Monday’s Musings and Thoughts on False Hebrew Roots Teachings

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Dr. Brown catches up on the weekend events and shares some concerns about sensationalistic, false teachings. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884!


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  1. I soooo look forward to this on the air clarity. I just made some mention of some of this in the Gospel Definitions comments section. Let us look to and discover the full stature of the One New Man being formed in Christ, and move away from the vanity of false Hebrew Roots teaching. Let the Jew be the Jew, and the Gentile the Gentile, as forming One New Man in Christ.

  2. Dr. Brown — love the show up here in Connecticut.

    Question – who sings “shake the nations, change the world” ? Is there any album I can buy somewhere?

  3. Dr. Brown,

    I can’t believe I missed this show. I will have to catch up. I’ve been in discussions with new friends I’ve met that have been following some of these Hebrew Roots teachings.

    At the end of our discussions we have prayed that God would not allow us to be deceived. I thank you again for your ministry and the resources you provide. Your resources have helped bring some of our friends back to truth.

    I hope that one day a debate with a Hebrew Roots teacher comes about. I believe that will be very fruitful for many.


  4. I am a big fan of many of the HRM teachings. I was listening to one of Dr Browns “thoroughly Jewish thurday” podcast on keeping passover in which he said something like “Gentiles have never been required to keep any of the Jewish dietary laws.” I believe Dr Brown is clearly mistaken with this statement as three of the four things commanded to those who were coming to God from AMONG the Gentiles in Acts 15 were indeed dietary laws.

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