Who Wants to Be a Disciple?

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What does it really mean to be a disciple? How has the message of the American church deviated from true discipleship? What is the “cost” of discipleship?


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus set the standard high; let’s not lower it. Jesus gave His blood to purchase us: body, soul, spirit, mind, and strength so that we could be completely and entirely His. How much did He give for you? That’s how much you owe to Him!

Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus didn’t give conditions, options, or contingency plans. He simply said, “Leave everything and follow me.” When we do that, we’ve found the greatest treasure imaginable. Leaving everything is nothing, but finding Him is everything.



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  1. A.W. Tozer speaks to us and provides insight in what it means to be “True Disciples of Christ.” The truth of who we are in Christ and His
    work in our lives never changes. What we believe (doctrine) will always be displayed
    in what we practice (conduct). Mr. Tozer states that if you want to see a true disciple of
    Christ follow him or her for seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day … everywhere
    they go and observe what they say and do. I know I’m not ready for this challenge, but
    even saying that … the desire to practice the presence of Jesus Christ gives me
    unbelievable joy.

  2. Dr. Brown,
    So, being saved is like the Israelites leaving Egypt? They still lack entrance into the Promised Land?
    Just checking, because that is what I believe.

    We can still be cut off from the Vine; just because we are branches, means nothing (as far as safety).

  3. If Elijah the prophet came in my lifetime, I would swear allegiance to him and follow whatever he said. If I could timetravel back to the age of the twelve Apostles, I’d swear allegiance to them too, but the modern Church is so utterly full of error that I can not swear blind loyally to them. I used to swear allegiance to an AoG Church’s leadership, as I was told that to disobey them under any circumstances was to disobey the Holy Spirit, and I’m never going down that road again, as I almost lost my mind and soul, of course I was a teenager at the time. But I would trust Elijah the prophet to give me the truth and nothing but the truth. He wouldn’t subscribe to any modern denomination.

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