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What is Dr. Brown’s take on Shmuley’s new book Kosher Jesus? If a former pastor denies Jesus and becomes a rabbi is he still saved? How does Dr. Brown explain Jeremiah 31:40?

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Being a disciple means the radical re-orientation of our entire lives, living out the Lordship of Jesus in every area of our lives, and being very different from the world. The world will see and be changed!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In a world filled with uncertainty, confusion, and shaking, where do we go? Not to the latest fad or new teaching, but we go back to the eternal Word of an unshakeable God and He says that in Him, the righteous will never be shaken.


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  1. Dr. Brown and LoF Community,

    I have an interesting question.

    Would you live next to a cemetery?

    Do the scritures say anything about this topic? Do demons roam cemeteries? Or are cemeteries holy ground? This topic was brought up to me, and I need some help thinking through this. It might be silly to some, but to others its might not.



  2. Trezeguet,
    I am not speaking as an authority on the issue, but just as a comment — I’ve lived near a cemetary (in PA), and it didn’t spook me. If it tries to spook you, kick the demons out, and move on. Graves are poignant reminders of reality, and they can make you more sober-minded, because of what they represent.

  3. Trezeguet, in response to the above, for starters – it has been my experience that demons/evil spirits/evil angelic beings are REAL and EXIST. Yet they exist in the same way that Michael and Gabriel the faithful angels of God exist. It happened once in South America, a friend of mine told me this, that after leading a woman who had done many years of black magic etc.. got saved and the first thing they did was make fire and start throwing in the fire all the occult books and music. At this point, my friend heard and recognized a supernatural demonic voice of agony coming from the fire. Shall we be skeptical? The friend of mine is my father, someone that would not make this up. Your question of discussion aroused me think of this. There are demons for certain, most of time being exposed to their existence when being “cast out” in a time of deliverance – they can have a strong control over human beings. Now, is it possible this is all not true. I would say, that the evidence and Scripture support the existence of demons who are appearingly former holy angels that rebelled and sinned, becoming in sense afterwards enemies of the Creator and the good angels. I do not believe that demons are human beings that have died. Now to the main question at hand, demons appear to attach themselves onto the minds of human beings somehow sometimes, gaining power over there thoughts, sometimes controlling someone with superhuman abilities. Second, demons, it seems, may attach themselves to an item – material matter, occult items used in witchcraft, etc. So plain and simple, a grave does not have to be a place that demons attach themselves to. Some occult music bands pray demons on there albums/cds that are purchased and brought into homes. Each graveyard is unique. There may or may not be a demonic angel attached to something there. But it seems that demons are in the business of destroying human beings so that the New Testament Scriptures say “a demon goes to and fro until it returns to the origigal person that it left and get seven other demons and the state of the person that was delivered is in a worse scenario now” (paraphrased). We need not be concerned with demons in graveyards – when we are stong in the power of the Lord, if fact, we need to be strong to deliver people from these wicked beings. In short, yes its possible, and most likely not probable for demons to be in graveyards due to the nature of a demon wanting to destroy a human being and not waste time being in a graveyard. Yet, be a person whole and sound, without unrepentant sin, full of the Holy Spirit and wise not bring in to the home occult items or music and guard your eyes from evil on tv and the internet. These are the main strategies of the evil. Yet “the Lord rebuke thee”, was commanded by the Archangel Michael to satan. The power over the demons lies in the “Lord rebuke thee”. We are simple humans but have the Creator Almighty whom the demons must submit to on our side. Peace. Thanks for listening to my thoughts.

  4. Daniel, Eliyahu,

    Those are great thoughts. Yes, its a matter of perspective. If one grows up watching films and programs that depict cemeteries as dark and scary, its hard to shake that perspective.

    As those hidden in Mashiach we need to rejoice and live by truth.



  5. Dr Brown: Someone wrote this on their FB page in response to Rabbi Messer. What would your response be to this??? “”I just watched the video of Rabbi Messer and Bishop Long. Funny how believers missed the words Demonstration…Presentation. Interesting how the critics missed the words..”THIS WILL EITHER AROUSE THE REALM OF LIFE IN YOU OR IT WILL AROUSE THE REALM OF DEATH IN YOU, YOU HAVE A CHOICE.” Oh how about the words, “releasing life”, “it’s not him, it’s the King in him.” I suppose we would have rather had… Rabbi Messer release death, hopelessness, bondage, imprisonment. Thank God for the way Rabbi breaks down the Word to create simplistic understanding and giving hope to the nations. God help those who criticized without watching the clip nor understanding the teaching offered! I hope you never need someone to help rescue YOU and pull you into hope beyond the place where you “miss the mark.””” Thank you

  6. I wonder what the Muslims in America think about the GLBT agenda? Are they impacted at all by it? I’ve not heard anything about them being offended by the school’s new “curriculum.” You would think it would be something we’d have in common.

