Updates on Antisemitism, Answers to Jewish Questions, and Thoughts on the Timing of the Messiah’s Coming

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Dr. Brown talks about the horrific murder of Jewish children in France, discusses whether antisemitism is on the rise, and gives biblical and traditional Jewish perspectives on when the Messiah was expected to come.


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I don’t doubt that as we get closer to the end of the age, the tide of antisemitism will continue to rise. It’s not about Israel or the Jews, but about God. It’s a Satanic battle with God and the good news is that God will triumph!

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is wonderful to know that the Messiah came right on schedule just as the Scriptures said He would, and He did what He had to do for the first part of His mission. That gives me absolute and total confidence He will come at the expected time and finish the Messianic mission!


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  1. 106 pm Arizona time…

    Dr brown. For some reason I am unable to call in to the show, do you know what is going on? The 866 number is not working. Nor is the link to listen live (at One Place) giving me the ability to listen live.


  2. PS. When I call the 866 number it is giving me a recording from someone by the name of Tom Booth. I also wanted to point out that your number listed on the One Place website is incorrect, off by just one number.

  3. I think I forgot that you all are now three hours ahead, not just two. Sorry, you can go ahead and delete my posts. But the issue with the one place number is correct if you can change it.

  4. Dear Dr. Brown,

    Great show today. I was happy when you had mentioned Sanhedrin 97a and 98b (also avodah zarah 9a) about the teacher from Eliyahu’s beyt midrash teaching that the earth will exist for 6,000 and etc.

    I was really happy because just today I was studying it out. I’m sort of unsure what: יצאו מהם מה שיצאו means (or as in avodah zarah “יצאו מהן מה שיצאו מהן”) Could you give me an accurate translation of this phrase? I noticed that the tosafot on this particular section says “לא בא משיח לסוף ד’ אלפים ויצאו מה שיצאו שעדיין הוא מעוכב לבא” Which I can understand, except for that little phrase: יצאו מה שיצאו..

    If you have the time to give me a translation of this phrase, which I understand you’re busy so it’s okay if not. But it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :).

    God bless you.

  5. Eric,

    Glad to hear you were studying this! The Hebrew basically means what has passed (of these days) has passed (namely, of the specific time mentioned here during which the Messiah should have come).

  6. Isnt there a flaw in arguing that the Jewish people disproportionately benefit society? You open the door for those that might argue if a people have the capacity to do great good beyond their numbers, they also can disproportionately do bad?

  7. Magnus,

    Did you ever hear of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud? Are they not still adversely influencing the world?

    The light of the world can illuminate the wrong paths. The salt of the earth can deserve trampling if it causes society to be unsavory to its creator’s palate.

    YHWH placed Israel in the position to affect the world. For good or for bad, their calling is without repentance. Doesn’t this show us how careful we need to be now that we have been grafted in?


  8. Bo- My point was very clear. Though its easy to get caught up in collective accomplishments–I guess thats okay when you are complimenting people–you open the door to the thought that if they can be thanked for so much can they be blamed for the same.

    A person should be prepared for the arguments that might come their way.

  9. Id like to say that at times the program worried me that it was a rattling the cages of wild men for display. Weve all heard these views expressed before. Is it to remind us of whats out there?

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