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Can anti-missionary groups ban me from evangelizing in Israel? How do we explain the differences in the creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2? Are the biblical laws concerning rape fair to the victim?


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As I step back and consider creation, I’m in awe of the greatness, wisdom, power, and majesty of God. Now He reaches down to us, becomes our Father, brings us into our family. What does it mean to be a son and daughter?

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Don’t twist Scripture based on verses that seem hard to understand. Let the overall testimony of that which is clear rule your reading and understanding of the Word. It will keep you from error!


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  1. Sometimes I wonder how far I should take it that God inhabits the praises of his people. King Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 3:5) saw some glory of God and may have been inspired to say what he said.

    As Christians have we ever found ourselves saying something and wonder where it came from?

  2. We need judges on the Supreeme Court that are aware that love worketh no ill toward his neighbor.

    Not always is excluding someone from a certain group working ill toward that person.

    All of the facts must be looked into about a case.

    Wrong rulings certainly do work some ill.

    Rom 13:10, 14, I Cor 13.

    There is no law against love is there? If there is some law of man that is contrary to it, it isn’t good law is it?

    Msny of us believe the constitution was founded upon the love of God.

  3. Hello Ray

    You asked, “As Christians have we ever found ourselves saying something and wonder where it came from?”

    This happens when I witness to JWs on the doorstep. Bible verses come to my memory, ideas, questions to ask them, perceptions about their needs, declarations…After they’ve gone, I ask myself, “Where did THAT come from?”

    Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday.

  4. God really does work within us. He gives us wisdom we don’t have and other gifts we could not find anywere else but in Jesus. And so we hope for an eternal life of righteousness, love, and goodness for all that will be saved by him because he arose.

  5. It seems to me that what Dr. Brown was talking about concerning the possibility of people joining something or being able to join some group without the requirement of adhering to their core values, that this is similar to the way some people today want to treat the constitution of the United States.

    I think the constitution is under attack today by many a domestic enemy, right under the noses of those who took an oath to defend it against such.

  6. Dr Brown,
    I heard you said you wouldn’t eat chocolate, except in a fiber bar – try RAW CHOCOLATE: it is extremely healthy!

  7. dear doctor brown how do i present JESUS to jewish people? i know HE has commisioned us to speak to the jewish people first. then to everyone else. i have a young man in my class who said that he doesnt sleep well. i told him that i would pray for him.he was so appreciative when i said this to him. He is very religious as His clothing is very noticeable. i so very much wish to talk to him. im ashamed i didnt say anything else to him.

  8. please dr. brown i need help how to witness to GODs people as that is the least i should do. i know i need help from the HOLY SPIRIT. I never want to be ashamed of the name of JESUS’ but at times i am .escpecially to the jewish people because talking about HIM offends most. thank you .tell me how to be a partner to your ministry. i listen to you every time im able

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