Your Feedback on the Most Critical Issues Facing America

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Dr. Brown gets your feedback on the most critical issues — social, moral, spiritual, political — facing America today and the great issues facing the Church. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing, and if we remain united with Him, He united with us, we will bear much fruit.” It is not our great speech, our great activity, or our great gifting. It is the life of Jesus flowing through us. That is what we need. And that is what the world needs.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Problems and crises often start with one individual person. In the same way, the solutions to those problems, and the answers to those crises can start with one individual person. Be that person! Determine that you will break through with God and will be who He called you to be. Who knows the changes that can spread from your own life?


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  1. I think if there were more people who talked the talked would also learn to walk the walk the world would be turned upside down for Chriat over night. men like Todd White of neck ministries (look him up on youtube)… and of course you Dr Brown you both are my heroes God Bless you and thank you for what you do for Christ …

  2. The world is not getting the right message from Christians. I do think that the world is not getting a true picture of the gospel and what the Bible teaches. They are confused.
    Now here is where I believe the church has gone wrong, it doesn’t always teach the gospel according to the Bible. There are many false gospels out there that twist and change God’s word into something that no one needs anymore. The gospel is only good news for the needy man. I need a savior because on my own I am not now, nor will I ever be, righteous enough to stand in the presence of a Holy God. Today’s church has made claims like “Try Jesus” and you’ll like him. Jesus is not an add on, He is God. Then there is the “We all worship the same God” mentality. This is destructive and can lead to people spending eternity in Hell. And yes, Hell is eternal…there is another falsehood because many say it is not eternal (Read Rev. 19 and 20 if you don’t think so). If I believe that all roads lead to heaven and that there is not eternal hell because God is love and he won’t send me to hell, then what do I need Jesus for?
    Certainly I could have spent pages and pages on the false gospels that some churches are preaching, but I think that I have made my point. The Gospel is only good news to a sinner in need of a savior just like the Bible teaches.

  3. I think every issue in America is critical..the thing is our country has strayed so far from God that I dont think it will ever repent.. everything that God made good America has turned it bad and calls it good…we have allowed abortion to murder babies.. immorality in almost every way from movies to books to childrens toys.. dishonest politicians… haters of God…. much more.. the church and all true christians must fight back and take a stand for God…including myself… this country if it doesnt repent will go down by Gods wrath….. God be Merciful to us….

  4. I believe the greatest moral issue facing the United States today is the gay agenda because it
    is possilby the greatest moral failure and has possibly the greatest potential for the destruction of the supporting moral pillars of one of the greatest nations on the earth today.

    The troubles that could come about because of it are so many and could be so destructive, abortion being right next to it as another great moral failure of this nation.

    Then there is porn, profanity, all kinds of sexual moral decay, gambling, business scams, drug abuses, crime, etc, yet at the top of the list I supposes I should put a turning away from God, from which all of these failures arise.

    God is answering some of my biggest questions concerning how long Jesus has been declaring God, his being in the Spirit, how he has witnessed to men in the Spirit in the past, how the Christians who have passed on are also clothed with the Spirit in like manner as Jesus was during the time between his death on the cross and his resurrection and things pertaining to this.

  5. I’ve been wrestling with a question for years.

    Having been thrown out of a church by unjust means, how do I open the eyes of the people still in it without making known the sins of the leadership which I have forgiven?

    It seems to me that once a man forgives someone’s sin against them then they should never mention it again.

    But what about the people in the Church that may still be under their power which might be exercised against them in the same manner as it was against me?

    What about those that might be held under the fear of them, or fear of speaking up against something that they see as wrong because they believe that what happened to me might happen to them also?

    How might I help open their eyes to see what is the potential danger that might happen to them that has been going on in their church, something which has happened to me?

    How do I do this while at the same time not go back into the things I have said that I have forgiven?

    I haven’t found all my answers to this yet, but I think I’m getting closer. I’m getting closer to seeing that I may speak of things this group has believed in the past that is not right and there are quite a few of these things.

  6. “Having been thrown out of a church by unjust means”

    Explain that further if you would. Were you physically thrown out or told not to come back?

  7. Ray”How might I help open their eyes to see what is the potential danger that might happen to them that has been going on in their church, something which has happened to me?”

    I think if they saw or heard of what happened to you that should be a message for them. Or maybe if you know any of them outside of church you could tell them what happened.

  8. My family, after many years of struggle, finally left the ELCA Lutheran church. In a Bible study our pastor admitted that he felt that there was no wrong way to God. When pushed further about if a Muslim can find salvation through Islam, he said yes.

    I dont think anyone can say taking up the cross is easy. Humming in the yoga position sounds about the least burdensome way to me. If Christ isnt essential, as he made pretty clear He was, then why be a Christian?

  9. Now I do hope that if these words are felt a bit terse in understanding or vulgar, the censor could please address the errors in an e-mail to me. At least give me that.

  10. Magnus, I do think that someday, possibly soon I will be giving some of my testimony to those who may still be a part of my past church as you suggest, Lord willing. I would have to be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove as Jesus said.

    One caller talked about leaders not united in the Church as one of the problems of today, another about fear in the Body and lack of knowledge which produced some fruit of materialism.

