Your Jewish Questions, the Global March on Jerusalem, and Next Month’s Jewish Outreach Emphasis

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Dr. Brown takes your Jewish-related calls, gives an update on the anti-Jewish, global march on Jerusalem and gives a preview of some special Jewish outreach programming planned for April.


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, it is true that we should have a burden for the salvation of all people, and the burden and vision for the great comission. Yes, it is true that Jesus died for all people and we should care for all people. Along with that, we are comissioned to pray for the salvation of the Jewish people and that Jerusalem will be a light to the nations. Let us join in prayer for the salvation of Israel!

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God had said in scripture that He would scatter Israel and then God said He would regather Israel. If Israel has been regathered in large part, it is only because God has done it, otherwise they would still be scattered. Pretty simple isn’t it?



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  1. Dr. Brown, have you ever considered doing a show on Rabbis of the past who have become believers in Yeshua such as Ignatz Lichtenstein, Daniel Zion, Yechiel Tzvi Herschensohn-Lichtenstein and Chacham Ephraim Ben Joseph Eliakim (and others)? I think that’d make for a pretty interesting show.


    This reminds me of the ten sons of in the Book of Esther where Haman’s ten sons were hanged (Esther 9:13) and how in 1946, ten of Hitler’s top associates were put to death by hanging for their war crimes.

    There have been times in history where the Jewish community has been asked again and again for ten men to be put to death in horrible ways, it’s like Satan has never forgiven the death of Haman’s ten sons.

  3. I’ve heard it commented that the MaHaRI”Tz (Moreinu HaRav Yechiel Tzvi [Herschensohn-Lichtenstein]) is basically the Rambam of Messianic Judaism. Kind of interesting and cool to be have a figure like that.

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