Replay of the Debate, “Is Mary the Mother of God?”

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Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God sent His son into the world, that through Him we might be saved. Jesus has been given the highest name in the universe because He humbled himself to come in form of servant, died a criminal’s death, and has been highly exalted. May all the honor and glory go to Him and praise be to the Father!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is no question that there are many issues that divide Catholic and Protestant, and that we deeply differ on the position of Mary. Let us then exalt and preach Jesus: crucified, risen, exalted, and coming again!



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  1. I wanted to comment on today’s re-run broadcast and say that I recant and repent of the false information that I said on this broadcast in regards to catholicism and eastern orthodoxy and in Christianity in general. I thought that the whole notion of apostolic succession was biblical, and that the eastern orthodox church was the “true” church. I now understand that God knows who are His, and as long as we confess with our lips and believe with our hearts that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, we will be saved.

  2. There are 3 steps of belief people must believe
    to be saved.

    1. Believe they are a sinner. (Rom3:23)

    2. Believe that they deserve to go to hell. (Rom6:23)

    3. Believe that when Jesus died on the cross he died personally for them, to save them from going to hell. (1Cor.15:1-4)

    As a former catholic I believed I was a sinner and that Jesus died for my sins but I didn’t believe I was a bad enough of a sinner that I deserved to go to hell. Eventually I did believe.

    Thank You.

  3. So is Mary the mother of God? Well if by “God”, Jesus is meant, then we could say “Yes. She is.”

  4. Your show on Mary and Catholicism was excellent. The error of Catholicism regarding Mary is a symptom of greater and more grevious errors perpetrated by the Roman Catholic Church. You touched on it: Placing the church authority over the scriptures. I was raised in a Catholic Church. I do not believe that most of the dear, sincere people were saved. That is because they have distorted the gospel. They ignore justification by faith and the reception of IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS.

  5. Is Mary the Mother of God? No. She was the mother “of the body”, as many Evangelicals would say. 😛

  6. Question for the Roman Catholics who might offer insight from their traditions,

    Of what necessity does the Catholic church teach that Mary had no other children (ever-virgin). It does not seem to add anything to the service she gave to the Father, nor does it seem necessary even if one were to try to show she was without sin. Having sexual relations within marriage is not sinful- on the contrary it is a great blessing from God as the husband and wife give themselves to the other completely. God said be fruitful and multiply- that was a blessing from the Lord to Adam and Eve (and all within the marriage covenant.

    So what “use” (if you’ll excuse the term) is it that Mary remain virgin after Jesus’ birth?

  7. It seems to me that wrong doctrines serve no godly purpose at all. How could they, except maybe as some kind of a test.

    Wrong doctrines taught confuse the flock. If they remain along side of the wrong doctrines, not saying anything against it, they become partakers of some sins.

    Once become a partaker of sins, they become captive, enslaved by sin. Sin always enslaves one way or another.

    Once enslaved by sin, what can they do against the darkness? Not so much as a righteous free man in the Lord could do, for if a man be truly free as Jesus said in John 8:32, then who could easily control, use, or manipulate them for evil?

    Once an organization has many people captive to sin, they have a prison system where they may rule over them without much cause for concern over something like a revolution of sorts.

  8. Is it just me or does everything seem hopeless for Christendom? The church is divided down every issue imaginable. America is moving farther away from biblical morality. Christianity is silenced and shunned. We need to advocate what is right to the media and our officials. Tell your state and congressional officials to support biblical morality and freedom of worship. Or woo. We may not even be allowed to post this debate.

  9. Is mary the mother of God No of course not Jesus fully God and Fully man Mary is the mother of the the Man side of Jesus. You wouldnt say James was the brother of God

  10. Mary is the Mother of God. The term is Theotokos. This is an orthodox doctrine accepted by both Catholics and Protestants. What is meant by this is that Jesus was both fully man and fully God as soon as He was conceived in Mary’s womb. He did not become God at a later date.

    Theotokos specifically excludes the understanding of Mary as Mother of God in the eternal sense. Christians believe that God is the cause of all, with neither origin nor source, and is therefore without a mother or father.