    What if pastors got together and exchanged pulpits for a few Sundays each year?

    I remember listening to a pastor from another denomination in the church I attended as a boy
    and it was because all the pastors in that town got together to ask the school board to let out all the 5th and 6th graders for a few hours of religious education during school hours for a number of weeks, and the entire city listened and we were let out of public school for a few hours for that purpose for a number of weeks.

    This became the norm year after year because all the pastors of the city got together and the parents were behind the pastors.

    Back then, the school board wouldn’t think of going contrary to all the pastors of the community. I don’t think they would even think of saying “No” to them.

    But what if pastors got together and were invited to preach at each other’s churches for a few Sundays each year?

    They could come, worship, pray, and see what’s going on spiritually there, sense the presence of the Lord there and preach.

    I suppose they would preach from the gospel we all believe, those things we all agree on and only if he felt the Spirit of God was moving him to go into something of importance that they had not received would he go there, it seems to me.

    We are now a ways away from what some call America’s greatest generation, the WW II generation. They saw an entire nation get together and do all they could to win a world war, overthrowing an evil sinister power of facisim and setting Jewish captives free from tremendous suffering and death.

    How could it be possible to not feel good about that? They also sensed God’s blessing on the nation afterward

    I’m a “baby boomer” who came out of that generation and I saw that generation. It was a good one for sure.

    We’ve lost nearly all of that generation for they have passed on.

    When will we awake and realize we must get together and fight for another kind of evil sinister type of rule that is out to destroy and cause suffering and death, a spiritual one, one that also had some grandious idea of some type of humanism that would take it’s share of prisoners into the (spiritual) death camps of it’s choosing and seek to promote it’s own agena using a worldly government as it’s vehicle.

    It’s been riding the government for a long time.

  11. Is it Devine that many of these historical churches are losing their way, or is it the beast? Maybe the Lord is shedding them of their identities connected to Nations and history. I dont know. Something is going on.

    There used to be comfort in the continuity of these older churches. These non denominational churches there is the fear of collapse when the founder passes away, so its not easy.

  12. How do we know when its the Lord acting in our life and not the other one? We always think its the beast acting when we suffer but why do we forget about Jobs suffering. Could our suffering be for others to learn?

    I plead that if its me holding the Lord back with my arm, break it. And if its His Will, give me strength to stay strong.

  13. Problem With Church:
    Lack of sound teaching.

    1. From teachers who are fluent in Hebrew and/or Greek: an entire doctrine can hinge upon a SINGLE WORD (such as Apostle Paul’s “seed” vs. “seeds” in Galatians); I find it difficult to trust any teacher who is not fluent in the biblical languages.

    2. The Church cannot do anything apart from Christ, and it seems there are a plethora of doctrines that teach men a million worthless things – “10 Steps To Get a New House”, etc., etc., etc., etc., but WHERE are the teachings which zero in on the CENTRAL load of the Gospel? The Glad Tidings of Good Things [Is 52:7]ought to bring us into (CONTACT with) Yeshua!

    Apart from Him, we “can do NOTHING”; but, “through Him, I can do all things”.

    The Glad Tidings of Good Things is a message that brings joy – and it is more specifically “the joy of the Lord” that is “full” by bringing us into Christ, where “joy is FULL”.

    1 P 1:8
    Whom, not having seen, ye love; in Whom, now not seeing and believing, ye are glad WITH JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY

    I would say that ALL we teach needs to center around THIS core load which the Glad Tidings of Good Things is meant to deliver, but all too often, it just isn’t! If we did this, there would be so much fruit being borne; since we forget this all too often, we see the lack of power. The deceitfulness of riches is at work – the desire for other things, where, when we follow those things, it leads to misery and wretched spiritual conditions; AWAY from God’s Presence, where there is fulness of joy: we are DECEIVED by sinful desires, and deceitfulness of riches, into thinking we are going to find joy elsewhere, when we forget that IN HIS PRESENCE is the place where the fulness of joy is – and when the sermons preached DO NOT center on THIS FACT!

  14. @ min 38/39 – i.e.: “Celebrate Recovery”

    NOTE: I met a woman on a Christian Chat site (normal chat; not dating site) who’d been a LEADER in “Celebrate Recovery” for THIRTEEN YEARS; however, to put it simply, she was immoral, and attempted to initiate “relations”. After having spoken with her at length for some time, she is infinitely closer with the Lord – praise God! I’d forgotten about that (the fruit the Lord allowed through that relationship)!

    How is it that I help others so much, but it is so difficult to help myself? I can’t help but laugh at that, even though it really isn’t “funny”…

  15. Dan1el,

    Thank you for drawing my attention to this. I surely will not be patronizing these companies until they stop these vile practices.

    Blessings in Christ,

  16. One of the most difficult things I have had to deal with has been religious witchcraft. It seems to have been quite a bit about town.

  17. All of the comments are right on. False gospels, witch craft, abortion, even evolution which I don’t think anyone has brought up yet, but I will now… you name it. What I would like to add is that if people would look to bring Glory to God in everything which is why we are here in the first place, we wouldn’t have any of these problems. Removing God and leaving him out of anything is a bad move.

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