The “Reason Rally” in DC; Thoughts on the Trayvon Martin Killing; and Gay-Bashing Is Out But Christian Bashing Is In

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Dr. Brown weighs in with his thoughts on the atheist, non-believer rally in DC this past Saturday, asks listeners some probing questions on the Trayvon Martin killing, and discusses how verbal attacks against gays are wrong — and should be — while it is open season on professing Christians.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The topic today has once again revealed many deep misunderstandings and areas of lack of trust within the body over the issue of race. Let us put the issues on the table plainly, honestly, out of love for God, and love for one another.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let justice be done in the killing of Trayvon Martin. Let truth come to light, let us learn from this, and let us move forward as a Nation.



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  1. Time’s up Eric. I gave you plenty of chances to answer my objections. You should be brave enough to just admit you’re stumped, you can’t answer my objections because you don’t know how. You should be brave enough but you don’t even have the courage to question the religion you’ve been indoctrinated into.

  2. Boris,
    Since this debate is going around for not the first time, could you take up a statement you made early on: that you pursue this out of a wish to show people a better way. Could you flesh that out a bit?

  3. God isn’t so interested in being proven true by man’s intellect, data or rationale. Why would he, he’s God? He doesn’t ask us to understand he asks us to believe. There is healthy skepticism which elevates a desire to know the truth beyond what we currently understand or believe and an unhealthy one which is on a mission to prove a preconceived perspective. Both will end up with what they desire in most cases. Why argue? If you really want to know if God is real and if Christianity is valid then ask him to show you for yourself. We can choose to be too proud to do that, that’s a choice we all have.

  4. Ryan,
    Dr. Brown has requested we stay on topic. I’ll be brief. I think belief in an afterlife leads to all sorts of life-avoidance and escapism issues. The reason I read comments and post on this blog is the pretty much the same reason everybody else does: I listen to the show and have for years. I brought up the First Cause Argument on this particular thread because Dr. Brown mentioned it on the show associated with this thread. No one has addressed my objections to this argument with anything other than cut and paste jobs from Christian websites so let’s just drop the subject.

    The problem with your post is that you claim to speak for God and know what God wants and doesn’t want. It just seems kind of arrogant to claim to know what God wants especially since no one knows if there even is a God and the existence of the particular God you’re talking about is quite dubious indeed. God asks us to believe? If God wanted us to believe what did he invent logic for? It’s not a matter of being too proud to ask God to show he exists. First one has to be convinced this God really exists. In my case I need to see some evidence that God exists. None exists therefore I do not believe.

  5. in all honesty; clear question here…. if trayvon was white would you feel the same? everything being equal, should g z be arrested if trayvon was white? no race card or anything, just asking

  6. Patrick,

    Of course I (or anyone) should feel the same, as this is about justice, which bears no color. George Zimmerman was arrested because of probable cause in the death of a child. Micah 6:8 is fitting about how a follower of Christ should feel about this matter, as we all should be willing to seek after the truth wherever it may lead us.

    “He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your G-d.”


  7. I hope we really do hear all the details of what went on between Travon M and George Z during their last few minutes together.

    Was there a fight? Was George Z in danger of bodily harm?

    Does the law protect a man who carries a gun who gets into a fight with another man who does not have a gun?

    Did Travon M. know George Z had a gun?

    In such a case as a man who carries a gun and gets into a fight with another man who does not have a gun, are both protected equally under the law?

    I suppose we could say that the law protects each one equally as to their ability to protect themself, but wouldn’t it be safer to simply run away if one can?

    Matt 5:39.

  8. The biggest problem that I have with atheism is the no hope at the end of the road part. If there is nothing greater than this life, life is truly miserable. God gives purpose and strength to fulfill. He is gentle and kind.

  9. Since God is life there can be no hope without him. We must begin with God as the beginning of everything. God begets life and it continues with him. Without him there is no life.

    Atheism goes nowhere. It’s dead. It has no life, no hope, no future.

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