallying cry for intolerance of dissent.


  18. The day of silence promotes anti-bullying this is very good and since God never said bullying is good in fact I’m sure he opposes bulling completely, so why oppose a day students have created to say they care, to say they love their neighbors?
    people are born gay, it’s been proven. it’s also been proven that the bible saying being gay is wrong is a mistranslation and if God didn’t like gays, why did he create them?
    we have all been blessed with streanths and weakness’

    I thank you heavanly father that you have blessed me with being understanding, with haveing the ability to stand up for what is right and for my being bisexual and having very good friends gay and straight alike.

  19. R. Kneubuhl
    My basis for morality is objective because it is based on the value of human life itself. That which protects and enhances life is good and anything that harms or destroys life is bad. This results in far more compassionate and rational system than morality that comes from a God of dubious existence whose whims cannot be understood and who is not constrained in any manner by the commands he gives to others. This means if God commands that women and children be murdered as the Bible claims God did, that kind of slaughter would be termed “good” according to your brand of morality. No thanks. Your morality is subjective to the extreme because it is established by a being of dubious existence whose motives and nature are beyond human comprehension. This makes it impossible to discern any moral law other than, “God wills it.”

  20. Boris,

    You are presupposing that life has any value. In the atheistic worldview I just don’t see how that is. We’re the mere byproduct of the biological evolutionary process, right? So I have to assume human life has some sort of value, let alone something “objective.” Please share your presuppositions with us, why does human life have value?

    Bertrand Russell, one of the early fathers of new atheism Said: “…ethics arises from the pressures of the community on the individual. Man . . . does not always instinctively feel the desires which are useful to his herd. The herd, being anxious that the individual should act in its interests, has invented various devices for causing the individual’s interest to be in harmony with that of the herd. One of these . . . is morality” (Human Society in Ethics and Politics, p.124. Emphasis in blue added)

    As prominent atheist Michael Ruse has said: The position of the modern evolutionist is that humans have an awareness of morality because such an awareness of biological worth. Morality is a biological adaptation no less than are hands and feet and teeth. Considered as a rationally justifiable set of claims about an objective something, ethics is illusory. I appreciate when someone says, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself,’ they think they are referring above and beyond themselves. Nevertheless, such reference is truly without foundation. Morality is just an aid to survival and reproduction, . . . and any deeper meaning is illusory. (Michael Ruse, “Evolutionary Theory and Christian Ethics,” in The Darwinian Paradigm (London: Routledge, 1989), pp. 262-269).

    Please tell us why these atheists are wrong and you are right. Ruse claims your objective morality, without God is illusory. Why is he wrong?

  21. Boris, your basis for morality is confused because if it is really based on the value of human life, why don’t you value the life of every human being, including the human being that harms another human being? I assume that your answer will be that it’s bad to harm another human being. That is called making a value judgment. Without God, your value judgment is subjective because let’s admit it, we all value one group of people above another. A person that follows the same moral basis as yours could say that the life of a murderer has more value than the life of the murderer’s victim and judge you as bad for wanting to cause any harm to the murderer. For that person, living by your brand of morality means protecting and enhancing the life of the murderer. By your definition of goodness, that would be considered good. So in the end, if atheism were true, your morality remains subjective. But why do we sense that morality is indeed objective? Morality can only be objective if there are objective moral laws that we must obey. But where do these objective moral laws come from? And God said, let there be light and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good.

  22. R. Kneubuhl
    You have bigger problems that other people’s morality. I proved beyond any doubt that YOUR morality is subjective to the extreme and I proved why that is. YOUR morality can make an excuse for killing and women and children, burning witches, murdering unbelievers and any other vile disgusting thing your imaginary God tells you to. My morality tells me those things are wrong and above all that your God is evil in every sense of the word. Poof.

  23. “My morality is better than your God.”
    Now we come to the crux of the matter.
    Because of your refusal to deal in Absolutes, you perception, wherever you’re at at the time, makes you god (as even the Scriptures say, by the way.)
    But solipsism is madness: chaos theory has no center, and cannot hold on to anything.
    You morality can change with a whim: one moment you can be sympathetic to a branch on a bush, the next you can want to wipe out a billion people to save the planet from starvation, and there is no contradiction in your mind, because you are god.
    I lived in Sedona, Az. for fifteen years: I know your new age thinking quite well.
    Dragonheart is (was) a band who thought they could be the crusaders of the antichrist because of their exceptional musicianship; but they couldn’t even hold the group together, much less a global movement. Your twisted thinking only spins the wheels in your mind, and leads to madness: when you die, the whole universe ceases to exist; or else, because of your own insignificance grasping for fame, cold matter/ energy crushes your tiny attempts at morality. Both positions are totally unsustainable.
    In Him, Ron M.

  24. ron david metcalf

    My morality is objectively based on the value of life itself. Your morality is subjectively based on an imaginary deity who has supposedly murdered millions of innocent men, women and children. My morality tells me that is wrong. Your morality tells you that kind of atrocity is good as long as God says it is. If what you said had any trueth to it we should find many atheists in our prison system. But the percentage of atheists in the federal prision system is almost zero – 2 per thousand. Since the percentage of atheists in this country is somewhere between 14 and 22 percent we can see that atheists are the least likely people to be arrested for a crime. Contrasting that the percentage of professing Chrisyians in the fedral prison system is higher than the percentage of Christians in the general population. So believing is God obviously makes a person less moral than not believing. Another one of your bogus arguments just went poof.

  25. “So believing [in] God obviously makes a person less moral than not believing. Another one of your bogus arguments just went poof.” – Boris

    Your argument is lacking. Here are a few thoughts to help deepen your view:

    Being able to stay out of jail does not mean a person is moral.

    Many begin to claim Christianity after their crimes. No doubt, that’s about the time many stop claiming atheism.

    Anyone can claim to be Christian, even liars, frauds and closet-atheists.

  26. Saw the AP update on Breivik (Norway mass-murderer) this morn; thought, “where have I heard this before?”; googled Camus: ah yes, The Stranger. From Wikipedia:
    In Le Mythe, this dualism becomes a paradox: We value our lives and existence so greatly, but at the same time we know we will eventually die, and ultimately our endeavours are meaningless. While we can live with a dualism (I can accept periods of unhappiness, because I know I will also experience happiness to come), we cannot live with the paradox (I think my life is of great importance, but I also think it is meaningless).
    In Le Mythe, Camus suggests that ‘creation of meaning’, would entail a logical leap or a kind of philosophical suicide in order to find psychological comfort. But Camus wants to know if he can live with what logic and lucidity has uncovered – if one can build a foundation on what one knows and nothing more. Creation of meaning is not a viable alternative but a logical leap and an evasion of the problem…
    While writing his thesis on Plotinus and Saint Augustine of Hippo, Camus became very strongly influenced by their works, especially that of St. Augustine…
    Camus later came to tout the idea that the absence of religious belief can simultaneously be accompanied by a longing for “salvation and meaning”. This line of thinking presented an ostensible paradox and became a major thread in defining the idea of absurdism in Camus’ writings…
    Boris, your own ‘crusading’ reminds me much more of this ‘theater of the absurd’ than ‘atheism’!
    In Him, Ron M.

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