The Jewish People and Jesus: A Match Made in Heaven

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Dr. Brown shares some of his own testimony of a Jew coming to faith in Jesus-Yeshua as Messiah and then tackles some of the most common Jewish objections to embracing him as Messiah.

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line

It is high time for Jewish people to recognize that Jesus is for Jews, and Jews are for Jesus, a match made in heaven!  It’s time for us to embrace our Messiah and unashamedly make Him known to the nations of the World!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line

The Jewish harvest is ripe; now is the time for Jewish people to recognize their Messiah in Israel, and around the world!  Pray that God would use you to share the good news with a Jewish person this week!




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  1. Dear Dr.Brown….Great Job! I have never,never heard a broadcast that was not factual, professional, understanding, and enlightening. You and your staff are very underrated. Keep up the great work and may God continue to Bless your ministry. I wish that all stations could air your show and our “political leaders?” would pay heed to what the Bible says, what this great country was founded on (Religious Freedom especially), and would apply themselves accordingly. Thank You Again! He Is I AM and Praise His Holy Name. Hope you have a Blessed Easter weekend.

  2. Hello Line of Fire team
    What a great topic for Maundy Thursday. I was listening to a messianic Jewish pastor preaching on the way to witness, using only the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament.

    I wonder: what does Dr Brown think of the idea of using different sections of the Bible to appeal to a person from a Jewish background?

    Because of the time difference here(UK), I have not yet heard this programme, I am now about to download it, having returned from our Good Friday service and put the kiddies to bed.

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