Our Religious Freedoms Under Fire

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Dr. Brown interviews Peter Sprigg from the Family Research Council about discriminatory treatment in schools in Maryland as well as other examples of anti-Christian intolerance. Dr. Brown will also share details of his inclusion on a gay activist list of commentators that the media should avoid!


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The time has long since passed us to be sitting on the sidelines, and to be indifferent to the social crisis that we are living in. Will we stand up for what is right at any cost or consequence and honor the Lord?

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As you’ve seen in the broadcast today, there are people who don’t want us addressing these issues, who want us to step off the front lines here, and who are telling us to just go in the closet. Sorry, it is not going to happen!



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  1. If there is a two pronged attack with the gay agenda, I suppose it is the so called freedom of speech fiasco and the so called tollerance reasoning which is from unjust and unreasonable
    variances, something that must have come out from some waters deep where strange creatures move about, likely from some depth where there is little light.

    I trust that God is calling the Church to drive it back into the dark recesses where it came from.

  2. Dr. Brown’s doing a fine job at defending his integrity despite the obvious attempt at discrediting and silencing him. I’m wondering if instead of a smear campaign, GLAAD would be willing to publicly debate their position against him. I’d bet my bottom dollar they won’t.
    I think they’d be too afraid to get in the ring with him, being that they are such loud mouths when it comes to manipulating the media. Dr. Browns truth would deliver too much of a devastating blow against their lies and they can’t afford to risk that at this point in their political game. When it comes to the challenge of public debate with moral heavy weights like Dr. Brown, GLAAD
    gets nervous and makes excuses for backing down from a fight. Such cowards

  3. Knowing that ships are turned by a small helm, (James 3:4) this generation of the world today
    causes concern for all who believe.

    It’s about souls.

    One would think that in a nation that was founded to escape the vises of tyranny, there would be more concern shown by those in government today.

    May God forgive this nation for turning away from him who prospered it, thinking they could trust in their wealth and prosperity rather than the God who gave it to them. May he teach this nation to never forget him by Jesus Christ.

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