  7. Good question.

    While we know it is considered forbidden, I suppose that under shariah law, four witnesses are still necessary…and I don’t know of instances of ‘reaching out with love’ (since the transformative cleansing power of the Lord Jesus would be denied.)

    Would make an interesting study, though.

  8. Dr. Brown and Ask Dr. Brown Family,

    On this broadcast Dr. Brown talked about the fact that there are people that have came out of a homesexual lifestyle and are striving to please the Lord now. Below are some links to a testimony that is so awesome. We ran across it a few weeks ago and just thought we would share it with you all. There are two parts to it and its on youtube. The Power of God and his love can change lives. Praise God for his Amazing Grace!

    — Tiffany & Cody —

    PART 1 LINK:


    PART 2 LINK:


  9. Dr. Brown,
    Will you PLEASE correct this false teacher? He has a small ministry in Liberty, Missouri, he says “the Lord” told him he is the greatest apostle in the world (and of all time — and when I told him, “We have no Apostle Paul, here” he retorted, “Bulls$&!”).


    He is teaching false doctrines about marriage, and needs to be soundly rebuked — THOROUGHLY REBUKED. I am working on my relationship with the Lord, and I think if you rebuke him, it wouldn’t take you as long as it would me. If you don’t, I will; however, I think your rebuke would be more thorough — partially because you’ve probably dealt with this issue before, in part because of your knowledge and in part because of your closer walk with the Lord. PLEASE rebuke him.

  10. Hello,I am only an unregenerate Gentile who has some familiarity with Holy Scripture,as well as with some matters (and wineskins) that (intentionally or more likely,unintentionally) serve to desalinate and disempower (and leave unprepared) the British and American contingent of the Bride.That said,here’s a comment :

    I believe the very question ‘Is he still saved’ comes from the one-sided/dimentional form of salvation taught by mainstream Evangelicals.The mainstream Evangelical understanding of salvation (apart from stemming,as it does,from men of violence) is seriously deficient,and seems to pay little more than lip service to the present and future Greek tenses of salvation.

    Salvation from a sudden downpour of rain is LOCATION-based,LOCATION-dependent ; Salvation from the rain is INDOORS – the moment someone steps INDOORS they HAVE BEEN saved (past tense) from the rain ; as they REMAIN/ABIDE indoors,they are BEING saved (present tense) from the rain ; if they REMAIN/ABIDE indoors until the downpour is over,they WILL BE (future tense) from the rain ; if however,they walk back outdoors at any point during the downpour,they are no longer REMAINING/ABIDING indoors – though they HAD BEEN saved,they are NO LONGER saved,for their salvation from the rain was LOCATION-based,LOCATION-dependent.

    Likewise,salvation from SIN and the wrath of God is LOCATION-based,LOCATION-dependent ; Salvation from SIN and the wrath of God is IN CHRIST – the moment someone is (genuinely) IN CHRIST they HAVE BEEN saved (past tense) from SIN and wrath ; as they REMAIN/ABIDE in Christ,they are BEING saved (present tense) from SIN and wrath ; if they REMAIN/ABIDE in Christ until their last breath (and endure until the end) they WILL BE saved (future tense) from SIN and wrath ; if however,they walk back at any point to their former filth/sin/lifestyle,they are no longer REMAINING/ABIDING in Christ – though they HAD BEEN saved,they are NO LONGER saved,for their salvation from SIN and wrath was LOCATION-based,LOCATION-dependent.

    I believe that to be a FALLIBLE and IMPERFECT but far ‘closer to plumb’ description of balanced,two-sided salvation.

  11. Between 25-32 minutes into the show,Michael gave his clearest statement against OSAS I have heard from him on his show. I hope Michael will consider copying/taking that call and answer response out of the show,and putting it into a new audio-FAQ section on lineoffireradio.com,whereby viewers can just click and hear these audio snippets easily from past radio shows (without having to hear a whole past radio show just to hear one response).

    Michael also said he does not seek to alter someone’s position on something unless it affects how they live. Well,I believe no position is so fundamental to a believers conduct as their understanding of salvation. On side issues Paul said let each one be fully persuaded. OSAS is no side issue,and with major issues he said ‘do not be deceived/lead astray’.

    OSAS affects how a person behaves from the time they get out of bed until the time they get back in.

    Michael,please consider maker that call and response available in a audio-FAQ section.

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