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How should we understand Dan 7:25, apparently speaking of the antichrist wearing out the saints? Is it wrong for an Irish Christian couple to go a pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? How could God say in Ezek 22:30 that there was no one to stand in the gap when there were certainly righteous people alive at that time?


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is true that we will often be tested in a way that takes us beyond our own limitations. That’s where grace often begins. We come to the end of our own strength, ability, and hope; and we find the grace of God afresh!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I know that many of us are really seeking to please the Lord and live for the Lord, but I sense Him calling many of us to go deeper. I am quite sure by the Word and the Spirit, that there’s far more that God wants to bring us into that we’ve yet experienced. While we have life and breath, let’s explore the depth, the glory, the power, the beauty, and the holiness of God!


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  1. Even our Supreme Court abides by Majority Rule. If that were not the case then the dissenting judges votes would always prevail. Is that how it’s going to play out? “The decision was overturned by a minority vote of 5 opposed and 4 in favor of upholding the Constitution of these United States of America.” I would think that “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” equally protects the specific liberty concerning “freedom of conscience” which the U.S. Military and the United Nations Universal Civil Rights Code accepts as valid, especially in regards to religious beliefs and convictions when any individual can demonstrate the basis and conviction of their beliefs when refusing to serve in any compacity which is in direct conflict with their consciences.

    Yet our judges and lawmakers will now legislate that the members of the churches and those of religious faith in the U.S. must participate without objection in that which is contrary and in direct conflict with our consciences (such as sanctioning marriage for a gay couple in a church building that opposes it) because of the laws enacted for a very, very small minority even though they directly violate our individual right to uphold our moral and religious consciences?

    That makes no sense whatsoever. Can’t our elected representatives see that they have an obligation to the majority and their individual rights as well?

  2. Since the beginning of time as we know it, there has been evenings and mornings. Job 38:9-15.

    I believe it’s just a matter of time.

    Can we help speed the dawning of the day? I think so. We do have a part to play in God’s plan.

  3. So can a Christian go to a bar?

    There’s a bar near me and every year on St. Patrick’s Day they have bag pipers and the place is packed with people.

    I’ve been there several times because I like to hear bag pipes once in a while. They can hold a low note forever it seems and the high notes are something to hear also.

    One of my favorite worship songs has been Come Thou Fount. The version I had on tape had electrical sounds that were much like bag pipes.

    “Mercy never ceasing”… reminds me of the low notes. “Calls for sounds of loudest praise”, the high notes?

    I remember the days when a group of Christians would at times go to a bar to do outreach. Nothing that I knew of would necessarily be “off limits” to them. It depended on what God wanted them to do, or what they perceived as the will of God.

    They would often pray as a group and someone might ask, “What is it that’s on your mind right now”? or something like that. “Well there’s this guy that works at this place here and..”

    Maybe the Lord let’s someone know that there is someone living in a certain apartment building that wants the Word.

    That’s what happened to me. They came to my door.

    I will at times go into a bar and have one drink and leave. To me it’s the same as going to a restarurant to buy a meal once in a while, except that I rarely will go into a bar.

    It’s just that I know of no rule that I’m under to not go in to one. I might not visit one for years.

    I missed the bag pipers this year, and I think last year also. Maybe next year.

  4. Correction. should read “songs of loudest praise”. I wonder now how long a trump of God will hold it’s sound.

  5. I believe now the recording I had of “Come Thou Fount” was on a CD someone gave me. Don’t think I still have it. I miss the old casettes which seemed more durable.

  6. Brown (Radio):”You found out how these people feel about Jesus”

    Well said. How people lash out at a football player seems odd considering how they so easily ignore the sin all around them. I think the Tebows force our voice from among the silence to have to look at what we want to ignore. The myth that Jesus should stay in the Church and secular humanism gets everywhere else.

  7. Well I’m blessed. There is nothing on the radio, so I have just downloaded 3 of this week’s programmes for my edification and delight.

    V grateful to see your show on the events in Toulouse. Here in the UK we are worried about it, and I have a sister in France.

    Dr Brown and the team are so responsive to events. It will, I am sure, be a tonic to listen to intelligent and Christly debate on the topics of our day.
    PS Look after that cough, Dr B. I have noticed it’s creeping back.

  8. Good morning Dr Brown and Shabbat shalom to you and yours….I have a question I have always wondered. And again that I see the body split over this subject. …..prayer….can you pray directly to Christ? Is it to be only I the Father in the name of Christ? Is praying direct to Christ glorifying the Father? Would love I hear your take my friend, as well as the rest of the brethren on this site. GOD BLESS

  9. If we’re going to stand in the gap in our generation we need to unify our voices and literally “stand” in the streets and be heard. The link below is a good way to start. I don’t see why we can’t proceed as “conscientious objectors” and be protected under the Constitution. Christians lose their jobs because they’re legally bound to uphold mandates that are in direct conflict with their moral consciences. Can they legally mandate such a thing?! It’s a gross injustice to individual liberties and a flawed interpretation of the same.

    We’re not protesting in a way that’s highly visible and worthy of attention. Remember the news coverage that the Glen Beck rally garnered? Well, we need to unite and make some noise in the streets! The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Why is it that Christians discuss these issues among themselves but in reality we’re a silent majority soon to become a silent minority?

    I think we should have a massive demonstration with, let’s say, Christians from three states rallying at a certain major city and we’ll all have ducktape over our mouths with the same sign for everyone! I don’t know what the sign should say yet. Got any ideas?

    Link from Christian Post:

  10. One thing about worship music, the words are so important. Every word should be heard. If there was something on the scale of Woodstock, either there should be a huge screen, many TVs or something where every word sung could be seen in print, or have a program printed up so everyone could sing along or at least know every word being sung.

    The music would have to be wisely selected. There’s so much that is called worship where it seems it’s too much about us as if we get all the praise, honor and take too much unto ourselves.

    It should be all about the Lord as much as possible. (Psalm 115)

    I think it would be fun to simply have bands play music whatever they want, and have a big screen connected to a computer keyboard and have some worship leaders printing words of praise to God so it can be seen, whether it is sung or not, whether it fits the music or not.

    I suppose at times maybe it would fit the music.
    Who knows, maybe a new song would be born, for God inhabits the praise of his saints. His voice is heard among the congregation. Blessed are those who hear his words and whose hearts are prepared to do them.

    Singing the scripture is good.

  11. We were part of the God’s Summer of Love Tour 7-8/07 (Chuck Mervin of the Cause, sponsor) immediately following The Call Nashville. I have a DVD summarizing the trip to San Francisco.

    For still unexplained reasons, some leaders abandoned their prophetic exhortations concerning vision and support. To me, it seemed that personal priorities got in the way. What should have been a major spiritual assault on California turned into handshakes and good-byes.
    Opportunities missed for sure. But the time is ripe for another major Amos 9-11 offensive- a spiritual occupation. True worship must be the key rather than politics, though. Mature leadership willing to follow-through is essential. (This isn’t directed at Chuck: he put everything on the line to do what he did.)

    In Him, Ron M.

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