Dr. Brown Talks about the Favor of the Lord in the Scriptures and Interviews Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

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What does the Word say about the favor of the Lord? What difference does it make in our lives? How can we receive it? Dr. Brown also interviews Daniel Kolenda, a young man who has led millions of Africans to Jesus.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: How good is God? How wonderful is the Lord? How bright is the light of His countenance and how deep is His incredible love? That’s the goodness, love, and brightness of light He wants to pour out onto you!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If the smile of God is on your life, there will be tangible blessing and difference. Live with the sense of being God’s girl or boy bringing honor to Him, pleasing Him, and you will see the pleasure of the Lord in your life!

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  1. Hello,I am only an unregenerate Gentile who has some familiarity with Holy Scripture,as well as with some matters (and wineskins) that (intentionally or more likely,unintentionally) serve to disempower and desalinate (and leave unprepared) the British and American contingent of the Bride – but,and with those matters in mind,I have a comment on modern evangelism in Britain and America,and elsewhere :

    Jesus told His disciples to make disciples – based on His YARDSTICK ; on His terms and conditions (Luke 14:25-35). British and American evangelists however,have been making ‘Christians’,based on a one minute ‘sinner’s prayer’ – and then leading them to believe they are His disciples ! If a spade is still a spade,could that be described as COMPETENT evangelism ? Have they (intentionally or unintentionally) made a Christian-molehill out of a Disciple-mountain ?! Have they whittled the Disciple-Yardstick down to a Christian-Matchstick ? Have they forsaken QUALITY for QUANTITY ? Jesus wants BOTH. (Does Daniel tell people Jesus’s terms and conditions BEFORE leading them to believe they are His disciple ? Could you ask him about this please Michael.)

    After hearing such an inadequate message,is it any wonder that many people in Britain and America who call Jesus ‘Lord,Lord’ are bringing the way of truth into disrepute rather that adorning the teaching of God the Saviour ; indulging themselves,carrying cash and following after their own desires,rather than denying themselves,carrying their cross,and following Jesus ? Any wonder at all ?

    Note comments made by Keith Green in a two part article,firstly on the MISSING PARTS of evangelism :


    Keith : ‘I believe with all my heart that Jesus would be ashamed of most of the “gospel” messages and sermons that are being preached today….’

    Secondly,on the ADDED PARTS of evangelism :


    Keith : ‘…the so-called “sinner’s prayer” … make it alarmingly easy …he has absolutely no understanding of what “counting the cost” (Luke 14:28) really means’

    Note also,in Derek Prince’s book ‘They Shall Expel Demons’ Derek said ‘…..evangelism that does not include casting out demons is not New Testament evangelism.)

    To recap,are evangelists making disciples of Jesus on His terms (Luke 14:25-35),or ‘Christians’ on a one minute ‘sinner’s prayer’ ? Have British and American believers been measured against a yardstick or a matchstick ? What is modern evangelism producing ? An effective army,and a pure,persevering Bride ? Or soiled complacent harlots ? (Note Revelation 3:4-6.)

    In the last 100 years,how many people in Britain and America (and elsewhere)superficially ‘accepted’ Jesus’ after hearing (to use Michael’s phrase) a ‘toothless gospel’ ?

    David Pawson has written two MEGA-boatrocking booklets about the unbalanced,deficient and sentimental nature of modern evangelism entitled ‘Is John 3:16 the Gospel ?’ and ‘The God and the Gospel of Righteousness’ (both are available in paperback and ebook form).

    Do read Keith Green’s FREE two-part article on modern evangelism ; do get David’s books on this matter ASAP,and check out the missing INCISORS !


  2. Mark,

    We’ll be pulling your comment in a moment, since we don’t allow attacks on individuals — and your comment is nothing less than that. Also, it is based on a complete misunderstanding of the CFAN ministry, which puts tremendous emphasis on making disciples.

  3. Michael,OK. I am rather surprised mind,for it was not posted to be anying other than challenging. I am not interesting in offending anyone on here. But yes,remove it.

  4. Mark Phillips,

    Perhaps you should endeavor to become more “familiar” with the entirety of Scripture and that way you could better attempt to “disempower and desalinate” the Body of Christ. (the Bride)

    I don’t understand where you’re coming from or why as I’ve not read many of your posts but your opening line to all of them says a lot.

  5. Oh, sorry, Dr, Brown, I had left the screen up again while listening to another broadcast! Just now saw the other posts.

    I understand if you pull mine too.

  6. Mark, actually, you are simply asking questions rather than accusing Daniel, so we’ll leave the posts up. What disturbed me was the assumption that making disciples was not the goal of CFAN.

    First, they preach a strong message of salvation and repentance, making it clear that those who follow Jesus receive Him as Lord and must make a break with their old lives.

    Second, they work constantly with local churches and pastors, doing their best to get every new believer into a local fellowship beginning the very first week after their conversion.

  7. Thankyou Michael,
    my heart sank on reading your post.

    I want to see men and women,boys and girls serving Jesus and adorning the teaching of God the Savior,in Britain,America,Africa,all over the first earth Jesus made.

    And may Daniel be instrumental in bringing millions to Jesus.

  8. As to YARDSTICK:
    Isaiah 28:17: judgment to (measuring) line = crosspiece of the Cross = 2nd Commandment (loving others as yourself, positive, rather than “Mammon”, OT 2nd negative, “no graven images”)
    Righteousness to plummet = stake of Cross (center of the universe) = 1st Commandment (GOD’s heart = meeting place.)
    Reverse (sinister = Luciferian:) 2 Kings 21:13:
    line of Samaria (Jezebel) & plummet of Ahab = Jerusalem upside-down.
    Hope this helps, Mark
    In Him, Ron M.

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