    On the other hand, Christians believe God the Son is begotten of God the Father “from all eternity” but is born “in time” of Mary. Theotokos refers to the Incarnation, when the Second Person of the Holy Trinity took on human nature in addition to his pre-existing divine nature, this being made possible through Mary.

    I didn’t listen to the broadcast, but from the discussion here it sounds as though there is a straw man at work.

  11. “What is meant by this is that Jesus was both fully man and fully God as soon as He was conceived in Mary’s womb.”

    I thought Jesus supposedly always existed. I guess not.

  12. Of course Mary is the mother of God, but this looks like it’s much deeper than we might think. God is all-powerful. It was called a virgin birth which is unlike any other child that was born. Mark 10:27 And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

  13. Tech Alert on ‘contacting the mother ship’:
    I have a fairly new tablet; I tried updating a Google account (looks like 3rd time), subscribing SOLELY to ‘In the Line Of Fire’.
    My server froze; clicked out; could not reload on either default Internet Explorer or Opera. Spybot reported a ‘missing link’; closed everything & shut down; restarted; startup reported a new registry entry. I’m done with Google; closed Facebook long ago; rarely go on You Tube. Big Brother is watching, of course; but I hate the continual security attacks.
    In Him, Ron M.

  14. Thank you so much for having the debate on Mary. Not only have I changed my views on homosexuality and whether a gentile believer can call himself a Messianic, but this show made me seriously decide to take a closer look at the Catholic Church. Thanks to good Catholic radio programs, I’m now seriously thinking of making “The Journey Home”.

    I owe it all to you, Dr Brown!

  15. The question of whether Mary is the Mother of God is EASILY answered from scripture. Luke’s Gospel PLAINLY states it. Elizabeth says through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit “How is it that the MOTHER OF MY LORD should come to me”. Now tell me is Jesus Lord because he is God or because he is man? God….So Elizabeth was saying “how is it that the MOTHER OF MY GOD should come to me”.

    As for Mary being co-mediator, first of all it is not dogma. But it also does not mean she is an equal or another mediator. She co-operates in Christ’s mediation.

  16. It did not require that someone be sinless for them to die for us and save us. That is a silly comment. Mary was not infinite and could not have died for us any more than an angel of the Lord could have taken on a body and died for us. She was not infinite and could not earn infinite grace for all mankind. It required God. Also someone who is saved can be saved in two ways. For example if someone is going to fall in a mudhole we can say stop, before you fall in or grab their hand and prevent them from falling in. Your argument just does not hold that because she rejoiced in God her savior this means she sinned.

    Or we can pull them out of the mud. Mary was the former case. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross prevented her from sin. There are illusions to this if you understand the Ark of the Covenant/Mary tie.

    As for the Father’s speaking of her struggles. Jesus had stuggles as well. It says that he was tempted in the Desert. That he was like us in all things except sin. Temptation is not sin. Jesus even said “my God my God why hast thou forsaken me” from the cross. Doubt on some level. So did he sin?

  17. I developed question in my mind or last one year to find position of Mary in the church. It seems in the 4th Vatican council meeting, it was discussed whether Mary mother of God or Mother of Jesus.

    In my opinion from God’s origination point of view, Jesus Christ was truly man ( because he lived with us) and truly God as the only begotten son of God. Mary was only the mediator to give birth Jesus with Flesh. She did not give birth God but a Man. Never mind we take Jesus as God and Man from the conception stage it self. My strong point is God is not born, He is Alfa, and Omega. No one was there before God. God’s existence does not a mother. If one believes that God is the beginning, s/he cannot bring Mary before God’s existence. When a Christian looks at Mary with Jesus, She is mother of Jesus and Catholics should take Mary as a co-contributor for salvation of mankind. Even she also got salvation by faith in God. Thus Catholics pay respect to Mary as because she is mother of Jesus, the most pure sinless selected lady. I would recommend therefore to the Catholics when they say the rosary, instead ‘Holy Mary mother of God’ say ‘ Holy Mary Mother of Jesus’. There is difference between the two terms ‘ God’ and Lord’. A man also is termed as ‘Lord’ when the master provides all needs to its servant. St. Thomas said, My Lord and My God to Jesus after the resurrection. No disciples said to Mary that she is that important as because she is mother of God. But the disciples and apostles also joined with Mary to receive Holy spirit as human being in this earth.

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